Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adversity, Fate, Destiny and You

When adversity beckons, answer the call gracefully. Look into the eyes of adversity; a very deep penetrating look. And the day this happens to you, mark my words; you will start writing your own destiny.

Success the way I wish; happiness the way I wish.This 'I wish' is sacred, Godly. And this 'I wish' is your real strength. This is you; know yourself first, recognize your strength.

Happiness was standing, at the threshold of destiny... 'Unless you meet your destiny, happiness won't come to you. Bewildered situation, helpless state was casting a mocking the face of the Hero...'unless you achieve it, you cannot be happy.

This is the situation you are in. Totally hope, no army, no ammunition, and  no strength. Just like a dead body...merely breathing. And this is the key to unfold the great mystery- What is destiny? What is fate? What is adversity? A king is lying to overcome your adversity?
  • Take a deep breath, inhale; exhale and... Refuse happiness, refuse destiny. 
  • Believe in self...create your own destiny. 
  • And while creating your destiny, stay awake. 
  • Do not forget that mocking smile; 'unless you make it'?
Remove the question mark first...refuse achievement. Achievement is in future. And it is always present.

Use, your only and strongest ammunition. Take a deep breath. Look into the eyes of adversity; yell loudly...Let-us fight.

Remember this...this fight of yours is the most sacred prayer, for you. Sometimes, blasphemy is the most powerful prayer.

Challenge your adversity, fight a really ruthless, courageous fight. To overcome your have to win. But how you will win, what is the strategy of your fight? You have lost everything.

You should always remember...come what may- You have to win. Use your only, and the strongest ammunition...take a deep breathe. And- Drink the poison.
  • Accept the adversity...absorb the adversity. 
  • Do not fight to get rid of it, your adversity is won't go. 
  • You have to become brave...drink the poison, digest it, absorb it, merge into it and transform it. 
  • And when transformed, your adversity will become your strongest armor, your real strength.
You have transformed it... And this was your fight...with your adversity. The moment you surrender totally, the moment you do not try to fight, and the moment you do not fight...your real fight starts.
  • You become silent.
  •  Nothing is more powerful than silence.
Here, your deep-rooted meditation emerges, comes at the surface and engulfs you totally. No more fear; no more sorrow and no more happiness.All the time, it is happening within you. You can feel it are not affected. You are above all.
  • You have started your journey towards salvation...just now. 
  • No more happiness; no more sorrow... And no more, mocking smile.
Success the way I wish; happiness the way I wish...this 'I wish', is your prayer. You are strong...when you are flexible, not if you become rigid. Understand yourself first.

Only you are the master of your destiny. Order your destiny to move; the way you wish. Take whatever you want; pick-up whatever you want; do not merely try to make it.
  • Achievement is in your future. 
  • Stay here, in present. 
  • Start living in moments, feel the pulse. And the victory is yours.
There is nothing you cannot make; you cannot get. Everything is always here, in-side you. Cast a penetrating glance within. You will feel, that you are rising in your creation- hold it; feel it. Do not go anywhere- just stay, there.

You will feel that just now; You have created your own destiny.


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loneliness, Online Dating and Meditation

Journey towards celibacy is a lonely process.

You are not afraid, you are not scared. A very deep meditation can emerge, inside you, when you are alone. Absolutely nothing is there... let this meditation emerge... stay there, become the meditation.

You are complete when you are alone. Loneliness is bliss. This is the only moment when you are complete.

  • Your entire being comes to a standstill situation. 
  • Nothing is left aside. 
  • Positive points, negative points... you have absorbed both.
When claustrophobia takes over, when loneliness becomes oppressive... go for a dating. Now dating how, or how to online dating? To answer, dating how is... staying true. Do not cheat.
  • Stay the way you are.
  •  A very important thing in how to online dating is... do not get trapped, cheated- - stay alert.Keep your options open... stay like an open book. 
  • Keep your intentions pure. 
Someone is coming to you. Someone is going to take you out from your claustrophobic state. Someone is going to inject life into you? How to online dating... deal carefully.

Find out the authenticity. If the purpose is not true... it might become fatal for you. It might destroy you.

  • Stay alert, use your inelegance.
  • Do not cheat. 
  • Do not get cheated.
  • Keep your intentions pure. Keep it noble. 
  • Your intentions should look honorable.
  • Do not make it vulgar.

