Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Death in Meditation- A silent explosion of Life...

And life passed away in a jiffy; hence, an epitaph- No regrets, No setback, No come back; Best Wishes- Adieu…

Through meditation a point comes where you become zero. Zero is immensely powerful. That very moment Life explodes inside you; in silence. 

Meditated death is Nirvana. It is possible. Through meditation the ultimate peak can be reached. Through meditation eternity can be felt. You do not have to do anything. 

You do not have to renounce anything. You do not have to leave your family. You do not have to leave anything. Here renouncement is not needed. Here, only acceptance is needed. Accept life as it is; the way it is coming to you. 

Life is awaiting to explode inside you. To taste the nectar of the explosion you have to pin it. That pinning comes through meditation. 

Sacred light is there inside you. To know about the sacred light, which is prevailing inside you, you do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to read Holy books. You do not have to listen to any priest, mahatma, guru. You do not have to follow any religion.

You do not have to believe that the Sacred light is there inside you because it is written in holy books, in scripture. You do not have to believe. You have to witness it that the Sacred light is there. 

And to witness it that the sacred light is there inside you; just cast a deep meditated, awakened glance inside you; you will witness the Sacred light. Seeing is believing; cast a deep glance within and witness the sacred light in you. 

The Sacred light is already there inside you. You have to just cast a deep look within. Cast a deep glance within and you will see the sacred light. You do not have to know anything. You have to simply witness it. 

Death is another journey; a new life. And when this new life explodes inside you; become a witness, feel the vibration, stay there. And in those rare moments of ecstasy; life will unfold its mystery before you. 

Life and death, both exist together. To live you have to die, and to die you have to live; in awareness. Awareness is important. Only this realization has to come to you that you are aware. 

You have never felt it that you are aware because, you are never here. You are either in your past or in your future; never here. Sometimes when you stay here; you start thinking about your future, about your mundane crisis. 

This is natural; mundane crisis cannot be avoided. Becoming a hermit; renouncing everything for peace, for the final journey towards celibacy is not the answer. 

Celibacy, Peace comes through acceptance. Here, you do not have to renounce anything. Here, you do not have to leave your family. On the contrary here, you have to accept everything.

And when start your final journey towards celibacy, towards peace, towards happiness in life, towards an eternally healthy life- accept everything. Here, you have to accept your mundane crisis too; in awareness. Awareness is important. 

Awareness comes through meditation. Through meditation you may witness the great mystery of the Universe, of the Creation, being unfolded before you. 

And when the mysterious mystery of the Universe is being unfolded before you- you will realize that just now towards Celibacy you have taken forward the First Step...