Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meditation, Life and You

Just now, as usual, Life is touching you

Life is continuously whispering something into your ears. You are not aware of it. The life which is flowing inside you; you are not aware of it. You know, you are living. You know life is there. But you have never felt…The Touch.

You are busy. You are planning something; for a better life. It is important; one should go for a better life. The day you feel The Touch; you will realize that…Life is divine. You do not have to go anywhere for a better life. 

It is very much here…within you. How to lead a better life is an important question? After being convinced; about the importance of a better life, you start planning for it. Without understanding; without feeling the Divine Touch…you start preparing for a better life. 

The result is before you; look at the chaos. It is a mad rush. Everybody is running for a better life. You have never felt the life within you; which is very much here, and you are running for a better life. You have never lived your life, and you are running after the techniques which will make your life better; secured.

You have been living your life through your head. Your mind is living; not you. Your body is divine; start living your life through your entire body; and see the difference.

You have never listened a song; you never looked at the nature. You have been listening through you mind; you have been thinking that you are listening a song. 

The most beautiful creation of the Almighty is your Life. By the time you understand your life; death starts knocking at your door. Wake up early. Live your life fully. Come what may; live the life which is full of health; a fulfilled life.

Laugh; cry, do whatever you want…do it with full awareness. Make an effort to understand yourself; this understanding comes through Meditation.  Simply an acceptance; of whatever is coming your way, will give you an insight; which will help you in understanding life. 

Whatever is coming your way negative or positive; right or wrong, accept both. Good and bad; both are interrelated, accept both.  

You have to wade through the lake without getting wet. It is possible; meditate. Meditation will take you to a place where except silence nothing is there. This silence is powerful. This Silence is, Life. Your life is the most beautiful gift which almighty has given you.

Living life is an art; learn it. This art has to be taken seriously. And for this learning,you do not have to go anywhere; you are the best teacher.  Cast a glance within; and you have learned it. 

But for this you should have time. Because, you are busy learning life somewhere else. You try to find life in religion, without knowing that life has no religion. You search the meaning of life in books. You search the meaning of life at religious places. 

The real meaning of life is hidden inside you. And to unfold the mysteries…meditate. Meditation is the answer. Everything depends on life. Without life; you are dead. And such an important aspects; your own have been ignoring, since beginning. You never tried to look at it; it is there, what is there to look at; this is what you have been thinking throughout your life.

And precisely this is the reason why each and every person looks angry; tensed; always in a hurry to go somewhere.

Look at the photo of Buddha, and you will get the answer, what you have been missing. To recollect the missing point of your life…Meditate.


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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meditation, Mind Control, Frustration and You...

There is no harm if you are frustrated.

Your frustration is natural. It helps, in your growth. It challenges you; to grow further. In a frustrated mood; you are bound to commit silly mistakes. It brings irritation, along with. In an irritated mood; you fail to take wise decision. 

Frustration captures your intelligence. You cannot think in a proper way. There are many breathing exercises; to control yourself when you are irritated. Do all those exercises. Yes, exercises helps in a big way. Sometimes it works like miracles. Daily exercises keeps you fit; you can keep your mind in your control. 

Mostly, in a frustrated state of mind; your mind becomes out of control. And your mind starts controlling you; and this is the place when your adversity starts looking at you. You come in a miserable sate.  

Sometimes life becomes difficult to live. It is a serious matter. You have to be an observer. If you observe yourself closely, then you will find that…all through your life you have been controlled by your mind. 

Start controlling your mind. It is possible; but it is difficult too. Your mind is conditioned. You have never lived a free life. So many complexes you are carrying along with you. How you can live with such heavy load. You have to unburden yourself.  

Frustration comes to you because of your own mistakes; you keep committing in your life. Committing mistakes is natural; everybody goes on committing mistakes, never be afraid of committing mistakes. Mind it... it is a contradictory statement. 

At one place I am suggesting that your misery is because of you have been committing serious mistakes in your life; and again I am suggesting that do not be afraid of committing mistakes. Apparently it looks contradictory…actually it is not. 

You have been committing serious mistakes throughout your life; because your mind has been taking decision for you; not you. Your mind has been controlling your all decisions, throughout your life, start controlling your mind. You have to control your mind; your mind has to behave as per your wishes. 