Dating how?

  • Make a simple sweet approach. 
  • Make your effort dignified.
  • Respect your partner's feelings.
And you can do this, in an extreme healthy way... only through meditation. And to meditate... you have to understand... What is meditation?

You should have a deep longing for it. Meditation teaches you... how to grief. How to deal with depression? What is loneliness? Yes you have to understand first... what is loneliness? Depression is ugly. When transformed into meditation... it becomes the source of a new beginning.

What is loneliness? Once into meditation... loneliness becomes bliss. Depression how to deal with? When depression comes... stay depressed. Do not go anywhere... feel the depth of depression. It will be transformed into your strength. And this is the answer... how to meditate?

How to online dating... look into the method with an open eye. Keep your intentions clean... approach with a clean heart. Show some respect. Meditation is a great answer, rather the only answer to... how to be happy in life?

Life is full of happiness. Even loneliness can become bliss... if you are into meditation. There is not much difference between loneliness and aloofness. Being alone, feeling lonely is OK... aloofness is dangerous. Never allow aloofness to come.

Aloofness takes your interest away from you. You are no more interested in anything. And if you are not interested, if you are not excited then... how you will meet, celibacy? How will you feel the depth of the ocean... which is very much there inside you?

Looking at the universe, if you do not feel excitement... you are not awaken. You are sleeping. Excitement is the key... curiosity is must. Aloofness is dangerous.

Something is wrong. Something has shattered you severely. Nothing is happening in your life. You have lost everything. You have lost interest in everything. This state is very dangerous... this is poison.

This can kill you. This can shatter you. You have to live... to fight. You have to fight... to get victory over such a dangerous situation.

How to fight... no strength left. Only one remedy is there, and that is... drink the poison, absorb the poison in you... digest the poison.And if you did this... this poison will turn into nectar.

Remain positive in life. And that can be achieved... when you are lonely, alone. One has to walk his journey all alone.

Universe is full of hard times, good times. Whatever you are destined for... it will come to you. You have to do your duty. And the beauty lies in... How you are responding.

Acceptance of adversity is bravery. When you absorb everything, negative-positive everything then it merges in you... it vanishes without living any trace.

And the day this happens to you, you will feel that... towards enlightenment, on the path of celibacy just now you have taken forward... The First Step.


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Meditation in Love and Death- With Lust, Jealousy, Anger and Desire

Love and death is eternal... beyond Time....

Desire is the source... unless longing is there. There is a thin line difference between want and lust, sometimes in lust you might ask- - is it love?

When in love, become love... no purpose- - just love.

Lust is dangerous. When used correctly... want can become the bridge between Love and Death... both is eternal. There is no beginning no end.

Love in death is blissful. It is pure, it is healthy. It may seem that... love is the beginning and death is the end. To some extent it might be true. But if you penetrate little more, with a deep look within, you will find that... both are eternal... it is one. There is no difference. And want is the bridge.

Love is within you. You can never fell in love... you can only rise in love. The day you discover it, you will find your life is full of love. Everything will seem loving to you. Then lust, want, anger, greed jealousy will become pure, loving.

You have to transform these negative energies into positive energies. Life is full of negative and positive energies... you have to transform it. And this transformation is possible... if you are awakening, if you are alert.

And this awareness comes after a deep meditation.

You must know- - what is meditation. But you are sleeping. You are busy calculating your life. You are busy in achieving your target. You are busy in securing you future. You are busy in earning money... how you can secure your bank balance. And how you can love... you have not secured enough money yet.

And here lies the problem. Now love becomes lust, want becomes ugly, greed becomes negative, and anger becomes dangerous. And you start believing others advices... 'Look because of these negative, destructive nature in you, you've ruined your life.'

And now your pilgrim starts you star looking up-wards, for some divine help. You star believing in further advices to curd, suppress abandon these negative thoughts. And you start curbing it, avoiding it suppressing it.
After sometimes you feel relaxed. But again it comes back to you... and again the pilgrim journey starts, again curbing, suppressing starts. And you start believing... because of some sin in your previous birth... your are suffering now.

