Saturday, September 13, 2014

Meditation and Believing in Unknown…

The most strange and unknown part of this Universe is, your entire answer is lying in unknown; what is not known is holding your secret. 

The supreme power; The Creator is unknown. Your entire move in your life is not known; what is going to happen the next moment is unknown. The mystery, the secrecy is not known. And you are born with a mind so powerful that it keeps controlling you; and your mind keeps telling you what to do and what not to do. Your mind keeps telling what is good and what is bad; and in spite of possessing such a powerful mind the secret is unknown to you. 

Who ever has created this universe, or whatever way the existence of this universe came to the surface is not known? You believe in science; you believe in God; you believe and your disbelief apart, the Mystery has been yet not known.

This is unique; the more mysterious this universe becomes the more beautiful it appears. Whoever has created this universe; or whatever way this universe came to the surface apart; this universe keeps challenging you; accept the challenge. And while accepting the challenge;stay alert; awaken. The more you try to unfold the mystery the more mysterious it becomes; hence, stop trying to unfold it; simply enjoy the mystery. 

This unknown is beautiful and powerful; nobody can invade.Let it stay as a mystery. Believe is unseen and believe is powerful; you believe in anything; the very word believe makes you more handsome; you believe in God and that give you a feeling if security; you need to be secure; and at this point your trouble starts. 

You do not believe in God,or if you do not believe in anything; you should realise that you do not believe in anything is your belief in disbelief; you believe in disbelieve.

Death and Birth have not known you. Your own body is not in your control; your hunger is not in your control; your thirst is not in your control; when you feel hunger or when you will feel thirsty is not known to you? 

Believing in unknown comes to your rescue when you are amidst rough wind. Believe comes naturally to you; effortlessly.  When nothing works; believe works. The power of the universe knows everything. Patience is another unique and extraordinary powerful arm to you. 

You go for a prayer without knowing anything about God. Forget everything and start communicating with you; self talk, self communication is important. This communication with you holds the secret. Every answer, all answers to this mystery are lying inside you. 

You are the most precious gift to this universe; and to realize this; meditate. Through meditation you realize you. And though you start communicating to yourself; and when amid deep communication with you, without words; without religion; without education, ask you the secret of Power of those believing in unknown; and you will see the mystery is being unfolded before you; deep within you.