Mind is cleaver; to keep you in its control; it goes on showing you false notions; which appears true. Sometimes in Meditation too; your mind creates a situation where you start believing that your meditation is working; things are becoming clearer to you; you feel a peaceful mind…that is simply a false notion. 

That is why sometimes in a meditative mood; when you sit at one place for hours together, and when you come out from your trance; you feel relaxed; quit…that is false notion; after few days you come back to the starting point, again; and again you start meditation…and this goes on. 

You have to understand yourself. This understanding is needed. The day you start controlling your mind; the day you start living through your entire body; your entire perception about life will change. You will start committing mistakes, with an aware mind. 

Mistakes are part of life. Everybody commits mistakes.  Decisions, which are taken from an aware mind, is blissful. And in a state of bliss too; you will keep becoming frustrated, sometimes.

But this frustration of yours will be entirely different. It will be a simple scratch. Scratches are needed; if you wish for a smooth surface. Mind control is a must. 

There are many techniques to control your mind; whatever techniques suits you, to control our mind…go for it. Do it. This doing is Meditation. Here, in the process of doing something; something will happen. And the day this new happening awakes you; an entire new word will be before you…to live with. 


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Monday, April 28, 2014

Meditation, Failure, Depression and You…

Sustaining existence can create miracles for you. 

Engulfed by, fatigue, panic attacks, depression, caused by a failure in life, it might appear to you that you are doomed. 

In such a situation; your mind refuses to get charged, your mind becomes dull. You lose energy; you feel tiered, all the time. You lose interest in life. Existence appears dull to you. You do not feel like doing anything; you feel like sleeping all the time. 

Here, you need a deep sleep; to strike back. You need a deep sleep to rejuvenate yourself. The only way left to you is…sleep well. Mind it; it becomes dangerous too. You might not get up again. You might become dull. You might lose whatever energy is left in your life.

In such a situation…Meditate. Yes, Meditation is the only answer to recharge you. Meditation takes you to an inner depth, where you realize…what you are; who are you. And this introduction with your real self…will inject a new life in you.

Failure happens in life; sometimes it does become repressive; unbearable. Sometimes God tests you bitterly. This happens; at a time your own shadow refuses to recognize you; you are left alone. 

If you are alert; if you know Meditation, then you will realize that this state of being alone; this loneliness is a bliss. Journey towards celibacy is a lonely process. 

You should be thankful to God; that after testing you severely; he is indicating your path. The only process you should follow; the only thing you should do…is amid heavy depression, stay calm. This calmness is another way of sleeping. 

But this sleep is not easy to achieve; here, in this sleep, you have to stay awaken; alert.  Alertness is the key. Whatever difficult situation you are in…stay alert; do not sleep. You must sleep…staying alert; awake.  

This can happen to you; when your entire being is in your control. When you realize that whatever situation is there before you, it has to be there, you cannot refuse it.  So, amidst deep depression…Confront your depression; challenge your depression. And while doing so; while challenging, and confronting your depression…stay alert; awaken.   

You have immense energy; power, hidden in-side you. You have to recognize this; you have to realize this. Realization of your self is the answer of your misery. Hard times; bad time do comes in your life. God will not solve it. Nobody can solve your problems.

Only, you can solve it. You have to learn; how to bear it. Sustaining existence can create miracles for you. That’s why it is said, that ‘human being is capable of creating miracles'. 

You power is supreme. God has given you immense power; you should know how to use it. God resides in you; you are God. That is why when you are facing tough time, and you go on praying to God to solve it; he does not listen. And you start thinking, that God is not answering your prayer. 

God has given you everything, use it. How to use this power? First you have to feel that this power is hidden somewhere inside you; detect it, and then you must learn how to use it, to your advantage.  

Yes, it is a tricky situation; if you do not know how to use it; it might work against you. So, first you have to learn, how to use it. This learning process; this teacher who will teach you…are hidden inside you. You are the teacher. 

You, yourself is the best teacher; best guide; best university. Mystery will be unfolded before you; only when you seek for it. This longing will open many gates for you.  This longing has to be there. Unless you desire for it; unless you wish to operate it yourself…nothing will happen. 