There is a basic difference between suppressing and merging. When anger comes... become angry. When feeling jealousy... become jealous. You are born with positive and negative energies. You can never get positive vibration... till you are provoked. And this provocation comes through... anger, lust, want and jealousy.

You have to merge, accept these negative energies, which are hidden within- - use it, transform it. Do never try to get rid of it... Accept it. But merge cautiously. While merging... stay alert. Anger, jealousy, lust, desire etc, these are dangerous, very fatal... they can ruin your life.

While accepting, while merging... stay alert. Do not allow it to become dangerous for you. Do not allow it... to rule you. Become your own master... become the ruler. Accept these negative energies.

You have to transform it; you have to use it, you have to purify it. These negative energies will turn into positive energies. While dealing with anger always remember that... to control anger... you have to merge in it, you have to transform it. This you may call a part of anger management.

Addiction to love is good... if you are alert, if you are merely merging. You will not be affected anymore... you will be wading through the lake without getting wet.

This stage is not easy to make. Anything, which is destructive, is very powerful... unless you become more powerful. And you can achieve this through Meditation. And what is meditation- become love... when you are in love. Is it love? This question will never come back to you the day- - you become love.

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Set Goals...How To Take Sucess and Failure in Life

Applause never keeps me high, criticism never pull me down... I know where I am....

Success and failure happens... and happening has no criteria. Whatever has to happen, will happen. You cannot change; you cannot understand the move of the Universe.

There are many examples, reasons for success and failure. Failure is always caused by certain reasons like... lack of focus, wrong decision wrong approach and many. And like that success, too, comes through various methods like, hard works, right decision, right approach and many.

How universe moves is a mystery... never try to unfold it.

Success gives everything...happiness, respect, to become successful. Failure takes away everything...happiness, respect everything. Failure also provokes others to advice you, show you the reasons why you failed. And once you start peeling a hair...there is no end.

Whether you are successful or you are a failure... you get the answer after getting the result. And result is not in your hand. You always have to wait for it. Result is unknown...result is always a mystery. And you want to posses it...through various reasons, through various methods.

Become happy when you are successful or become sad when you are unsuccessful...this is natural, there is nothing to worry about.

How to get rid of this pain when you are unsuccessful...become the pain. Now you have to find the reason, the source...the reason behind success and failure. You must know...what is right and what is wrong. And you journey starts in knowing the unknown.

You can only conceive an idea, as per you intelligence, as per your knowledge. You might feel that you have the might appears to you that you have discovered the truth. Your discovery is bond to differ. 'Cause every person has different idiosyncrasies. Everybody is a philosopher in their own way. Everybody has a mind to think, to analyze. And precisely, here lies the problem...the mind. You start trying to unfold the great mystery. You start trying to know the unknown. And you start missing the point.

You are busy reading books; applying various are busy finding the reasons of success and Failure. And you come to decision...this is the hard, right decision, right time, give total submission and many.

Everyone gives his/her best effort. Yes, you should always go on hitting the target; give your best. And then wait for the result. One fine morning you will become happy.

What will happen if you are scared, stressed. Your happiness is short are worried about you future. The more you try to control your destiny...the more restless you become.

Meditation makes you strong from inside. When you are into meditation you are confident...come what may nothing can shatter you. It is important how you are planning your game. Concentrate on your game and...just play.

The thing which is not in your go on chasing that-and you keep missing the game. Stay not run, give your best effort...just play. Applause never keeps me high criticism never pull me down...I know where I am- it happened to me, it can happen to you.

Everything is inside have to just look at yourself- - a very deep, penetrating look. Sometimes it does happen that you do not get desired results.

Set goals. The moment this thought comes to you...your mind starts searching the goal for you. You fix a goal for you...and now you are there in the future. How to set goals, how do you set goals...and now the goal setting process starts.

How you will be happy without achieving your goal? When you do not make it, you are sad. And when you make your goal, you become restless to keep it for ever?

How to set goals becomes a major job in your life. Goals to make in life become important to you.
First you must understand... what is a Goal?

Goal is happiness...and happiness can never be achieved... What to do? You can feel cannot make it. Achievement is always in future...Happiness is always here, within you. It is always happening here. Here and Now...but you are in the future, achieving goals. Each and every breath of yours is pure, healthy. Have you ever paid attention do you breathe?

