Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meditation in Love and Death- With Lust, Jealousy, Anger and Desire

Love and death is eternal... beyond Time....

Desire is the source... unless longing is there. There is a thin line difference between want and lust, sometimes in lust you might ask- - is it love?

When in love, become love... no purpose- - just love.

Lust is dangerous. When used correctly... want can become the bridge between Love and Death... both is eternal. There is no beginning no end.

Love in death is blissful. It is pure, it is healthy. It may seem that... love is the beginning and death is the end. To some extent it might be true. But if you penetrate little more, with a deep look within, you will find that... both are eternal... it is one. There is no difference. And want is the bridge.

Love is within you. You can never fell in love... you can only rise in love. The day you discover it, you will find your life is full of love. Everything will seem loving to you. Then lust, want, anger, greed jealousy will become pure, loving.

You have to transform these negative energies into positive energies. Life is full of negative and positive energies... you have to transform it. And this transformation is possible... if you are awakening, if you are alert.

And this awareness comes after a deep meditation.

You must know- - what is meditation. But you are sleeping. You are busy calculating your life. You are busy in achieving your target. You are busy in securing you future. You are busy in earning money... how you can secure your bank balance. And how you can love... you have not secured enough money yet.

And here lies the problem. Now love becomes lust, want becomes ugly, greed becomes negative, and anger becomes dangerous. And you start believing others advices... 'Look because of these negative, destructive nature in you, you've ruined your life.'

And now your pilgrim starts you star looking up-wards, for some divine help. You star believing in further advices to curd, suppress abandon these negative thoughts. And you start curbing it, avoiding it suppressing it.
After sometimes you feel relaxed. But again it comes back to you... and again the pilgrim journey starts, again curbing, suppressing starts. And you start believing... because of some sin in your previous birth... your are suffering now.

There is a basic difference between suppressing and merging. When anger comes... become angry. When feeling jealousy... become jealous. You are born with positive and negative energies. You can never get positive vibration... till you are provoked. And this provocation comes through... anger, lust, want and jealousy.

You have to merge, accept these negative energies, which are hidden within- - use it, transform it. Do never try to get rid of it... Accept it. But merge cautiously. While merging... stay alert. Anger, jealousy, lust, desire etc, these are dangerous, very fatal... they can ruin your life.

While accepting, while merging... stay alert. Do not allow it to become dangerous for you. Do not allow it... to rule you. Become your own master... become the ruler. Accept these negative energies.

You have to transform it; you have to use it, you have to purify it. These negative energies will turn into positive energies. While dealing with anger always remember that... to control anger... you have to merge in it, you have to transform it. This you may call a part of anger management.

Addiction to love is good... if you are alert, if you are merely merging. You will not be affected anymore... you will be wading through the lake without getting wet.

This stage is not easy to make. Anything, which is destructive, is very powerful... unless you become more powerful. And you can achieve this through Meditation. And what is meditation- become love... when you are in love. Is it love? This question will never come back to you the day- - you become love.

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