You have to operate it, yourself.  Cut your own wound and stitch it. I’ll suggest meditate daily; and you will observe soon …that many gates are opening for you...and when you see gates are opening for you, stay there, alert; awaken.    


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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meditation, Money, Power

Sustain enthusiasm can create wonders for you. 

Now the question arises… How to sustain? Sustain what? The answer is…sustain enthusiasm; sustain the desire for money; sustain the longing to acquire power. 

You want to be successful; moneyed; powerful…everybody wants, very few gets. You have to understand- What is money? What is power? Why do you want to acquire it? You have to understand. You have to understand your desire to acquire it.

People who have achieved it are equally disturbed; equally frustrated…as you are. People who couldn't get it, are happy to think; or to know, that the person who has achieved it; got it, is worst then him…he is not happy. And he goes on saying…what is the use of money; what us the use of power? Money cannot buy everything. This is dangerous; in fact; both situations, are dangerous. 

Be careful. Extreme richness; extreme poverty both are dangerous. 

A man who has got everything with him is happy to note, that he is better then a poor fellow. Rich man is happy; looking at a poor man; and his difficulties. A poor man is happy to note that a rich; powerful man cannot get an illness cured in his family; a rich man is living a disturbed family life.And then he goes on saying what is the use of Power; what is the use of money, further that poor goes on proclaiming that; money cannot by love, money cannot buy peace; money cannot buy this, money cannot buy that. 

You keep comparing the situation, and then you reach at a conclusion, and then either you are happy; or you are sad. It depends; what the situation, the circumstance is saying. Your happiness is depended on circumstance. You sadness is depended on a situation. This is absurd; you are not free. 

Then what is the use of money; if it cannot give you happiness? Achiever is afraid of losing it. Achiever is not keeping well; he has some decease which cannot be cured; he keeps on spending money on his illness; he is just surviving. Both are not happy…what to do? 

And the more you try to do, the more difficult it becomes; rather it brings other problems along with…What to do? You have to understand yourself. You have to understand your need. You have to understand the limitation…like you simply cannot go on eating, to fill your hunger. When you are no hungrier; when you have acquired enough for your hunger, then rest is a waste for you.

But you will keep; if it is being destroyed, it does not matter to you…you will keep. And here, the problems, starts. This you have to understand…you have to understand your need. 

Money is important. Power is needed. But for what you need it, and how much you need? This you have to understand; you have to realize, that rest will be a waste. 

And this is not possible. Because…your longing for Money and Power is, your greed; not your need. So, you have to understand the difference; between your need, and your greed. Your greed is your enemy. And if you understand your greed; then it is friendly. Then your greed is your power. 

Now, you must understand…How to use this power; where to stop. This, where to stop, understanding is important. Your understanding and ability to stop you greed; is you real power. And when you understand this power, then no other power is needed to you. 

Meditation helps in understanding this power. Meditation helps you; in understanding greed.

This is simply your power of understanding yourself; which can change your life; which can simply take you to a place, where you will realize, that to what extent…Money and Power is needed.   


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meditation, Hope, Desire, Greed, Jealousy and You

You are hoping against hope…and your life goes on.

Your expectations; desire; greed, from your life, is natural. You have every right to expect. You have every right to desire; to opt for something. Longing for anything; becoming greedy…is natural; certainly not to worry about. 

Nothing is bad; whatever is taking birth inside you, is not bad…on the contrary it is sacred. Same power has created you; which has been breading desire; greed; hope etc, in you. It is natural. Your mind is conditioned, and you became conscious. 

There is always good and bad; right and wrong notion, before. You have to choose. You have to choose because options are before you. You have been taught about wrong and right; good and bad; further you are taught…to be good in life. And here the fight; the conflict begins inside you.

What to do; you choose the good. Now the question arises…what bad will do, if you choose the good? Where bad will go? You have been taught to destroy bad…you cannot do that. Because if you destroy bad then, where good will go? 

Good and bad exists together. You cannot separate. But the problem with you is that you have to separate it; otherwise how you can live a bad life. And here starts the problem. And this is the place where Greed; jealousy become bad; a negative energy. 

