Monday, September 29, 2014

Mother; Meditation; You...

Mother is always felt. This feeling is within. The Mother might be painted. I have no words. I feel strange. I feel numb; I feel dumb; I might not be able to write on Mother. Here words fail me. To me; Mother cannot be described.

What one can write for Mother? Mother is beyond description. Any description is beyond expression. Mother is feeling. And this feeling is always touching you. And this touch cannot be expressed; at least through words. Mother is eternal; and eternity cannot be described.

Though you know that eternity is there; but eternity cannot be described; eternity cannot be measured. Mother is a Goddess. And Goddess cannot be described. You might describe God; you cannot describe Goddess. Keeping in her womb for nine months; nursing you; finally mother gives birth. And you meet existence in The Universe; for the first time. 

Mother feeds you; you did not know how to open your mouth. When you grow; your first duty is; you must take care of your Mother; like a baby. And if you are unfortunate; and could not take care; or looked after your Mother; then whoever God is there in The Universe; do never forgive Him/Her. 

Yes, you can do that; if you worship; if you surrender yourself to God; under extreme pressure; then some unfortunate time this moment come in your life; where you are entitled, you are capable; of not forgiving God. The Almighty might not be seeking your forgiveness; for His / Her unfortunate misdeeds to you; ignoring His / Her deeds; start ignoring Him/Her; start ignoring God.

Mother is everything. Mother is you. Enduring so much pain for you; drinking and digesting poison for you; she keeps smiling; no complaining from anyone; even from The Almighty. The Mother keeps smiling. The strength of a Mother has no match; simply unique. Describing Mother is not possible. The creator is Mother. Nature is a Mother. Your breath is Mother. Your very existence is Mother. 

Wherever you are going in life; you are carrying your Mother with you; Her image is always with you. Remember you are your Mother’s shadow. Whatever duty you have been given to perform on this earth; if you take care of your Mother and if you could keep her happy; think that your mission is accomplished; you are the lucky winner; thanks Almighty for giving you this opportunity; and helping you in performing this most sacred task. 

Yes, you're, the most sacred task is; to keep your Mother happy; under any circumstance, come what may, fights it out; and keep your Mother happy. Her happiness is your breathing; your life; you; yourself. Everyone has to go one day; after performing his or her task; when you go at least  this satisfaction will be with you that you kept your Mother happy; you looked after her; like a baby; like a father. 

There are many examples of blessed sons or daughters. A Mother cannot be compared; she is priceless. Everybody wants to be happy in his or her life; remember your Mother is your happiness. Mother is Meditation. A Meditation on Mother is considered to be the ultimate point of the meditation; just meditate on the concept Mother; and stay blessed. This blessing, which you receive after meditating on a Mother, is supreme; Mother is Nirvana. The Mother is the highest point of Mother; highest point of meditation. 

Enlightenment is Mother. Celibacy is Mother. Blowing wind is Mother. Your nourishment is Mother. The Mother cannot be described; no words; less words. How you can describe Mother into words; that is not possible. Yes’ this is true; Mother can only be felt; Mother cannot be described. You cannot measured sky; you cannot describe sky; how you can describe the sky. Mother is sky. 

They say; sky is the limit. I say Mother is the limit. The unlimited form of goodness; kindness is Mother. No one can pay back to his or her Mother; you simply cannot; this is beyond your means. You can just try to keep her happy; under any circumstance. Yes, Mother is priceless; there is no price attached. Mother possesses supreme power. 

I do not feel like stopping today; I do not know what to write today. Your very existence is carrying her with you; behave normal; feel blessed. And keep going on your journey ahead; marching ahead on your Path. 

Mother is beautiful. Beauty is Mother. Mother is strong. Yes; another name of the word strong; strength is; Mother. Mother is powerful. Happiness is Mother; Mother has many names. The Mother is the protector. Yes, Mother protects. Sometime when you are sick; and not getting cured; merely a slight touch can inject life into your existence; remember merely a slight touch; and that slight touch is divine. A slight touch from your Mother; and you are cured; no sickness can ever touch you again. 

When nature protects you; nature is Mother. Mother is supreme; Mother divine; or Mother Divine in the capital, there stands no question mark. There are many names for Mother. Feeling a Mother in an awakened state is bliss. Meditate on you; you are a part of your Mother. Mother is kindness. The Mother is the word Help. 

Mother is known; Mother is unknown. Mother is eternity; you go on writing; describing it won’t come to an end. If one end comes; another takes birth simultaneously. Description of a Mother is endless. That is why Mother cannot be described in words. 

I do not feel life finishing today; I do not know what to write today. Mother; Mother Hood can be felt; which is divine. Mother possesses supreme power. The most beautiful gift to you from almighty is your Mother Another name of Creation is Mother. I do not wish to stop today; I do not know what to write today; I do not know what I have written today. 

The Mother cannot be replaced. And when she goes finally; when she departs for her divine journey; after her death do not bother her; do not remember; and disturb her. Merely fragrance is there; collect it. Keep it with you; only fragrance; no memory; it might disturb her. Set her free do not hold her. Mother is divine. And divinity cannot be possessed. Possession is always claustrophobic; do not close. Do not hold her memory too tightly; do not possess her; when she goes; when she departs; set her free...

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