Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meditation, Money making, and You...

Indeed…Money is important. Luxury is important.

Meditation needs money. Empty stomach one cannot meditate. Somebody, somewhere once told a nice story- “once a man was having high fever. He went to his Master and asked for knowledge; he pleaded, ‘Please give me knowledge; or tell me the way how to do Meditation’?  The Master answered…‘First get rid of your fever; get well first, and then come to me’."

So you have to get rid of your fever of poverty first, and then learn Meditation. A poor man cannot meditate. A beggar cannot meditate. It may sound absurd; or contradictory but basically…Meditation is for rich people. 

If you are rich; you cam afford an umbrella in rain. 

You have means to get your basic requirements, and then you can start your meditation. Meditation is to get rid of mental burden, to get peace; tranquility…Enlightenment. 

If you are extremely poor, where you have nothing to lose, then too you can achieve enlightenment; there are several instances for this in history; there were many extremely poor people who were enlighten.

Extremes; rare; very few, cannot be taken as regular happening. One has to get rid of his/her fever first; to learn Meditation. This is true that money is not everything; this is also true that you cannot buy peace, or enlightenment through money. 

On the contrary, mostly, it is rich class who are more mentally disturb; they have everything but they do not have peace of mind; losing money worries them, family problems, sickness, they have many mental problems, and they want to get rid of this; and they start searching ways of meditation. 

Initially, before meditation money solves your many problems; like if you are sic you can consult a doctor, or buy medicine; if you are hungry you can buy your food without thinking, you get your basic needs, without making any strenuous effort for it. 

Unless your basic requirements are met effortlessly; how you can even think of learning meditation?

That is why that master, written above, asked his student to get rid of fever first. Off course, meditation leads to a place…where you get rid of your all fevers. 

Money is important. You have to earn. You have to make a plan. You have to make an effort. You have to take the risk; without risk there is no gain.

Meditation teaches you…how to make effortless effort; how to take the biggest risk of your life, and that is…do not take any risk; you don’t need to take any risk.

Meditation teaches you how to stay effortless; without taking any risk…how to achieve the ultimate peace where, after reaching, absolutely nothing is required; where all diseases are cured.

Teaching of Meditation is very simple, and that is…just float, with the moment, do not swim.

Floating is effort less. There is great teaching behind this. When you are absolutely not making any effort, when you are simply floating, it means you are totally surrendering yourself to existence. 

You are accepting everything, whatever is coming your way effortlessly. You are not trying to differentiate it, you are not making any choice…whatsoever is coming to you are accepting; absorbing. 

And that is...Techniques of Meditation; total acceptance. 


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