Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Anger, Youth, Meditation, and You...

And unless you are provoked; and unless you are disturbed; and unless you are angry; how you will fight; against tyranny; against the ruthless decision God...

You are angry. Thanks to the cause which has caused anger in you.  

A provocation was needed; an indication was made. You were provoked; and anger came to the surface. Thanks to the cause which caused anger in you. Now, be careful; if used in a wrong way this anger can be fatal to you. Your anger can destroy you. 

You are fearless; if you are ready to face challenges. Accept your anger. Welcome your destruction. Fight your mishaps. Challenge your misfortune. 

Challenge God. Fight with the God. Refuse God’s beg. Fight for your right. Fight for your destiny; a fight, which you are destined for. Remember your efforts; remember challenges you have faced in your life. Remember the hardship you went through.  

Stay with blasphemy. Your fight with God, which is blasphemy for others, is sacred for you. This so called blasphemy, is your biggest prayer. Because, your this fight with God is sacred. Because, your intention is sacred; pure; virgin. Refuse God. Fight for your right. And if you are not getting it; just pick it up. It is yours.

Your mission is destroyed. Your dreams were broken. Your entire life; your every desire; your fight; your cherished dream; you yourself; were cut to pieces. You are finished. Unruly fate; time; luck; your God destroyed you. Your luck; your fate; your God snatched, destroyed each and every happiness of yours.

And this causes anger in you. Refuse God. Refuse fate. Refuse luck. Accept the challenge. Use your anger. Make your destiny. Achieve your goal. Complete your duty. Refuse God’s dictate. This is your life. This is your duty. This is your fight. Win it.  Use your anger. Anger is powerful; use it. 

You can use your anger to your benefit; if your anger is in your control. If your anger is controlling you will be destroyed; nothing can save you. Mind control is a must. And you can do it. Youth is powerful. You are young. Use your youth. Once you missed your youth; you will miss everything. 

To use your youth; to control your anger; you must meditate. Meditation makes you powerful. Meditation opens your eyes; you are awakened. And once you are awakened; you will understand, you will realize what anger is. If used in the right way; your anger can become your greatest strength. You must learn how to use your anger to your benefit. 

And unless you are provoked; and unless you are disturbed; and unless you are angry; how you will fight; against tyranny; against the ruthless decision God...

You have to fight. You have to win. If used in a right way; your anger can become your power. Now what is the right way to understand anger; power of youth? The answer is within you. 

Nobody is going to help you; nobody can help. You have to fight your battle all alone. This is not easy to fight alone. You have to uphold the tremendous power in you. 

This power comes to an awakened mind. With an awakened mind you can understand the positive power of your anger, with an awakened mind you can understand the power of youth. You should understand this; youth can be eternal; you can stay young; you can hold youth forever. 

You have to be awakened. And awakening comes through meditation; meditate. Whatever hurdles comes; disturbance comes; do not interpret; allow it to come and; just meditate. 

And the day you are awakened; the day you understand anger; the day you come to know the secret of eternal youth; that moment onward you will realize that; just now; towards your destiny; you have taken forward; The First Step…


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meditation Techniques and You...

And someone asked me; yesterday; What are the best meditation techniques? You are the best meditation technique. You are meditating; you are meditation technique.

There are many meditation techniques; chose one best suited to you. Start doing meditation. start practicing meditation. Though, meditation is not a force; you do not have to do meditation. Meditation happens; let it happen.

In the process of doing something; something happens. Hence, you should start practicing; doing meditation.

Words are the problems; it ends soon. before, you express yourself what exactly you want to say; time sleeps; and mistake is done; contradiction is created. Like Meditation happens; it does not need any outside force to be performed; but then too to start meditation you have to do meditation. here the word 'do, don is a problem.

Stop thinking about the problem. Start solving the problem. Start doing meditation. Meditation opens all doors. Meditation is the best way to self realization. You have to realize you; you have to realize who you are? And your answer is in meditation.

There is a difference between concentration and meditation. Mostly, people take concentration as meditation. 

In concentration, you concentrate on any one object. and while concentrating on any one object you are missing others. In meditation there is no missing point. In meditation all are included. Nothing is left behind; or neglected. In meditation all are included. 

And in understanding life; in understanding you, nothing should be left behind. All are included. Good and bad; plus and minus' all are included. Meditation is you. 

You are a whole. You cannot be divided into parts. Like that meditation cannot be divided into parts. To understand life; to understand you; just meditate.