Monday, January 7, 2013

Hope, Failure, Faith and Meditation

When acceptance becomes a compulsion; whether you wish or not you have to accept it…expression becomes expressionless.

How to express your grief; how to express you sorrow…stays as a question mark? What to do? Where to go, Church, Mosque or Temple?

And when religious places; your God comes under a question mark… what to do?

One thing is there, which is always there with you. And that is…your faith… where it comes from, that nobody knows. 

Well wishers; advisers keeps saying ‘do not worry, have faith in you; God is there with you’. They do not know; when God himself / herself is under mark of interrogation…what to do?  ‘Hoping against hopes’ theory comes to your rescue. 

Again the devastating situation is the same…what to do? Absolutely nothing is working; no techniques no method is working. Mr. Lee Iacocca has written in his autobiography that “There are times in everyone’s life something constructive is born out of adversity”. 

What will happen, when during adversity also…nothing takes birth? 

Disastrous situation simply refuses to buzz…what to do? You start believing in, certainly not your fault it is natural under the circumstances, ‘hope’ and ‘faith’. You are sure they will come to your rescue…Wrong, they don’t.  

You are not Super Human. We all are ordinary human being…who struggles hard to live his / her life as per their wishes; as per their nature. There is nothing wrong in that. 

Then who is troubling you; why you are not happy? What is there which is continuously putting hurdles on your way; what is that which in-spite of your educated hard labor not allowing success to meet you? 

What is that; which even Lord is failed to understand and solve? What is that?

You will never get the answer…you are knocking at the wrong door.

You do not have to do anything extra for it. Do not take any step further which might jeopardize you belief of having faith in you. And for god’s sake do not go and start finding the meaning in books; or anywhere outside in the universe. 
  • Do not run.
  • Stay here; wherever you are. 
  • Hope’ faith and meditation is very much here; in-side you. 
  • Your answer is here in-side you. 
False hope keeps coming to you…and there is no end. Actually this is your mind; which is taking you on a false journey, again ‘n again. Some of your desire; your wishes are not fulfilled. And you want it desperately. You have no means; you are exhausted…there is absolutely nothing is left for you.

Only one thing which never finishes is… your hope.  That is why it is said…’hoping against hope’. Now faith comes to you, to support you. And you start chasing the unknown…you start chasing you destiny, in an unknown direction.

Society and your own intellect keeps telling you....‘there is some mistake with you; either you do not have contact or you are not using it in a proper way. Some wrong step you have taken, that is why you are not getting success. But do not worry, keep hoping, have faith in you’. 

You are simply like a dead body, everything is finished. Your well wisher, you society, directly; indirectly, will convince you that...either you are not worthy of any kind of happiness or you must have committed some sin in you previous birth (I shall talk to you on this subject later)...that is why you are ruined in this life.

You are blamed; you are a sinner. Logic; knowledge; science; are used; causes of your failure is detected; answer is given …and matter is over. Lord is happy, he/she has given you the answer; your society is happy, they have detected the reason of your failure. You are still in a pain; in a ruined state.

You have to come out of it. When nothing is helping you; you have to help yourself. Forget everybody; forget God- help yourself…become God.

And that you can. You are very much capable of it. You are as normal and capable as others are. Do not let yourself get affected; first. Just keep on moving.

Whatever is coming to your mind do that. But be careful, here the situation is little tricky…you have to keep your mind healthy. If you are keeping your mind healthy; saving yourself from any kind of panic attack or anxiety…only healthy thoughts will come to your mind. You will see the light. 

You have to dedicate yourself for your cause; you have to be serious to come out successfully. You must get whatever you want from life. And if you are not getting your desired result…Just Pick It Up. It is yours

But always remember…Time runs too fast. Stay with the time; stay here. You will realize that you are moving with the time. Someone once rightly said, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’…you have to hurry up.  
  • Float; effortlessly. 
  • When you are chasing your goal…become the chase. 
And in never loose your heart...when nothing helps, when nothing moves. when God refuses to listen...cast a deep glance within will find- You are God...

And whatever you want from life…Just Pick It Up.  

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