Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loneliness, Online Dating and Meditation

Journey towards celibacy is a lonely process.

You are not afraid, you are not scared. A very deep meditation can emerge, inside you, when you are alone. Absolutely nothing is there... let this meditation emerge... stay there, become the meditation.

You are complete when you are alone. Loneliness is bliss. This is the only moment when you are complete.

  • Your entire being comes to a standstill situation. 
  • Nothing is left aside. 
  • Positive points, negative points... you have absorbed both.
When claustrophobia takes over, when loneliness becomes oppressive... go for a dating. Now dating how, or how to online dating? To answer, dating how is... staying true. Do not cheat.
  • Stay the way you are.
  •  A very important thing in how to online dating is... do not get trapped, cheated- - stay alert.Keep your options open... stay like an open book. 
  • Keep your intentions pure. 
Someone is coming to you. Someone is going to take you out from your claustrophobic state. Someone is going to inject life into you? How to online dating... deal carefully.

Find out the authenticity. If the purpose is not true... it might become fatal for you. It might destroy you.

  • Stay alert, use your inelegance.
  • Do not cheat. 
  • Do not get cheated.
  • Keep your intentions pure. Keep it noble. 
  • Your intentions should look honorable.
  • Do not make it vulgar.

Dating how?

  • Make a simple sweet approach. 
  • Make your effort dignified.
  • Respect your partner's feelings.
And you can do this, in an extreme healthy way... only through meditation. And to meditate... you have to understand... What is meditation?

You should have a deep longing for it. Meditation teaches you... how to grief. How to deal with depression? What is loneliness? Yes you have to understand first... what is loneliness? Depression is ugly. When transformed into meditation... it becomes the source of a new beginning.

What is loneliness? Once into meditation... loneliness becomes bliss. Depression how to deal with? When depression comes... stay depressed. Do not go anywhere... feel the depth of depression. It will be transformed into your strength. And this is the answer... how to meditate?

How to online dating... look into the method with an open eye. Keep your intentions clean... approach with a clean heart. Show some respect. Meditation is a great answer, rather the only answer to... how to be happy in life?

Life is full of happiness. Even loneliness can become bliss... if you are into meditation. There is not much difference between loneliness and aloofness. Being alone, feeling lonely is OK... aloofness is dangerous. Never allow aloofness to come.

Aloofness takes your interest away from you. You are no more interested in anything. And if you are not interested, if you are not excited then... how you will meet, celibacy? How will you feel the depth of the ocean... which is very much there inside you?

Looking at the universe, if you do not feel excitement... you are not awaken. You are sleeping. Excitement is the key... curiosity is must. Aloofness is dangerous.

Something is wrong. Something has shattered you severely. Nothing is happening in your life. You have lost everything. You have lost interest in everything. This state is very dangerous... this is poison.

This can kill you. This can shatter you. You have to live... to fight. You have to fight... to get victory over such a dangerous situation.

How to fight... no strength left. Only one remedy is there, and that is... drink the poison, absorb the poison in you... digest the poison.And if you did this... this poison will turn into nectar.

Remain positive in life. And that can be achieved... when you are lonely, alone. One has to walk his journey all alone.

Universe is full of hard times, good times. Whatever you are destined for... it will come to you. You have to do your duty. And the beauty lies in... How you are responding.

Acceptance of adversity is bravery. When you absorb everything, negative-positive everything then it merges in you... it vanishes without living any trace.

And the day this happens to you, you will feel that... towards enlightenment, on the path of celibacy just now you have taken forward... The First Step.


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