Thursday, September 22, 2016

Meditation, Stress- An Ageless Wonder...

Jiffy ago life exploded inside you. You missed it... 

He just came out on the open street singing within an unsung song, this song is his motive; this song is his life-
“Once upon a time under the sky, behind the trees, untouched by age showing his pampered chest, without caring about roadblocks; leaving it to The God. 

Entangled in little fragrance, sailing with the wind, under the sky, behind the trees, whispering to the Universe, accepting the Life as it is, lives an ageless wonder; that never grew old.

Neither winning or losing, neither wept nor laughed, keep marching on his way ahead, talking to self about the self, severely wounded several times, he stumbled and got up again, and again, and again. 

Untouched by age, untouched by envy, accepting life as it is, accumulating little fragrance from the air, under the sky, behind the cloud, amid trees- ‘there lives an ageless wonder’…

When death becomes meditation, the nectar of life may explode inside you. Meditate, and when this nectar explodes, stay there.

Remember this, this explosion is always here, now. You are living now. You cannot live in your past. You cannot die in your future. Death is here. Life is here.

Stay selfish. Understand “I”. “I” is important. “I” is life. “I” is you. “I” is here. “I” is now- Jiffy ago life exploded inside you. You missed it

Life is beautiful. Stress, worry, difficulties indicates towards a path which leads to Nirvana, total freedom.

Stress, worry disturbs your existence. And these disturbances compel you to overcome it, get rid of it.

Unless something provokes you, unless something disturbs you, you won’t wake up. Provocation is necessary to wake you up.

Your stress, your worry provokes you, disturbs you. Use your stress in a positive way.    

To win over your stress, do not run away from your worry. Do not try to get rid of your stress. When you try to get rid of your stress, either through yoga or through any other method, you get a momentary relief.

Stay awakened. Accept and allow your stress to perform its task. Watch your stress, like a witness, and your stress will merge taking a positive shape. It is like alchemy.

The Universe’s move is unknown, do not interrupt. Do not try to correct Universe’s move you cannot. You do not know anything about your fate.

Stop correcting others fate. You cannot guide others fate. Stay selfish. Concentrate on you.
You cannot solve others problems. You cannot control other’s destiny. Concentrate on you. Purify yourself first. Understand your life. Help others

Stay here. Life is here. Your existence is here. The wind is blowing here. You are either in your past glorifying or lamenting it, or you are in your future worrying about it. Life is now. Life is singing a song. 

Life is now. Life is singing a song. Sing with the life. dance with the life.

Concentrate on your breath. Move with your breath. Inhale, exhale, and keep moving. You will feel sleepy. Do not sleep. Stay awakened. Stay alert. Concentrate on your breath. 

Stop concentration. Open the window of your body. Allow whatever thoughts are coming to you.

Do not get stressed. Stay unaffected. Life is now. Life is singing a song. Sing with the life, dance with the life. Laugh. Crack jokes. Just play with your life. Enjoy your life.

Accept negative and positive both. Live with moments. Because moments are full of life, the rest either gone dead (Past) or yet to come (Future). By the time you reach in your future, it becomes now. Hence, live with moments.

You can lead a happy, fearless life. But you are scared to live a free life. Your happiness depends on something. Your happiness depends on your fear. 

Worry is your enemy. Fear is your enemy. You worry that you are aging. You worry about your future. You worry about your family.

Your worry, your fear, is your enemy. You worry, you are aging. Aging gracefully is beautiful. Age will come. Wrinkles on your body will come, it is natural. To avoid wrinkles surgery is not needed.

Do not fear of becoming old. Making aging a beautiful experience, set an example.   Make aging a fashion, set a trend. Make old age attractive. Meditate and develop a magnet kind of aroma around you.  

Just keep sailing with moments and you will never grow old. Age, do not get old. Avoid worries. Do not try to shape others life; you cannot. Do not worry about others future; their life will take care of it. You cannot change others destination.

Moments are always fresh, virgin. Keep moving with moments and you will stay charming forever. This way you will never become old, weak.

Do not make choices, do not keep obstacles, simply accept it, whatever is coming to you. Accept it in awareness, and stay fresh always.

Watching your stress, coming and going, without getting affected is a great power. This power comes through meditation.  

Try this exercise, select a secluded place. Stay alone. Take a bath. Stay nude. Become wild. Perform all kinds of crazy stunts. Like, shout, shriek, dance sing, do all crazy things till you are completely exhausted. You may fall. 