These are simple energies, which are floating inside you, very natural; very innocent. Problem is in your learning. You cannot differentiate, in good and bad; you cannot define what is right and what is wrong…because, they are same. Like, light is the absence of darkness; or reversal. Accept; right and wrong; good and bad…accept both. Accept whatever is floating inside you…you are sacred.

You are an unique creation of Almighty. In the Garden of Eden same Almighty kept the Apple; same Almighty brought the snake; same Almighty breaded greed in you to eat the Apple; and same Almighty punished you for eating The Apple. 

And the Garden of Eden was destroyed…after you ate the Apple.

And since your early childhood you have been taught that you are punished; humanity was punished, because you ate the Apple. And Sin; Holy words came before you… In the Garden of Eden they both existed, together. You created the differences between Dark and Light; between Good and Bad. And precisely this is the reason; why greed; jealousy. Desire appears bad to you. 

Plus and minus exists together…you cannot remove one, and use another. Accept whatever is there inside you…these are very innocent energy. Even anger is innocent; if used in a right way. Throughout your life; you are always being controlled by your mind. Start controlling your mind; you become the boss of your mind. Your mind has to be in your control.

Your entire body should in your control. And this is only possible, when you recognize yourself. If used in a right way then Greed; Jealousy, these very positive energy. Use this energy of yours; give it a right direction. But again problem is your mind. It will not allow you to do so. And again you will start choosing between right and wrong.  

Meditation will teach you, not to choose between God and Bad; between Dark and Light…use both. If you start understanding first, what is the mystery of this universe; how its moves…then you will land nowhere. 

You just do your duty. Whatever is coming to your mind; give it your best shot. Rest leave it to Almighty…he/she will take care of. And the day you start moving in this way, the day you start doing your duty, without any expectation; leaving the decision on him/her… this realization will come to you that you are still moving in Garden of Eden. 

And then Hope; Desire; Greed; Jealousy Anger…will become you friend. And these so called negative energies will become a tool for you, in understanding yourself. This realization will come to you, that you are simply a part of this universe…existing together, with Good and Bad; Right and Wrong.


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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fear, Superstition, Meditation and You

You are scared. 

Just now, you got up after witnessing a horrible dream; you are scared. This is your believe in superstitions, which has made your life difficult to live. Each and every moment you are afraid. Fear is always chasing you; wherever you are going. 

Somebody has threatened you with dire consequences, and you are scared. This is merely your fear, which takes you to a consular, for relief. Then too, after visiting a consular, you are tensed; you are not free. 

Something, within you; is making you scared. Whatever is, within you; it is yours. And you are seeking answer outside. Everything is within you. You do not have to go anywhere for a remedy. The remedy is you. You, yourself, are the best remedy. 

Let us do an experiment…when chased by a fear; or whenever you are scared, whatever is the reason of your fear, let it be there…you simply ask yourself, about the remedy; in other words ask yourself, ‘What is the remedy. How I shall come out of it'? You ask this question to yourself, and forget it.

You will be surprised; after few days…nothing will scare you, your fear is gone. This is not a magic, simply, you have understood you fear. And the day you understand your fear…this fear will not chase you.

The day you understand yourself; the day you understand your duties, how to perform it…that day onward, you will find a miraculous change in yourself. This is all about, understanding you, this is what Alchemy teaches. This is what Meditation teaches. 

The teacher…is within you. You are God’s best creation. You have been constructed in such a way, that each and every question, answer is within you. You are asking question to you, and you are answering, to you. This is unique.

You have been given the Power; but all the time; years after years…you have failed to recognize, yourself. That is why, I always write my title…'and you’. For example this article’s title I have given, ‘Fear, Superstition, Meditation and you’. This ‘and you’ is important; meaningful… It is always you.

And this is the reason, why it is said, “believe in you’. You are the question; you are the answer. It is happening with you; you have to solve it. Never expect other’s, to come and solve your problems. To get victory over Fear…first understand, what is Fear?

To understand this, do Meditation. Whatever, techniques of meditation is coming to your mind, use that. It will help you, in understanding Fear.

While understanding Fear; always remember…this Fear, of yours, has come to you; you did not go to your Fear, hence your Fear is always a guest to you, and the owner is, you. So whenever you are scared, act like a owner; like a king. Ask your guest; the purpose of his coming?

