Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fate, Destiny, You and Techniques of Meditation

Ladies and Gentleman - you can win any race in life, if you are little conscious... from the beginning.

Ultimately it is going to happen... whatever you are destined for.

Methods you apply, tricks you avoid imagined or expected calamity. Expectation is a might happen, it might not happen. You are curious to know. You wait for the result. Sometimes you do become impatient...and that is natural.

How to store happiness, how to stay successful forever in advance...becomes you target. And it seems natural to you. Mostly people around you believe in the same way. So it never appears strange to you.

Have you ever visited a lunatic asylum? Everything appears natural to them. Because all are behaving, believing in the same way...there is no difference. You are an intruder there. You are mad in their eyes. Their visions are blocked.

This is what happening to you...a mad rush after money. The more you try to posses keeps sleeping from hand. The day this madness vanishes from your will find peace. You will become more confident in life.

Stop chasing the unknown. Money is extremely important. To win a lottery have to go and buy a lottery ticket. Make an have to earn yours and your family's living. You have to give them good education, a basic luxury.

Poverty is not healthy. Helplessness is the worst curse. Whatever you earning should control the money. Monet should not control you.

It is can never come out from the mad rush of accumulating more and more money. A wealthy person eats the same food, what you are eating. While eating also he/she is worried, always thinking that...he/she should not lose the money. Why, because they are always being ruled by money.
Control the money and enjoy...the food of life.

If you mind is in your control, if you are ruling your can control the money, money will not rule you. First...assess yourself. How much capable you things have moved in your life. Are you easy go lucky type or you have to struggle in your life?

How your life has moved with you get desired result or you do not get result at all. You are the best are the best teacher. You cannot lie to yourself. So judge yourself... and then plan your journey so, plan your per your capacity to earn money.

Strictly avoid liability...make assets. What is giving you return, what is giving you your assets, invest carefully. Read the market, understand the subject. What is giving you the only answer, for you fear of security.

Anything if you wish to make, you become restless...this is a good sign. But if your restlessness is with fear, will destroy you. Restlessness; excitement these are extremely positive vibrations...if these are the outcome of a meditative mind.

Ladies and gentleman, you can win any race in your life...if you are little conscious from the beginning. If you have missed a beat, do not worry. Begin here...Here and Now. The day you realize yourself; the day you start controlling your mind...wherever you are, it is never late. It is always better to catch early. Wherever you are awakening... morning is there.

Your fear of security...your love for earning money, is natural. It is not have to make it healthy. You must understand the need first. Judge yourself, judge your capacity. Then plan your life so.

Taking risk is wise. Taking risk, lured by something, without judging your risky, it may destroy you. So judge yourself first, weigh your plus and minus points. Get convinced first. Get rid of disturbances.

There is a thin line difference between disturbance and restlessness. Being restless is healthy...if mind is in your control, else it becomes disturbance. A disturb mind, will keep troubling you. Restlessness is excitement...unless you are excited. Unless meditation attracts you, you are sleeping.

You have to awake...judge yourself first. If you cheat yourself in judging, then you will remain cheated although your life. Destiny will cheat you. And you will blame your fate; you stars. You luck is in your hand.

Judge yourself...listen to yourself, what you are saying. How to listen to yourself? Understand...the techniques of meditation. Read books on meditation, consult masters, read whatever comes to your mind to know about the techniques of meditation.

Read this article. Understand this article, agree with not agree with it, do not read it. Do whatever comes to your mind. not meditate. Take a bath; sit down...concentrate on a particular object. Do not sit down... do not whatever is coming to your mind.

And during the process, during the journey...stay alert, anytime anything can happen. If still not getting the beginning, if still confusion is not do anything.

Become a mute spectator. Listen to your heart...heart is pure. God resides there. Listen what God is saying...understand what God is indicating. Suddenly you will feel...a very deep meditation is emerging inside you.

And the moment this happen; the moment you feel this great vibration...stay there. And this is techniques of meditation.


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