And when you fall, float with those moments, do not swim. Do not start thinking about your mundane life, about your future.

Jiffy ago life exploded inside you. You missed it. You are somewhere else, either in your past or in your future, living in your imagined life.

When life explodes inside you, feel this glorious explosion. Stay there. No force, total surrender, simply, float with this sacred explosion.

When there is no fear in you, when there is no society’s dictate, when you have dropped all inhibitions, when no one is around, that time you have become like a circle, where all angels are same that particular moment for a second you become silent. 

In that sacred silence, for the first time, you meet God; you meet you.

Take life as a song. Sing a song. Dance with the life. Enjoy the pain. Enjoy the happiness. You will age not old; always fresh, always young.

And finally, when I go I shall be leaving behind a song for the wind to sing in a whisper- 

“Once upon a time under the sky, behind the tree, untouched by age...          

Ashok Sinha

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stress, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Failure how to handle through Meditation…

Enduring pain without a break severely wounded time again, she kept smiling all the time without any complaint, sometimes talking to herself with a smile She used to say 'Psyche let's move on' (Chal re Man)... 

Accepting adversity with a smile commanding one’s psyche, (Chal re Man), and asking her to move ahead it’s not easy. She was ahead enlightenment. I have seen her, I heard her saying so several times- I am her proud Son.   

Neither lost nor gained- just keep on sailing. Where to reach? Where to go? Stop thinking; keep moving in the eternity staying awake. 

This will give you a power to conquer your adversity, your stress. Anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, stress will kill you.

The only way to get rid of your anger, your stress, your anxiety, and your panic attack is you accept it wholeheartedly when it knocks your door. The only method you apply here is; stay awake.

Self talk is the door in understanding you. Self talk happens; doing is not needed, it happens. Mostly this stage comes, after a prolonged wounded life. 

Remember, when you are wounded by life itself; you are the doctor. Here nobody is to be blamed; neither you, nor your stars, nor so called your previous life’s sin.   

I do not know the cause behind such misery. I am not sure either that perhaps God is responsible.  I do not know anything about God. I tried several conversations with Her / him; I could not contact the God.

Religious books, intellectuals, mahatmas, Guru say, ‘it is you’. You are responsible for your misery’. They further add that ‘you are being punished for your previous life’s sin. Forget Mahatma, forget priest, and forget religion.

Ignore your religious book. Keep watching, things are coming, things are going. Stay a witness of happening in your life unaffected. Life’s dictate accept it as it is.

It is futile to unfold the mystery; you cannot. It is futile to find the reason. Instead, use your energy in curing your disease. You are the doctor, you are the patient. There is no God. You are the victim. you are the winner.

Become the winner. Yes, it is possible. For that, forget your pundit, forget religion, forget books- simply, cast a deep glance within, your answer is there.

To become strong; this is extremely important become stronger. Meditate. There are many techniques of meditation, find one suiting you and start meditation. You will become strong enough to take hardship in a positive way.   

Keep watching, things are coming, things are going. Stay a witness of happening in your life unaffected. Life’s dictate accept it as it is. This way your panic attacks, your anxiety, your failure will not affect you.  

Life is floating here with a smile. Unnoticed you are busy in finding the reason. Try this, when you are in a misery, become the misery; forget the reason. Do not chase the cause; you will get nothing. Accept the misery

But you are an intellectual; you will find the reason. Your misery, your stress starts from here; You know that you are an intellectual. Intellectuals are the problems. 

Have you ever observed an intellectual? He / She is full of ego. He / She is serious. And the day you become serious; you are dead. The child in you is finished.

Take life in an easy way. Do not meditate in a hard way. Take it as a play play with it, take as a song. Take your meditation as a dance. Sing, dance, play; enjoy it in an easy way. 

Accept miseries with grace; become a witness, it has come to you. Stay a witness, watch the things are coming and going. You are simply sailing; floating. No objection, no force; simply floating.

I am neither a Mahatma, nor a knowledgeable person, nor an intellectual. Intellectuals are boring; keep them away. I am your extension, another you. Knowledge is the problem. I do not know the reason behind the extreme misery in human’s life. But someone has to be blamed. Someone has to take the responsibility.  

And, at that point of life when someone has to take the responsibility of extreme misery in a human's life, total failure of a human’s life at that particular moment- The Apple was kept in the Garden of Eden.

