Friday, March 27, 2015

Desire, Depression. Meditation, and You...

And a few days back one nomad was murmuring something, looking at the sky- “Oh Lord! if you are giving us this heart; do not give desire. Because, I am fed-up now; this heart keeps desiring; again and again”.

Nothing should be bigger than you. You are the master. Desire is natural. You must desire. If there is heart in you; desire is obvious. Your desire should not supersede you; else you will get fed-up, like that nomad; one day.

And, precisely this is what has been happening in your life. Result; see the mess around you. You are responsible for this mess. 

Another poet once said-“Lord had given us only one land; and we divided it into many countries”. 

And, you keep desiring; it never stops. Somewhere it has to stop. Your desire is not fulfilled; and you start accusing your God; or you luck; or you find fault in you. But the damage is done. The very fabric of enjoying life; is broken. 

This happened; you lost interest in your life. And this is a very dangerous situation; when you lose interest in your life. Depression surrounds you; nothing appeals to you. Passing wind has no value to you. Passing wind is continuously touching you; but, you are not interested. 

Depression surrounds you; you have become like a walking corpse. This happens; this has happened to you; and this will keep happening to you; because you are not awakened; you are sleeping. You are continuously sleeping. You are dreaming that you are living. 

Real life has never touched you. You have never felt the touch of the life. Life is continuously touching you; and nothing happens to you. You have become like a walking corpse.

You have to come out of it. You have to wake-up. Meditate. Meditation is important. Meditate and wake-up

Depression surrounds you you; because your desire is not fulfilled. Your desire keeps taking birth; one after another. Your desire is fulfilled; and another take birth. Its a never ending story; more and more and more. Somewhere it has to end. How? 

Do never stop; or try to stop this natural process of desiring again and again. It might sound absurd. It might sound contradictory. Do never stop; or try to stop your continuous process of desiring. Let this process, of desiring continuously, happen, you just watch this process like a witness. 

Become a witness, watch this process of continuous desiring. Whether your desire is getting fulfilled or not; you are not concerned with it; you are simply watching. Become a witness; and watch you. 

Stay like a rock; and become the witness of your life. Here you are observing; what is happening to you. And this observing; this witness  part comes to you, then you will realize that you are not the same. 

The day you become a witness and start witnessing your own life; that moment onward you become the master of your desire; you become the master of you. Now you are the ruler; now you are the master. 

And when the desire comes under your control; whether you are desiring continuous, or whether your desire is getting fulfilled or not; you are not affected. 

Now you are walking the lake without getting wet. 

This is enlightenment. This is meditation. Let the depression surround you; let the desire desiring continuously; just watch; stay a witness. Now you are the master of you...