Listen me carefully; read me with care…The day you start talking to your Fear; your Fear will be scared to you. Yet, if you are not getting my point; and if you want to understand it…ask me your questions at

Indeed, it’s a very important subject, because in today’s life; almost everybody is scared. Certainly we will talk little more, in my next article, about...Fear.


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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meditation, Marriage and You...

Before entering into a marriage life…think twice

Both of you has to decide. Think twice…either hold, or drop. Talk to each other; talk to yourself- 'let us marry; if we get along it is fine; if we do not get along we will divorce each other, or we will go for a separation; mutually agreed'. These are the options; very limited options. When options are less; when chances are there, of breaking the Knot…why to marry? 

Both of you are going to be responsible for a life…which is going to come- children are delicate, think twice, before your marriage. Do not marry; if understanding is not there. Why to marry; unnecessary hustles. 

Marriage is a must; if the decision is taken in a meditative mood.

A very different kind of world you might create; if both of you believe in Meditation- When embracing each other, stay there…become the embrace. This oneness is needed. These ones; where everything is dissolved in one; when this dualism of two persons embracing each ether, becomes one…then a circle is formed, where dualism is lost; and when circle is formed…it cannot be separated...marry, if you can reach this state, of understanding.

It takes only few words to describe this circle…to realize this; you have to understand yourself. This viewpoint comes; when you drop your entire ego; when nothing stays inside you. When you drop everything; whatever you have learnt so far. When your slate is clean, when there is absolute silence, inside you, when dualism is completely lost, and when you have become a circle; where there is no beginning, no end…then in that situation, whatever happens to you; that is you, your reality.

In Hindu philosophy; it is said- “Satyam, Shivam, Sunderm “Whatever is truth is Shiv{Lord}, and Shiv is beautiful. And the word Creation is beautiful; sacred, hence, think twice…before your marriage.

It is not a easy thing to do…both of you are going to create a new life. If you can create a healthy atmosphere; amid heavy adversity…then go for Marriage. Marriage is sacred. Everything is sacred. You are sacred…only realizing point is missing.

Do not marry.  You can live your life staying unmarried, then what is the need; what is the purpose of marriage. Humanity, always keeps different idiosyncrasies. If you believe in yourself…then go for marriage. 

It might appear to you that you believe in yourself, you understand yourself; beware it might be a hallucination, created by your mind. Your mind is crafty. Your mind is cunning.  To keep you in its control; mind goes on creating false notion in you. You keep thinking it is real; actually it is not. For example, when you practice meditation; and sometimes you go on sitting at one place hours together, and when you emerge from that state, you feel relaxed; you think you have achieved…it is false; created by your mind, it is merely momentary outcome of sitting at one place, for hours.

This feeling of yours is not true. This is dangerous. It might appear to you that, now you know yourself; now you understand who you are. You might go on writing books on ‘self realization’…stay alert; your knowledge is false.

You take birth; you are innocent. You grow up; you acquire knowledge…your innocence is gone. Now you are educated; shrewd. Now everything is a manipulation to you…even Marriage. It is a game. Life is a game for you. You have set a goal; which you have to achieve.

Now, your planning starts. You have to plane your life. You have to plane your marriage…innocence is lost. Now marriage is a business to you. You have to manipulate your life. Now life is a gain and loss to you. Marriage is a business to you; marriage is a purpose to you. Do not marry…unnecessary you will be destroying a life, which is going to come.

Earn money; earn status…enjoy your life. You can enjoy your life in this way too. But be careful, this enjoyment will be false…created by your mind. At the end of your life; when death comes knocking at your door, you will realize; you have wasted. Your entire life you have wasted

You must earn money, money is needed. You must marry; marriage is needed; you must set a goal for you; goal is needed…understand yourself first.  This understanding will not come to you, if you are in control of your mind. Your mind should be in your control.  

When realization of oneness comes; this realization brings, awareness, and in that aware state you will realize…Marriage is not needed. Because, here dualism is lost, you have become one.

And to reach this state…Marriage is needed. And you can feel this realization of yours; which gives the understanding of dualism, and oneness…comes through Meditation. 