You were forbidden, you were told not to eat the fruit. Simultaneously, the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit was breaded inside you. The snake was brought to lure you. Finally, you eat the forbidden. 

And finally, the reason of misery in one’s life was discovered- You are blamed. And, The Universe was created.

Priests, intellectuals citing examples from religious books hold you responsible for your misfortune. Stay away from priests, intellectuals, religious books.

Do not believe what is written in your religious books, it might be right. It was written hundred n thousand years back. You do not have to believe in anything.

Instead of learning and believing from other sources cast a glance within and see The Light...  


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Death in Meditation- A silent explosion of Life...

And life passed away in a jiffy; hence, an epitaph- No regrets, No setback, No come back; Best Wishes- Adieu…

Through meditation a point comes where you become zero. Zero is immensely powerful. That very moment Life explodes inside you; in silence. 

Meditated death is Nirvana. It is possible. Through meditation the ultimate peak can be reached. Through meditation eternity can be felt. You do not have to do anything. 

You do not have to renounce anything. You do not have to leave your family. You do not have to leave anything. Here renouncement is not needed. Here, only acceptance is needed. Accept life as it is; the way it is coming to you. 

Life is awaiting to explode inside you. To taste the nectar of the explosion you have to pin it. That pinning comes through meditation. 

Sacred light is there inside you. To know about the sacred light, which is prevailing inside you, you do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to read Holy books. You do not have to listen to any priest, mahatma, guru. You do not have to follow any religion.

You do not have to believe that the Sacred light is there inside you because it is written in holy books, in scripture. You do not have to believe. You have to witness it that the Sacred light is there. 

And to witness it that the sacred light is there inside you; just cast a deep meditated, awakened glance inside you; you will witness the Sacred light. Seeing is believing; cast a deep glance within and witness the sacred light in you. 

The Sacred light is already there inside you. You have to just cast a deep look within. Cast a deep glance within and you will see the sacred light. You do not have to know anything. You have to simply witness it. 

Death is another journey; a new life. And when this new life explodes inside you; become a witness, feel the vibration, stay there. And in those rare moments of ecstasy; life will unfold its mystery before you. 

Life and death, both exist together. To live you have to die, and to die you have to live; in awareness. Awareness is important. Only this realization has to come to you that you are aware. 

You have never felt it that you are aware because, you are never here. You are either in your past or in your future; never here. Sometimes when you stay here; you start thinking about your future, about your mundane crisis. 

This is natural; mundane crisis cannot be avoided. Becoming a hermit; renouncing everything for peace, for the final journey towards celibacy is not the answer. 

Celibacy, Peace comes through acceptance. Here, you do not have to renounce anything. Here, you do not have to leave your family. On the contrary here, you have to accept everything.

And when start your final journey towards celibacy, towards peace, towards happiness in life, towards an eternally healthy life- accept everything. Here, you have to accept your mundane crisis too; in awareness. Awareness is important. 

Awareness comes through meditation. Through meditation you may witness the great mystery of the Universe, of the Creation, being unfolded before you. 

And when the mysterious mystery of the Universe is being unfolded before you- you will realize that just now towards Celibacy you have taken forward the First Step...


Saturday, October 31, 2015

God, Meditation- That Sacred Light

Unseen is important. To stay young eternally; float inside you and drink the nectar.

Jiffy ago, my heart initiated your love song- it is coming from the wind. The wind is singing a song; wind is always singing some song. The wind itself is music that injects life in you. 

Your surviving depends on the wind. And, such an important factor of your life is unseen. Wind injects life in you. 
  • Stay healthy
  • Take a deep breath 
You believe is unseen. Your faith is unseen. Almighty is unseen. Your dream is unseen. Your soul is unseen. Meditation is unseen. You can feel, you cannot see. 

You can see the Sun. You can see the Moon. This seeing is unseen. Unseen is powerful. You can believe; you can have faith in its authenticity through the touch. What is unseen is not in your hand; you cannot do anything about it. 

You feel the touch. Feeling is everything. The feeling is the source of your believe. You can feel the touch, you cannot see the feeling. This touch is sacred. This touch is God’s touch. God is touching you. 

And, to feel the touch of the God stay awake. Do not sleep. In your sleep also, stay awake. This is possible. After death also staying awake is possible. This awakening is Nirvana. This awakening happens; it cannot be forced. Float with your life and your life will take you to your destined place. 