Breathe is continuously happening here. And you are in the future...thinking to become something, thinking to become like somebody, then you will be happy- it is absurd.

Yes, you must set goals. Your goal is within you...a goal to make is happiness and happiness is here, within you. What is goal- - understanding life is the only goal.

And this is goal setting process. To realize self is the biggest goal, you must know...who you are? What is your duty...understand first. If not getting must set a target. Behave the way you wish. Apply whatever devices come to your mind. And during the journey...just play, do not start thinking about the result.

Mystery of the universe is unknown...enjoy the beauty of the mystery. A great wind is blowing, a great shake is happening, inside you, and you are busy searching the reason or causes of Success and failure.

Stay cool, confident mix little aggression...but little, aggression can become fatal too, it should be under your control. Whatever is coming to you Success or Failure- - accept both, with a grace.

Enjoy your life. What is going to happen next are not aware of. How will you set goals? How you will plan your next move?

Desire to make something; being ambitious and seeing healthy- you must. If you are not sensitive, if you are not a cannot understand life.

Set goals; how do you set goals; goal setting process...understand first, make it full of life...How?
Understand, know...what is life? You do not have to anywhere to get the answer...look within. Unless you understand will you understand life?

Your answer is very much you. And you are searching it in your future...through various methods.

You must know the answer. Yes. goal is happiness.

The day you realize this, you will feel...that your entire being is meditated. And you will get the are above success and failure- You have met your goal....


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Fate, Destiny, You and Techniques of Meditation

Ladies and Gentleman - you can win any race in life, if you are little conscious... from the beginning.

Ultimately it is going to happen... whatever you are destined for.

Methods you apply, tricks you avoid imagined or expected calamity. Expectation is a might happen, it might not happen. You are curious to know. You wait for the result. Sometimes you do become impatient...and that is natural.

How to store happiness, how to stay successful forever in advance...becomes you target. And it seems natural to you. Mostly people around you believe in the same way. So it never appears strange to you.

Have you ever visited a lunatic asylum? Everything appears natural to them. Because all are behaving, believing in the same way...there is no difference. You are an intruder there. You are mad in their eyes. Their visions are blocked.

This is what happening to you...a mad rush after money. The more you try to posses keeps sleeping from hand. The day this madness vanishes from your will find peace. You will become more confident in life.

Stop chasing the unknown. Money is extremely important. To win a lottery have to go and buy a lottery ticket. Make an have to earn yours and your family's living. You have to give them good education, a basic luxury.

Poverty is not healthy. Helplessness is the worst curse. Whatever you earning should control the money. Monet should not control you.

It is can never come out from the mad rush of accumulating more and more money. A wealthy person eats the same food, what you are eating. While eating also he/she is worried, always thinking that...he/she should not lose the money. Why, because they are always being ruled by money.
Control the money and enjoy...the food of life.

If you mind is in your control, if you are ruling your can control the money, money will not rule you. First...assess yourself. How much capable you things have moved in your life. Are you easy go lucky type or you have to struggle in your life?

How your life has moved with you get desired result or you do not get result at all. You are the best are the best teacher. You cannot lie to yourself. So judge yourself... and then plan your journey so, plan your per your capacity to earn money.

Strictly avoid liability...make assets. What is giving you return, what is giving you your assets, invest carefully. Read the market, understand the subject. What is giving you the only answer, for you fear of security.

Anything if you wish to make, you become restless...this is a good sign. But if your restlessness is with fear, will destroy you. Restlessness; excitement these are extremely positive vibrations...if these are the outcome of a meditative mind.

Ladies and gentleman, you can win any race in your life...if you are little conscious from the beginning. If you have missed a beat, do not worry. Begin here...Here and Now. The day you realize yourself; the day you start controlling your mind...wherever you are, it is never late. It is always better to catch early. Wherever you are awakening... morning is there.

Your fear of security...your love for earning money, is natural. It is not have to make it healthy. You must understand the need first. Judge yourself, judge your capacity. Then plan your life so.

Taking risk is wise. Taking risk, lured by something, without judging your risky, it may destroy you. So judge yourself first, weigh your plus and minus points. Get convinced first. Get rid of disturbances.

