Thursday, April 2, 2015

Meditation, Law of Attraction, Self-belief, and You...

And this is true- “The day, believing in you, you challenge the Universe; the entire universe becomes supportive to you”. 

You do not have to worry; that very moment, when you challenge the history, believing in you; you are the winner; you are liberated. 

Law of attraction attracts. Yes, attraction attracts. The universe attracts. The Nakshtra; the Stars attracts. Each and everything in the universe is deeply related to you. So, when in a deep conversation with you; when you whisper your desire to you, the entire universe listens this; and your desire is fulfilled. 

Law of attraction is true. But to attract; to pull the entire attraction towards you; you have to be powerful. You have to become powerful to attract the universe; you have to become powerful to compel the universe; you have to become powerful to compel the God; to fulfill your desire. 

This is not easy. Your wants has to be pure. You have to be pure. And, you can only be pure; when nothing is left outside; you can only be pure when you have accumulated, when you have absorbed in you everything’ good and bad’ beauty and ugly, negative and positive; everything, nothing is left outside.  

You have absorbed everything in you. It is not possible. It appears insane. Yes, it will appear insane to you; because you are not awakened; you are sleeping. It will appear insane to a larger part of the society; because your society is sleeping. If anything is perfect in this universe; that is this; which appears insane to you. 

To attract the Universe; to attract the law of attraction; you have to wake-up. 

Self-belief is a must; unless you believe in yourself. And to believe in you, you have to become powerful; strong. And to become powerful; strong; just meditate. Meditation opens all doors for you.  

When this realization comes to you that; who you are; that very moment you are awakened. This awakening, is realization of you. This awakening is the realization of your power. This awakening is self-belief. And this awakening comes after meditation. 

Nothing is needed; nobody is needed; no master, no Guru is needed. You are the master. And, you have to realize this that you are the master. 

When you become aware of you; you become the controller of you. And in that commanding situation; when you whisper to you, in a situation, where everything is silent; The Universe responses to you. Because you have disturbed the universe. 

That talking to you; that whispering to you, is the highest form of the meditation. Here you are talking; here you are whispering; but there is no words; there is no sound, only silence is there. And why this silence is needed when, you talk to you; because deep within you are silent. 

Your desire; your success; all your demands all will be fulfilled. Because here, you are in a conversation with the God. Here you are talking to the God. 

Here no words are needed. Because, here you are not talking; here your vibration is talking. And your vibration is pure; sacred. Because, you have become stronger; because now, you have realized the fact; that who you are. 

And, when you are attracting the Universe; when you are attracting The God; this Law of attraction works. Here, law of attraction responses. Your vibration, of your desire, your queries, your wishes, touches the Universe, and law of attraction starts responding to you. 

So, you have to talk to you.  Your answer is within you. You are the question; you are the answer. Your act of talking to you; is self-belief. And to become a winner; you have to believe in you. You are the question; you are the answer. 

After meditation; you realize that God resides in you. Hence, when you believe in you; and when you are talking to you; The God sits inside you; answers you.   

Law of attraction works. Believe in self-belief; have patience; become strong; talk to you; attract the universe; and, go win the race…