Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life, Death and Meditation

Death is both an end and the beginning. Birth and death is fixed... it cannot be changed.

What is life? Life is an extension of your previous birth. After death you are born again. To take birth one has to die first. You have been assigned a duty by almighty...and you visited this planet earth. You are merely a visitor here.

Take a stroll in the lake... without getting wet. You are not are merely performing your duty.

This realization comes, after a deep meditation. Meditation is within merely have to realize it. And the day this realization comes to you...there will be no fear of death for you.

Life is so beautiful that you cling to do not want to die. The nature is blissful...fountains,bird's chirpy entire universe is so exciting- - how you can die? You have not drunk the bliss yet? Yet, you have to take a deep plunge into intoxication. How you can go? You do not want to die.

Charm of this material world has affected you so badly, that you do not want to die. It is natural...get affected.

It is contradictory.I have written above, that do not get affected. Accept the contradiction, do not analyze, do not fight...get affected deeply.

And this will be the beginning. Just now you have taken forward your first step... towards Salvation. Accept the contradiction, stay affected. You will realize are no more affected.

Accept whatever is coming to you,and you will not be affected. Ugly circumstances, tough times in life will not rule you. Charm of this life will not rule you.

'What will happen to my family, I have not saved enough money for them?' Each and every thing is destined. Each and every breath is fixed. Life and death is fixed. You are merely a visitor here.

Discussion and arguments will bring no results. Attachment, lust will not go. It will remain with you. And you will remain tortured, worried- - 'What will happen to my family, after my death?' 'How I can die, I haven't seen the life yet. Life is so beautiful. I do not want to die'. Such thoughts, such worries will keep disturbing you.

Your mind will always remain disturbed. And that is why many successful, affluent people remain disturbed; worried throughout their life, even after getting everything in life. So people keep saying that...satisfaction is no where. Satisfaction is within you...just look at it.

Being sensitive is good. Welcome your greed, carefully...become greedy. You must feel the pain and happiness. Indulge yourself in everything. Feel the bliss, feel the pain. Let the mundane feelings become a part of you, play with it. Control it, rule over it.

Nothing is left. Become Life, become the Universe.

You have absorbed it are no more affected. You are no more attached, with anything in life. Life after death is unknown. The more you try to know, the more confused you will become.

Can you measure the sky? Trying to know the unknown is futile. No one will ever come to know... what is life after death? Heaven and hell is within you. You merely have to realize it. Purpose of life perform your duty without being attached to anything.

 Reincarnation is a miracle...sometime it happens. Whether you are going to take another birth or not is unknown, nobody will ever come to know about it.

Sign of death do comes, sometime. Prophecies, regarding one's death do happen. But it is rare. Coping with death is accepting death, accepting life. It has to come, it has to happen.

Life and death is mystery, do not try to unfold it.

Attachment with detachment is the key. Your attachment with detachment is so powerful that it has become one. And now...there is no suffering, no attachment is left...nothing will affect you.

You have become a circle- - there is no beginning, there is no end. Life begins here; life ends here...accept it.


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