There is a thin line difference between disturbance and restlessness. Being restless is healthy...if mind is in your control, else it becomes disturbance. A disturb mind, will keep troubling you. Restlessness is excitement...unless you are excited. Unless meditation attracts you, you are sleeping.

You have to awake...judge yourself first. If you cheat yourself in judging, then you will remain cheated although your life. Destiny will cheat you. And you will blame your fate; you stars. You luck is in your hand.

Judge yourself...listen to yourself, what you are saying. How to listen to yourself? Understand...the techniques of meditation. Read books on meditation, consult masters, read whatever comes to your mind to know about the techniques of meditation.

Read this article. Understand this article, agree with not agree with it, do not read it. Do whatever comes to your mind. not meditate. Take a bath; sit down...concentrate on a particular object. Do not sit down... do not whatever is coming to your mind.

And during the process, during the journey...stay alert, anytime anything can happen. If still not getting the beginning, if still confusion is not do anything.

Become a mute spectator. Listen to your heart...heart is pure. God resides there. Listen what God is saying...understand what God is indicating. Suddenly you will feel...a very deep meditation is emerging inside you.

And the moment this happen; the moment you feel this great vibration...stay there. And this is techniques of meditation.


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life, Death and Meditation

Death is both an end and the beginning. Birth and death is fixed... it cannot be changed.

What is life? Life is an extension of your previous birth. After death you are born again. To take birth one has to die first. You have been assigned a duty by almighty...and you visited this planet earth. You are merely a visitor here.

Take a stroll in the lake... without getting wet. You are not are merely performing your duty.

This realization comes, after a deep meditation. Meditation is within merely have to realize it. And the day this realization comes to you...there will be no fear of death for you.

Life is so beautiful that you cling to do not want to die. The nature is blissful...fountains,bird's chirpy entire universe is so exciting- - how you can die? You have not drunk the bliss yet? Yet, you have to take a deep plunge into intoxication. How you can go? You do not want to die.

Charm of this material world has affected you so badly, that you do not want to die. It is natural...get affected.

It is contradictory.I have written above, that do not get affected. Accept the contradiction, do not analyze, do not fight...get affected deeply.

And this will be the beginning. Just now you have taken forward your first step... towards Salvation. Accept the contradiction, stay affected. You will realize are no more affected.

Accept whatever is coming to you,and you will not be affected. Ugly circumstances, tough times in life will not rule you. Charm of this life will not rule you.

'What will happen to my family, I have not saved enough money for them?' Each and every thing is destined. Each and every breath is fixed. Life and death is fixed. You are merely a visitor here.

Discussion and arguments will bring no results. Attachment, lust will not go. It will remain with you. And you will remain tortured, worried- - 'What will happen to my family, after my death?' 'How I can die, I haven't seen the life yet. Life is so beautiful. I do not want to die'. Such thoughts, such worries will keep disturbing you.

Your mind will always remain disturbed. And that is why many successful, affluent people remain disturbed; worried throughout their life, even after getting everything in life. So people keep saying that...satisfaction is no where. Satisfaction is within you...just look at it.

Being sensitive is good. Welcome your greed, carefully...become greedy. You must feel the pain and happiness. Indulge yourself in everything. Feel the bliss, feel the pain. Let the mundane feelings become a part of you, play with it. Control it, rule over it.

Nothing is left. Become Life, become the Universe.

You have absorbed it are no more affected. You are no more attached, with anything in life. Life after death is unknown. The more you try to know, the more confused you will become.

Can you measure the sky? Trying to know the unknown is futile. No one will ever come to know... what is life after death? Heaven and hell is within you. You merely have to realize it. Purpose of life perform your duty without being attached to anything.

 Reincarnation is a miracle...sometime it happens. Whether you are going to take another birth or not is unknown, nobody will ever come to know about it.

Sign of death do comes, sometime. Prophecies, regarding one's death do happen. But it is rare. Coping with death is accepting death, accepting life. It has to come, it has to happen.

Life and death is mystery, do not try to unfold it.

Attachment with detachment is the key. Your attachment with detachment is so powerful that it has become one. And now...there is no suffering, no attachment is left...nothing will affect you.

You have become a circle- - there is no beginning, there is no end. Life begins here; life ends here...accept it.


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fear in You

in Self Help / Stress Management    (submitted 2011-04-09)

Fear is the key.

