Friday, August 22, 2014

Meditation, Stress Release, Imagination and You...

Amid adversity when nothing works imagine that nothing happened and you are happy. 

It can boost your confidence in a remarkable way. Though it might not be true, your imagined situation is merely a hallucination, but this hallucination can become your prayer. Prayer is unique; sometimes false notion turned into a prayer and it might work like a miracle. 

For the first time; your prayer taken shape of a myth, is answered. God moves in a mysterious way; with a mysterious smile on his lips; this smile is meaningful; it knows everything. 

Imagine; your prayer is answered through a fake imagination; nothing happened, that too when you are amid deep adversity. A fake situation, created by your mind, has given you the miraculous result; and it saved your life. This fake imagination, as if nothing happened to you amid deep adversity, becomes your real prayer; indeed surprising. 

This incident tells many things about your life. Your life, too, is full of mystery; instead of unfolding this mystery accept life as it is. Your acceptance is powerful. You have to become very strong; you have to be strong enough to accept life as it is. And this strength; this toughness comes through meditation; meditate. 

There are many techniques for meditation; pick up any techniques suiting your personality. One by one all mysteries will be opened before you. This is the best way to release your stress. Stress in life can become fatal. There are many stress release techniques. 

Accepting your adversity as it is without making any choice is, meditation, bravery. It shows your guts. And it shows the real path. This is the way to lead your life without any stress forever.  Imagining something, which in reality you are not; that false notion of yours brings a momentary confidence in you; remember this confidence is momentary, in flicker it comes, stay alert, your happiness lies in that flicker; that very moment can bring a miraculous change in your life. 

Things, situations, feel, which is not true, can change your life; through a simple imagination. There are many things in life which appears false; but a great life, a great strength lies behind it. To recognize this, stay alert; do not sleep.  Live in moment, embrace the universe; a tight embrace; and feel the Divine inside you; all the best.