Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meditation; Here and Now...

And when those moments of ecstasy; when the fountain of nectar being exploded inside you, do not go anywhere thinking something, simply stay there...

Here and Now, you are surviving. You have taken birth now. Death will come now; you cannot die in your future; you are breathing now. Here and Now is important; everything happens here and now; there is no escape. Entire existence is based on Here and Now and they cannot be separated.

The most vital thing about your life, you have kept missing; you are never here and now; you are always somewhere else. Continuously your mind is either thinking; planning; or deploring, imagining something, you are never here; everything is happening in a moment; your entire life is here in this moment; this moment is so fresh; new, virgin; and you are somewhere else; thinking moving with your mind. 

Entire cell of your body is dead; not used. You are full time occupied with your mind; either setting a goal; to be achieved. Unless you achieve your goal how can you be happy? You have been taught to set a goal, life without a goal, without purpose, is useless. And the day you made your life a purpose to live; missing started. 

You kept missing life; and your life kept missing you. You could never understand realize your own life. You are busy setting a goal, a target, a purpose; unless you meet this you won’t be happy; you won’t be secured. This security is needed; unless you secure your life; how you will live? This always stayed a big question mark in your life; without a goal, without purpose how you can live. 

And certainly when you have to set a target, make a purpose, you will have to keep thinking, you will keep planning; which actually you have been doing all through your life; and you kept missing life.

Life is here, full of life; and you are searching it somewhere else in your future by setting a goal, making a purpose. The wind keeps blowing without any purpose, without any goal; the wind is blowing here and now; you are not here.

Life is continuously carrying a dead body of yours, because you in your future, amid dead things; thoughts planning goal, purpose. Life is the most beautiful gift from Almighty. Life is full of surprises; always new, Life is full of health, happiness, everything, which is always happening here and now, is moving ahead carrying your dead or sleeping body; you are not aware of it. 

Yes, you need to be awakened, to meet your life; which is yours. This awakening comes through meditation; meditation is the door; meditation is the key. Wake-up, do not sleep. Enjoy, to know life; to meet life; you have to wake-up; do not sleep. 

And to wake up, you do not have to do anything; you do not have to make any purpose, you do not have to set any target; you simply have to stay in a moment; effortless; simply float. 

You should always remember that doing is force; you have to do it; and your life; your happiness is effortless; here you do not have to use any force to live; you simply have to live without any force; effortless.

Staying in a moment is the key to happiness; meeting mystery every moment; watching mystery is being unfolded before you, without any force. Live in this ecstasy; watch this ecstasy; and stay; there when this ecstasy explodes all over you. 

And in this explosion of ecstasy inside you; you will meet your life for the first time. And when you are amid that meeting with life; stay  there; do not move, do not go anywhere; because that very moment you are going to witness something rare...that very moment, amid ecstasy, of the explosion; you are going to realize God inside you. 

Go ahead; start meditating, and while staying amid an explosion of The Ultimate God; all the best.