When scared...stay there, move into it. Feel the vibration...stay scared.

Just now, you woke-up. You were in a deep sleep. A nightmarish dream keeps chasing you. You are numb. You are scared. For god's sake, do not do anything to come out of it- - just stay scared.

Think, you are blessed...this deep rooted energy, wants to come out. Allow it to come...let the energy flow at the surface- - Become the fear.

Something has gone wrong, in your life. Something is happening; against your wishes... you are loosing confidence. You have become a pessimist. You are refusing to take further risks.It is very natural.

You have to overcome fear. Do not get disappointed, and start searching the way to come of it. Desire of overcoming fear is natural.

Complete failure does bring depression. Fear is in the mind...control it.When scared...stay there.

Do not will chase you. Fear is very natural.You cannot get rid of will come again... accept it.
Fear is an energy...use it. You must know How?

Fear is an energy,flowing inside you- -wants to come out. And just now,an unfavorable situation in your mundane life has provoked it.

You are scared. You do not know what to do? You want to run...but you are unable to move. You want to shout,but you have lost your voice. The impact of fear is so massive, that you do not know what to do?

And this is the answer. Your ignorance; your inability to do anything, has got the not do anything. Do not move...remain scared. Move into your fear, with an alert mind. Keep your eyes open. Feel the fear, feel the depth...remain scared.

Look at the cause. Cosmos is full of different situations, which arouses fear in you. You are a part of this cosmos. Fear of death is very common...accept it gracefully when it comes. Every one has to go one day.

When, under the tight grip of fear... feel the fear, become brave, and it will open many ways for you. Fear, shakes your entire system...become the shake. Move into it...feel the sensation, stay scared.

Things are not happening, the way you wish... do not try to control it or do not try to change it, you cannot.

Fear of darkness, fear of height and fear of failure in exams, are very common. Some take a vouch, never to fall in love again.

Claustrophobia, is also one of the reason of fear...there are many. Fear of failure, stops you to move further...keep moving. You're cautious... alert movement will bring you closer to the reality. You will realize...fear is no more there.

You have become fearless. You are not scared now. You are ready to face other obstacles. When you become stronger, from inside, like a rock...nothing can defeat you.

And that is why; God has sent you, on this planet earth, to do your duty. God keeps putting obstacles, fear in your ways, and at the same time he is giving you courage, he is showing you the way, to come out of it.

Cast a penetrating glance, inside you...if your energies, negative or positive both, are under your control, you will feel relaxed. And this is the beginning...stay alert.You will feel blessed...your answer is within you.

And that is...Fear is the key.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Divorce, Meditation and You

Somewhere deep down... a great wind is blowing- - you are not aware of it. The solution is within are not aware of it.

Your mind is controlling you... you are not aware of it. You are always thinking.

Cling to each other when divorce is unavoidable.

•Take a deep breath
•Do not do anything
•The depth of the Ocean is within you.
•And the day you feel this depth, you will realize divorce is not needed.

You are going to marry someone, ask yourself a question...'do you believe in Trust'. Time is moving continuously... without bothering your suffering.

You are always being ruled by your mind. Mind is telling you the to divorce. Mind keeps telling you the methods...getting over divorce. And divorce how to decide...becomes the center point, for you.

It is always present. Start living in, present... start living in moments. Time keeps changing. Ratios of divorces are increasing every day. Fights between spouses... bitterness; doubts; infidelity; adultery and many other such things, are increasing everyday.

It seems to you, that divorce or separation is the only option left... to live in harmony, to live in peace. And you start planning, your process of divorce. How to divorce becomes your main concern.

You should always keep in mind that you are responsible... you have created a family. You have created a new world for you. Obstacles; misunderstandings miseries are bound to occur... face it. Do not run away.

Ask a question to yourself, before your marriage... 'Can you tackle the unpleasant situations, in a positive way?' If the answer is yes, go ahead... a new beginning is waiting for you.

You are happily married. Suddenly an ugly situation has come up... and it is at the verge of a breaking point. Take a deep breath, look into the situation. It cannot be solved. Do not try to solve it. Accept it as it is.

Do not opt for divorce, or separations... live together. Your acceptance will create a vision in you...and you will see- - miracle is happening.

