Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meditation, Religion, Color and You...

Meditation has no religion. Religion divides; Meditation unites. Meditation has no color; meditation is colorless. Wind has no religion. Wind has no color; wind is colorless. God has no religion. God has no color; God is colorless. Unseen is beautiful. Whatever you cannot see and it soothes you; is your religion.

If you have to follow a religion; it is mandatory for you, then make meditation your religion. Religion says, follow; Meditation says just float; do not follow, there is nothing to follow. Whatsoever is coming to your mind; allow it to come, do not resist, do not stop.

Meditation says indulge; go deeper, look within, talk to you; and when talking to you, do not use words; let it be a silent communication between you and the Universe. A time will come when this tone, you and you, will go; and what will be left to you is you; only you.

And this communication will make you aware of the fact that the entire universe is within you. And further you will realize that in adversity you go in search of God to ask for a remedy; in that situation you will realize that you do not have to go anywhere in search of God for a prayer, for a remedy; you have to just look within and you have to talk to you. This is communication within with you, is your prayer and your this prayer will be answered; your remedy is inside you. 

You possess a tremendous power; you can create atom; then why can’t you fight with your adversity. Power has no religion. Religion divides; Meditation unites. Unity is oneness; and oneness is powerful, compact. 

Religion tells God is either in the Temple, or in Mosque, or in Church, or in books; Meditation makes you aware that God is always there; within you. Cast a deep glance within and you will find there God smiling; within you. 

God used colors to make Rainbow look beautiful and we have divided ourselves on the basis of color. We did not stop here; we started abusing each other on the basis of color religion. Remove one color from Rainbow and it will lose its beauty; though you cannot remove any color from Rainbow. 

God has filled your life with different colors to look beautiful; God created color beautiful; and we made it ugly. Because we are ruled by our religion; Religion is ruling you; Religion is guiding your life. Try this for once; let Meditation rule your life; you will become colorful; beautiful. Remove one color and existence will lose its beauty; your existence will lose its authenticity. 

Exactly this is what has happened to you; your Religion asked you divide humanity on the basis of color, and you did that, and you lost the authenticity of your existence; and look at the result, there is so much hatred unrest all over. People are killing each other on the basis of religion; on the basis of color. 

When God accumulated different colors and created you; created this universe; these accumulations of different colors became one and this Universe became one. You cannot say there are different universes; you cannot divide the Universe on the basis of Colo, religion. 

You divided humanity on the basis of Religion; on the basis of color, religion. Yes, you divided humanity; the most beautiful and powerful gift of the Almighty; result entire humanity started looking ugly, dangerous. And you added a little more; you started the nuclear race; you made atom. 

Your religion divided you, and religion made the life ugly, dangerous. You kept following your religion; your God; And God created one Universe; you created many Gods suiting your religion. And then started the most idiotic race; whose God is better? 

There are many Gods; and you are trying your ugliest best to prove that God of your religion is supreme; cross your heart and ask yourself, it’s not stupidity; it’s not ugly? 

And again the answer is within you. You have to talk to you; if you seek the answer which you should. You have to look within, if you seek the answer which you should. 

And to look within; to learn this art how to look within you have to meditate; you have to learn meditation. There are many techniques of meditation; chose one suiting your idiosyncrasy; suiting your way of thinking; and start meditating. 

But before you start learning or practicing meditation remember one thing; Meditation has no religion; Meditation has no color. Meditation will merely indicate you how to look within; and the moment you look within you will Find God smiling at you. God is full of different colors; these accumulations of different colors have become one; and in that cosmic divine oneness; there is no religion; there is no color.

Yes, Meditation has no religion; Meditation has no color, Mediation is one; this one is zero like a circle; and this circle is equally from all angles; there is no beginning there is no end; this is eternal, and eternity has no color, eternity has no religion. And in this deep communication with you; an awareness will come to you, that; you have become one. 


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