Understand this first, that happening of Nirvana is effortless. If you do not understand; it might be dangerous. It might lead you to madness. 

After visiting your religious places, after reading few holy books, after hearing sermons of your religious Guru, it starts appearing to you that now you are awakened. 

After doing meditation; sitting and concentrating on any one object for hours together every day; one day this feeling comes to you that you are now awakened.  This is dangerous. This is delusion. This is madness. 

The mind is extremely powerful. Your mind creates an illusion as per your choice, and you think, you believe that you have got your desired results. Now, wearing a rob you start preaching. And a new Guru takes birth. And a new religion takes a birth. 

The Universe is continuing. You are also continuing, to move with The Universe; along with your madness. Result; look at the madness around you. It seems as if entire Universe has turned into a lunatic asylum. 

Stay in tune with the Nature.  Listen to the song of the birds. Listen to the music of the wind. Stay in a moment. Stay awakened. Control your mind. Feel the Cosmic Touch. Float with the wind, dance with the wind. 

And in this intoxication of your dance, and in this frenzy of your ecstatic frenzy, no movements at all, stay frozen, stay awakened. In that glorious moment, whatever is happening to you let it happen, do not interrupt; do not force your choice. 

Stay motionless. Accept the verdict. Become the witness. Become the witness of your life. Look at you, feel the vibration, whatever is happening to you. This feeling is Godly; you may feel the Godliness. 

And the day this feeling of Godliness touches you that very moment you are enlightened. And that moment onward your journey starts. 

And all through your journey stay a witness. You do not have to listen to any sermons; you do not have to read any holy books. God has already written about your life inside you. 

Cast a deep glance within and become a witness in seeing; The sacred Light...


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meditation- Life and You...

Have you ever met life? 

To meet life; just stays original. No plagiarism. Do not follow anybody. 

Listen to you. Stay alert. Just float with moments. Feel cosmic vibration. This is meditation. This is life. 

Whatever thought is coming to you, accept it. Do not start judging of it authenticity; just accept. Accept it as it is. Keep floating, no efforts. 

Become a witness of happenings of whatever is happening to you. Stay awakened. Do not try to shape your future. Allow your future to come to you. 

Stay in tune with the Universe. Perform this simple exercise-.
  • Move inside you. 
  • Listen, what your silence is telling you.
  • Your silence is, asking you, not to go anywhere. 
  • Stay here. 
Whatever you want from your life, it is lying here inside you. You do not have to go anywhere. Your happiness is within you. Stay in tune with the Universe. Hear the song of the nature. Dance with cosmos. Stay fulfilled. Stay bliss. 

Remember, in a state of bliss too, your stress will keep coming to you. You cannot get away with your mundane problems. Frustration will come to you. Failure in life will come to you. A broken marriage, broken relationship will keep coming to human life. Al sorts of stress which you have been facing, will come. 

The only difference in a state of bliss is, here you are awakened. In a state of bliss, you are aware of cosmic mishaps. In a state of bliss, you are not affected. Here you are walking through the lake; without getting wet.  

To understand life you have to understand you. To understand life, understand you first. And to understand you, meditate. Meditation is the answer of your misery. 

Misery in human life is unavoidable. Learn how to tackle your misery. To tackle your misery, accept your misery. When you are accepting your misery, stay awakened. 

Your mind keeps thinking, scheming new planes all the time. Your mind keeps you occupied all the time. And this is the reason of your misery. This is the reason of your stress. You have no time, you are busy. You have no time to look at you. You have no time to stay in tune with the nature. 

Start talking to the trees. Start hearing the wind. Stay in tune with the nature. And wake-up. Wake-up and enjoy your life. Wake-up, and see yourself; all mysteries of life getting unfolded before you. 

When no mystery of life is left before you then; for the first time you will meet life. Creation of human life is Almighty's master stroke. To enjoy the beauty of life, wake-up. 

You are sleeping. It might appear to you that you have woken-up. You are not. You are still sleeping. You are living your life through your mind. Start living your life through your entire body. Feel the sensation of your entire body. Move into each and every part of yours staying alert. You feel fresh. 

You will feel blessed. You will be in tune with Universe. You will understand the Law of attraction. You will attract the Universe. You will attract the Nature. You will start floating in a moment. You will meet the Cosmic silence. 

You will start talking to you. God resides in you. You will realize that you are in conversation with the Almighty. You will realize that God has created you with immense power. 