Divorce touches the tender, delicate a vicious way. God has created them through are responsible. Give them a healthy a together.

When moving amidst difficult days... keep yourself at others place...and then, feel the reaction. Think, how you would have reacted, if you were in his/her place? You will realize... the solution is within you.

Separation or divorce might give you a convincing thought... that this separation will solve the problem. And you might come back, in a more healthy way. That never happens.

There might be a momentary relief... but the seed remained there. And it will come back, with double force...anytime. The very seed has to go.

Do not divorce, do not each other in swallowing the bitter pill. Accept the obscenity gracefully. Do not try to change, cling to will go, along with the seed.

'It is easy to advice, if you live in a similar situation, then only you will realize'...such thoughts might come to you. Again, do not try to stop it...allow it to come... absorb it. Ask a question, to yourself- -'who is the boss, you or these absurd thoughts?

You should command your mind, or your mind should command you? You are the boss. You will command. Do not become a slave. Do not allow few ugly circumstances to rule you and destroy your life... you are the ruler. You should rule.

And this is meditation.


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Friday, February 11, 2011

God- - Prayer of The Day

Verisimilitude can be deceptive; if mind is suspicious.

Sometimes blasphemy is the biggest prayer.

A nomad was wandering. Where he was going; what was his desire... he was not aware of it. Perhaps, no desire; no wish... senses were engulfed by oblivion, long ago.

After being forbade by a Maulana (priest); not to drink liquor in a Mosque (holy palace), because it is God's abode... a Shair (poet) once said-" Pine De Maula Shrab (liquor) Masjid (holy palace) Me Baith ker; Ya Phir Aise Jagha Bata Jahan Khuda ( God) Na Ho"

"O priest, let me drink liquor sitting here in this holy place, which is according to you is God's place, or suggest me a place where there is no God."

Universe is God... Believe is God...You are God...

God resides in you. God has no shape. And so is the method; the technique... to know about him-- has no shape. Prayer to God is divine; without any shape. Feeling has no shape. Believe has no shape. You can call it-- an accumulation of... Fragrance.

God of love can be felt; not seen. No one has seen wind... it is blowing continuously. Come what may, it is blowing. If it stops... existence; survival, these words, will disappear. If it stops... everything will stop; nothing will move; can anybody live without wind? No one has seen wind-it has no shape.

We are always being blessed. Have you ever worshiped; have you ever paid your obeisance or have you ever done thanks giving prayer to the wind... come what may; wind is blowing-Wind is God.

It has plus and minus both... nothing is left; it has absorbed everything. Sometimes it turns violent too. Indeed, that is disastrous. We go on finding reason... sometimes finding mistake in our self; sometimes accusing God, how ruthless he/she is... an answer is still being searched; researched.

Nature is God always protecting... oh my God; so many Gods.

God has given you limitless options to choose; daily devotional services are good; as per you belief. During, bad phase of your life; during hopeless situation of your life... Sun keeps shining... Moon keeps rising... wind keeps blowing. Even, mundane requirement of your own body; does not stop... it keeps demanding.

Whatever situation you are in... regardless of ruined state of your mind- mundane requirement of your own body keeps demanding... you are hungry you eat; you are thirsty you drink a glass of water etc.

You are always living through your mind, always thinking; always ahead-- never here. Mind should be satisfied; ego should be satisfied. Mind is very powerful.

Start living through you whole body... each and every part of you body is important. Look at the sea through your eyes... do not start thinking that you are looking at the sea.

God resides in you. Multiple situations; emotions are woven inside you. You are not aware of... ego should be satisfied-- you are never here; you are always ahead.

It is natural... during disaster; when injustice is forced; sometimes tortured death of esp. children occurs; when life is doomed permanently; and it starts appearing convincingly-- we accuse God... even sometimes we give him bad words.

It is natural... Blasphemy is the biggest prayer; sometimes.

Causes of injustice; causes of misery apart-Sun rays; Moonlight or Wind... reaches every where; without discrimination.

Verisimilitude can be deceptive... if mind is suspicious. One has to posses a strong mind. Come what may my belief in God will not shake. Come what may I cannot be defeated. Because you believe in yourself and... you are God.

Reasoning apart; seriousness of situation apart-- mundane requirement of your body, keeps demanding... during pain; you keep feeling hungry; you keep feeling thirsty.

