Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adversity, Fate, Destiny and You

When adversity beckons, answer the call gracefully. Look into the eyes of adversity; a very deep penetrating look. And the day this happens to you, mark my words; you will start writing your own destiny.

Success the way I wish; happiness the way I wish.This 'I wish' is sacred, Godly. And this 'I wish' is your real strength. This is you; know yourself first, recognize your strength.

Happiness was standing, at the threshold of destiny... 'Unless you meet your destiny, happiness won't come to you. Bewildered situation, helpless state was casting a mocking the face of the Hero...'unless you achieve it, you cannot be happy.

This is the situation you are in. Totally hope, no army, no ammunition, and  no strength. Just like a dead body...merely breathing. And this is the key to unfold the great mystery- What is destiny? What is fate? What is adversity? A king is lying to overcome your adversity?
  • Take a deep breath, inhale; exhale and... Refuse happiness, refuse destiny. 
  • Believe in self...create your own destiny. 
  • And while creating your destiny, stay awake. 
  • Do not forget that mocking smile; 'unless you make it'?
Remove the question mark first...refuse achievement. Achievement is in future. And it is always present.

Use, your only and strongest ammunition. Take a deep breath. Look into the eyes of adversity; yell loudly...Let-us fight.

Remember this...this fight of yours is the most sacred prayer, for you. Sometimes, blasphemy is the most powerful prayer.

Challenge your adversity, fight a really ruthless, courageous fight. To overcome your have to win. But how you will win, what is the strategy of your fight? You have lost everything.

You should always remember...come what may- You have to win. Use your only, and the strongest ammunition...take a deep breathe. And- Drink the poison.
  • Accept the adversity...absorb the adversity. 
  • Do not fight to get rid of it, your adversity is won't go. 
  • You have to become brave...drink the poison, digest it, absorb it, merge into it and transform it. 
  • And when transformed, your adversity will become your strongest armor, your real strength.
You have transformed it... And this was your fight...with your adversity. The moment you surrender totally, the moment you do not try to fight, and the moment you do not fight...your real fight starts.
  • You become silent.
  •  Nothing is more powerful than silence.
Here, your deep-rooted meditation emerges, comes at the surface and engulfs you totally. No more fear; no more sorrow and no more happiness.All the time, it is happening within you. You can feel it are not affected. You are above all.
  • You have started your journey towards salvation...just now. 
  • No more happiness; no more sorrow... And no more, mocking smile.
Success the way I wish; happiness the way I wish...this 'I wish', is your prayer. You are strong...when you are flexible, not if you become rigid. Understand yourself first.

Only you are the master of your destiny. Order your destiny to move; the way you wish. Take whatever you want; pick-up whatever you want; do not merely try to make it.
  • Achievement is in your future. 
  • Stay here, in present. 
  • Start living in moments, feel the pulse. And the victory is yours.
There is nothing you cannot make; you cannot get. Everything is always here, in-side you. Cast a penetrating glance within. You will feel, that you are rising in your creation- hold it; feel it. Do not go anywhere- just stay, there.

You will feel that just now; You have created your own destiny.


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