Do this and meet Miracle. Meet The Almighty. You will realize that to achieve anything in life you have to just look within. You will realize that you are the conqueror. 

And you will realize that towards Happiness just now you have taken forward; The First step...


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Meditation, Freedom, Circumstance, and You...

And, unless you become confused; you will not realize who you are?

Your life starts; after a confusion. 

You have to pin the Volcano of nectar, inside you. You have to refuse the God's dictate; if God denies you freedom. God has set you free. Because, only in freedom; you can talk to The God; you can converse with you 

When acceptance becomes a compulsion; whether you wish or not, you have to accept it; 'Expression', loses its meaning; how to express?  

If, you are not free, you cannot move on. Without freedom you are living a dead life. And this is what has happened to you, since ages; you are living a dead life; The most surprising part of it that; you never realized this; that you are living a dead life; till now. You do not know; how to express? 

This acceptance is not out of your choice; it is an unavoidable compulsion; by circumstance. Circumstance; plays an important role in your life. 

Time, Person and Place; these three factors in life are important; one has to move so, there is no other way. And these three factors are not in your hand; you cannot mold it, per your convenience. 

You have to pin the volcano, of the nectar inside you. You have to make an attempt to pin the volcano. You agreed also; and you were about to pin it; suddenly at the spur of the moment; that very second, something unexpected happened; and you could not pin it; you back. And, now you are waiting for another opportunity to pin it. 

You are aware of this fact; that there, there inside you is sitting a volcano of nectar, and you have to pin it. Sometimes; it happens, things do not move the way you wish it to move. You have to wait for the right time, the right opportunity. 

This is also true, that sometime, you spend your entire life in waiting. And in spite of knowing the fact, that you have to pin the volcano, you could never pin it, because of the unfavorable circumstance. And this way your entire life you have wasted in waiting. 

The universe moves in a mysterious way. It cannot be unfolded; this code cannot be decoded. And, you have to move out from this compulsion grip, of the circumstance. Freedom is your right. This is beyond your power, you cannot get freedom. But, come what may you have to get freedom. This, 'have to' move out from the grip of circumstance, is important.

You have to understand the need of moving out; from the grip of circumstance. You have to become powerful. Become more powerful than your unfavorable circumstance, or from your bad luck. Refuse, to accept the undesired dictates, of the circumstance. 

You are independent. You are happy. Become restless. You have to refuse God's dictate. You have to get what you want from the God. And for that; you have to understand you first; you have to understand, you want. You have to understand; do you really deserve it? Are you really capable of handling it; when The God grants your desired result to you? 

You have to be honest with you. And it is difficult, honest with you. Because you are in control of your mind. Your mind has been ruled you, continuously deceiving you; luring you in a wrong direction.

Your mind is telling you to accept the fact; that you deserve it. When reality is; that you do not deserve it. And this is the place when you come under the grip of Circumstance. 

You are the circumstance; you are the want; you are the giver; you are the taker. You have to realize this. This realization is self-realization, Consciousness, awareness. This awareness comes through meditation. 

Realizing life; realizing you, comes through meditation. And through meditation, a time comes, when you realize this supreme fact; that you do not need meditation.

And realizing the fact, that meditation is not needed; comes through meditation. Meditation might seem confusing to you. And unless you become confused; you will not realize; you; your life starts; after a confusion. 

And to come out of the grip of Circumstance; and to lead a free, independent life; you have to realize you. You are born very powerful. You are the best creation of the almighty. Almighty, has equipped with you all kinds of necessary devices. 

You do not have to go somewhere to learn it, Keep floating with the moment; staying awakened; stay alert; Keep your eyes open; do not sleep; look within, and come out from the grip of Circumstance. You have led a compelled life, all through your life. 

The most shocking part is; you never realized this, that you are living a dead life.

You never felt the touch of a passing wind. You never realized; just now, a fragrance coming out of a beautiful flower has entered you; you never realized this. 

Nature is showering its blessings all over. Not realizing this; you are somewhere, in your future.

To feel free; to live free; you have to come out of this grip of the Circumstance. And that coming out is possible; only through you. No God; no prayer will help you. Only, you have to help you. 

Your mind can create miracles. The only method you have to learn is; how to use your mind. And that is possible. To come out from the grip of the Circumstance; to live a free, independent life; The only way is, you have to use your mind. 

Way of thinking differs from people to people; what works for others might not work for you. Hence, to use your mind; to break the chain; to come out of the grip of Circumstance; to breathe free; cast a deep glance within. 