The God who has created misery for you; same God has given you power to bear it.

You go on finding reason-'why me'?

Nature's mystery; controls life's movement. This mystery cannot be unfolded. This mystery is eternal... can you measure sky?

If you are not there, who will look after God? If God is not there...what will be the value of you yell, when hurt... oh God help me?

Deep feelings cannot be expressed through words... words are less when feeling is deep. A silent prayer is needed.

Jesus is silent. Buddha is silent. Mahavira is silent. Silence is power... God is silent; sometimes violent too-that is rare.

Silence is more powerful then atom. Have you ever seen a deity? A deity is silent.

God... The Creator has absorbed everything... nothing is left. And He is silent. And silence is within you.

Live through you entire body-feel the wind; look at the sea; look at the flower talk to a tree.

When in pain; do not move ahead; do not try to bear and pretend that nothing is happening to you. During pain... Become the pain; live with the pain, remain tortured; move into it-absorb the pain; absorb the torture. When tortured; remain there... do not avoid and start looking at the sea. You cannot do that- when tortured; remain toured... become the pain.

Good or bad apart, you must get affected first... unless you feel the pain-- how you will come to know about life... about God?

Become like a circle... this is our beginning; no end.

And when you have become like a circle, and when good and bad is same for you; and when it starts appearing to you that, it is a part of life... and when finally you realize... you are merely a tool; a witness... and when you feel a deep; very deep prayer is happening inside you, and when you feel... a great celibacy is happening to you, and when you feel a very great a very big; a cosmic shake is happening... become the shake; for God's shake do no move... become the shake, and you will realize...You are God...

God resides in you. God has no shape... Feeling is God... Believe is God.

PS: Prayer is within you...prayer is silent. Whatever method is coming to your mind, use it. And to know about one of the very imported way, how to remain in prayer here



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meditaion and Anger; Jealousy; Ego Greed

Meditation and Anger, Jealousy, Ego and Greed
Take a bath... Relax.

Ask yourself a question... Who is the owner, of your body? Who is the master, of your body? Who is the boss, of your body? Who is controlling your movements, is it your mind?

You have entered this planet earth with the seeds of multiple energies. Each and every energy has its own merit. Nothing is bad or wrong. It is up to you... how to use it. And, here lies the problem.

You are always being controlled by your mind. And your mind is full of these energies... Anger; Ego; Greed and Jealousy. Your mind says...'satisfy me'. And you go on doing that.

You should control your mind--You are the boss. This is difficult; usually it does not happen. And this is dangerous. Your entire problems; misunderstanding starts, here. Good or bad; right or wrong... confusion starts here.

Become the owner of you entire body... start controlling it. Do not allow your mind to control you... you should control you mind. Anger; Ego; Jealousy; Greed and desire-look at these energy with a positive look. Take it in an easy way... it is natural. If not handled in a proper can destroy you. You have to make it your positive energy.

Take a plunge... a very careful move. Enter into these energies...remain alert--do no get affected. You have to transform it into your positive energy... take advantage of these energies. Do not allow these energies to take advantage from you. In anger... become angry.

You should not harm others... when you are in anger; jealousy; ego or in a greedy mood. Remember, you are the master, you are controlling your body. your mind is not controlling you.You are merging into these energies... but you are alert. The more you try to avoid it... the more dipper you will get entangled. To merge... you are the boss. You have to decide.

If you are merging... you know how to come of it. Accept these energies into you; absorb these energies into you-it is already there inside you. Acceptance or absorbing will help you in controlling these energies.

Remember, anything suppressed with force, remains there; hidden somewhere deep down within you.
Acceptance; absorbing... anything, while remaining alert; awake... opens a very positive new vista.

Anger; Ego; Jealousy and Greed...these energies can be dangerous as well as friendly also. It you are being controlled by your mind these energies of yours will destroy you. Control your mind. And mindfulness happiness is here. The day this acceptance come to you; the day you realize that... you are the boss-you will create a new road for others too.

This is Realization meditation. You will become one... along with, your all energies... good/ bad; negative/ positive, all. And the day this oneness happens to you... The day you become one...negative/ positive good/ bad will become one.You will become like a circle... no end. This happened to Jesus. This happened to Buddha.

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