Friday, September 12, 2014

Meditation and Parenting…

You are a unique creation of the master strategist; God. The most important and precious part of your life is parenting; how to look after your children? God has sent a life through you; and He has made you the custodian.

How to look after your kids; is important. Do not force; take care, be cautious, keep a watchful eye all the time; but do not force; do not impose yourself; do not disturb the natural process of their growing up. Let the child develop their own instinct. They have everything inbuilt. Nothing has to be added. 

God is mysterious; there is no prove whether God is there or not; it’s a feeling; its faith; depends upon you to believe it or do not believe it; you are free to choose. 

Creation of human being is a mystery; everything which requires a child to develop, grow in a young age, then become old and they go away; this entire process is mysterious; nobody knows, what it is. And this has been created in such a beautiful and smart way. 

There is absolutely no fault; science can fail; but this science is impossible to fail; it cannot fail; neither this mystery can be unfolded. Everything; all required machinery is inbuilt; you do not have to add anything; hence watch your child growing; do not disturb the process. 

Out of your love, excitement, caring; do not add anything extra of yours; you have to just watch. But your surrounding around, your society, your religion, won’t allow you to do that. Result you start educating your child the day he/she takes birth. 

Every child is beautiful; full of excitement what is happening around; full of curiosity. His/her inbuilt process will help the child to develop their own. Out of ignorance; and out of extreme care, in order to help the child; you destroy the fabric; and this has happened since ages; and the result; see the unrest around.

It seems entire humanity has missed something. So much unrest; suffering; everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere not known to him/her; everybody wants to achieve something without knowing what? 

The most powerful part of your body is your mind; you misused this power, and you created atom. This mind power was inbuilt in you to understand you; and you did just the reverse; you started invading God; you started invading Nature; and forget invading and understanding, you cannot control natural calamity which keeps destroying you. 

Someone educated you when you were growing; your society educated when you became an adult; and result; you understood everything but Love. Love is the central part, which has no means; no reason; no purpose. But you are taught to have a purpose; you have been taught that without purpose and without a goal your life is useless. 

So, in order to make your life useful you started setting a goal, a purpose for you to lead your life in happiness and peace; and the result; entire peace vanished from the earth. Because you were taught, the way you teach your children hoe to grow, what to do and what not to do. The natural process of growing up was killed by you.

Without understanding you keep trying to make your child understand everything. It is certainly because the destruction of the natural process of developing there is so much unrest around. Just watch your child growing; stand behind them, not in front of them. Take care of them delicately; not with force. They will develop of their own.

And when they grow, give them freedom to choose their carrier; their life. He/She has been gifted with the unique quality of growing on their own; they took birth with that quality, how to develop and use the natural instinct.

Sometimes you do believe in in inner instinct; sixth sense; inner voice. What is that; this is the same process of developing which is built inside you; since the day you took birth. Your child wants to play in the rain; do not stop this is natural, every child wants to enjoy the rain; now do not start keeping fear into them, they are tender; there is no harm if they play in the rain; why a poor child born on street never become sick playing in the rain?

In school, colleges too they should be free to choose their carrier. Every child will choose his/her carrier as per their natural inclination. Now you are not enforcing yourself in their decision and start telling what they should choose. You will be telling according to your nature. likes and dislikes; and the child might differ, so do not enforce; let them select their life; they are free to choose Freedom will make them bold; freedom will make the fearless. Your duty towards them is to always with your all means, stand behind the; not in front of them; all the best.