And when you look within, you will find; the God is smiling there, and you will hear that She / He is saying that; "now on; freedom is yours; take a breath, lead a free life"...


Monday, July 13, 2015

Meditation, Hope, and You...

Catharsis was about to lose its value. happiness was giving a petulant look to the mundane crisis. Evangelism, fading away gradually in eternity; looked at the breath; a faint smile came. Still, hope is there; he was breathing. When everything is lost; hope keeps you awaken.

And, when you are awakened; any moment the lightning can happen. Hope is strong; it gives you a reason to live. Under any circumstance; hope survives. Whether you are hoping against hope; or your hope is false; you are finished completely, your this hope is shallow; it does not matter. What matters is; Hope is alive.

And the rejuvenated system of yours; bounced back to life. And, out of no where music started playing; once again. This is the most beautiful challenge to your adversity. Yes, this is true 'never say die'. You are surviving; you are breathing; and, so is your hope.

Hope is meditation; it gives you a meaning to live with. your shadow might leave you; just to prove that slogan right, that 'sometimes, even your shadow deserts you', but, you have to move with your breath. Do not ask for forgiveness; don't be silly, you have not done anything wrong. It's merely your much deserving right, which you are opting for; you should have got it long back.

If happiness is not coming to you; stay happy. Stay happy under any circumstance. Certainly, this state of of being happy under any circumstance; is not the acceptance of your miserable life; you are merely laughing amidst adversity.

You have to be little careful here; it is tricky. The God is tricky; she/he keeps playing merciless tricks with you, just to judge you; whether you are true to your demands or not, whether you really deserve your asked demand, or you do not deserve it.

It is She/He who keeps you happy even in your adversity; just to test you; that, if you are happy, if you are satisfied, even this mediocre way of your life, then you deserve this kind of life; you are made for this kind of life; you do not deserve a luxurious, successful life.  

What you deserve; you get. If you are laughing amid you adversity; without surrendering to misery's dictate; and if you are continuously challenging God; saying, that though you are laughing, it is certainly not acceptance of this mediocre life.

If you are continuously challenging God; proving your worth, yelling at Her/Him, that, "though, you are in misery, amid adversity, still you are fighting to come out of it. You are restless here. Continuous tortures  of yours (almighty) could not deter me, could shake my faith in me. Though, you (God) have compelled me to live in this kind of miserable life; yet, I have not become habituated, to these kind of miserable, poor; amid poverty, defeated, mediocre life".

"I am a King, I am a winner; and I have proved it a million times to you. Yet, though deprived of all kinds of happiness; I am deserving this kingly life; full of luxury; successful life. O God; O creator of all; you have made me a King. You have made me rich in nature. You have given me a royal nature; how can you ask me to live in misery; amid poverty; a mediocre life"?

"And in the process, on the path of my journey towards you; you (God) have snatched all happiness from me; yet I am not used to live this kind mediocre life, which I have been compelled to lead since ages; till now".

"Without being malicious towards any body; O God; I would like to draw your kind attention that; there are people who are satisfied with their life, whatever you have given them; they are happy with their mediocre life. They say that you have given them bread and butter and they are happy with that; they are thankful to You. I am not".

"I am not happy; merely with bread and butter. I need chicken; and this thought; you have given me. You have made me in this way. Now, after this prolonged failure, you (God) kept putting obstacles in my ways. You (God), kept destroying all my efforts. And without any complains to you; I am still fighting for my rights; for happiness".

"Now, the very life is going to an end; any moment. O God; O creator of this Universe; wake-up and bestow your kind smile upon me too".

And, after your this conversation with your God; keep fighting; keep asking for the chicken; keep fighting for your right. When you die; either people will say 'a winner has gone', or they will say 'a hero; a fighter is gone'. Never give-up. Hope keeps you alive; and you keep your hope alive.

Hope is powerful; it injects life into you. Get what you want from your life; but first judge yourself. Judging yourself; is not an easy job. The power, of judging yourself; comes through meditation. Keep making an effort, to get what you want from life.

Meditation opens all doors. Whatever techniques of meditation come your way, use it, and meditate.

Compulsions apart; whether it is coming to you  by little unfavorable wind, or these compulsions are coming to you by your bad luck, or God is testing you; have faith in you; keep faith alive in you And, if you really deserve it; nothing can distract you. Allow you hope to keep you alive...