Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meditation; Wisdom; Morality; Character and You…

And to feel the flow of nectar inside you; you have to drink poison too; without any discrimination; with the same grace. Stay naked; and the life will touch you; wisdom will touch you; morality will touch you. But for that you have to stay naked; no clothes; no knowledge; no character. 

Only absolute nakedness will bring wisdom to you. And in order to understand you; forget wisdom; forget morality; stay amoral. You have to forget everything; drop everything; known, knowing drop everything. Let the Life touch you first; feel the touch; stay with the touch. Acceptance of everything; right; wrong; good; bad; holy and sin everything; acceptance of everything as it is, without any discrimination; is wisdom.

And to reach this state; you have to accept plus and minus both. You simply cannot differentiate without knowing what is right and what is wrong. What appears right to you might become wrong for others. It is difficult to choose; you have to accept both. And while accepting stay unaffected.

Living life as it is the way it is coming to you is the mantra. You have no other way. Morality; Character whatever you have learned from your surrounding drop it. When everything is dropped; when you are standing completely naked; no cloths; no knowledge; in that moment of nothingness Wisdom come to you; whatever is happening in those moments is wisdom; is morality. 

Till now you have learned a very different meaning of morality. If all are having good character what will happen to those with bad character; both are here; both are surviving; wind is touching to both of you; the wind never discriminates that you possess a good character so it will touch you only. Nature never discriminates. Nature is amoral. The greatest wisdom is with nature; and you are a part of nature.

You have to understand this first; you have to understand you first; know who are? You have been doing just the reverse; you have acquired knowledge what is good and what is bad; and then you are choosing good one; without knowing what is good and what is bad. This choosing the path without knowing is the problem. Ignorance is certainly not bliss here; you have to know; and this knowing only will open many doors for you. 

Your division between right and wrong is false; even after understanding you start giving too much load on character; wisdom; morality. And life becomes dull; meaningless; without any color. To make life more colorful, which life actually is, you have to accept all; life as it is without any decimation; accept life as it is. Your acceptance of life as it is; is wisdom; morality character. Life is unique. 

Life itself possesses everything; you have to recognize it; you have to realize it. And this realization comes through meditation; meditation is very close to life. 

You have taken birth with gifted power; only you have to recognize this power in you. You possess everything; you do not have to borrow anything from outside; you have everything built inside you. Self-realization is must; and to realize self; meditate. Meditation is powerful; to realize it...touch it once; seriously.