Stop Press: This article is about Marriage; hence, here stress is on marriage. To understand the meaning of dualism, and oneness, little more, and on power of Nothingness…we will talk, in my, another article.   

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Suicide, Meditation, Happiness, search

Commit suicide, in awareness...staying alert- a very deep salvation will take birth in-side you, and that are reborn. 

You have been chased by an unknown fear all through your life. And you are in search of happiness. You have achieved everything in life…yet, no satisfaction. Something is disturbing you, continuously. You are disturbed. You go to church; you go to temple; you go to mosque, you go to all religious places…yet, no solace. 

You start thinking; you have achieved everything in life…why you are not happy? You practice yoga, you meditate regularly, and you do all possible things to be happy…still, peace of mind is not there. You cannot sleep in night. You take medicine to sleep…no result. What to do? 

This is the big question mark in your life? You are not getting any answer. This disturbance is killing you. Finally, you take a dangerous step…and you commit Suicide. You fail in your exam, and you commit suicide. 

Some fear; some disturbance is chasing you, not only chasing you, rather it compels you, to take such a dangerous step...and without realizing commit suicide. People around you are surprised…why such a successful, wealthy and happy man, committed suicide? This question is not answered. 

The answer is very simple. The answer is innocent. The problem is…simple things do not attract you. It is so simple; so easy. You are not bothered; you never paid any attention. And you traveled all over the world, in search of peace…no result. 

Extreme of failure in life has compelled you to take the dangerous step, to commit suicide.

Your mind was seized; rather your mind seized your heart; your mind seized everything inside you, and your mind compelled you to take this step. 

You could not see anything. You never realized anything. And before this realization comes to are gone. Again, the question mark…what to do? Do not do anything.

Yes, this is the answer. And the answer is within you- do not do anything; for God’s sake…do not do anything. In such a situation, where every method is failed, then the only method is left to you is…do not do anything.

This not doing anything, is more powerful then atom. It is not easy to reach this state, where you realize the power of nothingness; where silence is the loudest sound, you have ever heard. The simplest thing becomes the most difficult thing to perform.

To reach this state of mind, where you can perform; where you realize; where you can understand, this not doing not easy. This awareness has to come to you, otherwise you will stay disturbed. You cannot enjoy your life. 

This life is beautiful. Destruction do comes…face it. Challenge it. Accept it. 

Accept the death. Accept suicide.

And when you are accepting suicide…stay alert

Talk to the tendency, of committing suicide. Look at the suicide; when committing suicide, become suicide. A deep, very deep suicide is needed to awake you. 

Commit suicide, in awareness. Do this; commit suicide in full awareness; feeling each and every moment of it; commit suicide. 

Mark my words a very deep salvation will take birth in side you…that very moment. And at that moment; you are reborn. 
Your rebirth, you have experienced; your rebirth you have felt…this moment. It happens in moments. In fact it is always happening…Here and now it is always happening…but you are busy searching peace; all over the world. 

Creation of human being is unique…it is the master work of the Almighty. It always happens in moment; right now before youyou are not aware of it. Simple reason why you are not aware of it is…you are never happy; you are never Here

You are always travelling. If you are eating your food, you are not eating…your mind is eating, not you…you are busy somewhere thinking something.

How peace will come to you? You have to look at the disturbance inside you…everything is in a mess.  You have to clean this pollution. And it is not easy to clean this pollution, because…it is so simple. 

Yes, performing the simplest task is the most difficult thing. Simply, stay here. Whatever you are doing; whatever you want to do, in your life…do it staying there. Do not cross; stay there; stay here…wherever you are…stay there. To achieve this power…Meditate.

Meditation is the answer. Commit suicide in awareness, this suicide, which you are trying to commit in awareness will be a suicide of your ignorance; your ignorance has to die. And this death of your ignorance will give you a new life; it will not take your life. 

This awareness of yours…will be full of life. It will give a healthy touch, to your existence; resulting, in future, whenever this suicidal thought will knock at your will stay unaffected.

Wading through the lake; without getting wet, is the purpose of this article. This life is a very precious gift to you from Almighty...Enjoy each and every moments of your life....all the best. 

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