Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meditation; Life; Death; Celebration; and You…

Life and Death; both have to come; celebrate both. Accept, Life and Death; as it is, no alteration no adding is required, just accept as it comes to you, as it is; and celebrate.

When acceptance, becomes a compulsion; your wishes apart; you have to accept it; then the word Expression loses its value; loses its to express? 

How to express this is a big question mark? Life happens; Death happens; there is no other way; you have to accept. Whatever form it is coming; you have to accept. When there is no choice; when everything is preset, pre designed; and when nothing is left to you; then Accept. 

There is millions example; where it is said; that you can design your life the way you wish; and to prove this statement examples are sighted; to convince you. And after getting convinced you start your journey to set your life; if you are successful, it is all right and, if you are not successful, then you are devastated, your life is finished; it is ruined.

Where was the mistake; now another journey starts; you start finding your mistakes, so that you can take note of it and next time you will not commit this mistake. Fine you are satisfied now; you found out your mistake, you have corrected it. Again, with a new vigor; your next journey starts…and when the end come; you are at a total loss.

What to do; to live such a beautiful life you have to make so many efforts; just to live your life happily. Your result is out; and when your death come and stand before you; then that time you might realize that so much chaos you created all through life; for what? 

Have you died happily; satisfied? And it is yes for you; you think you have performed your duty correctly; you have made savings for everybody; you have settled everybody’s life; now you are happy, and now you can happily die.

And continuing that moment; another thought strikes you; ‘are you happy’; did you live fully each and every single moment of your own life; have you ever laugh with full laugh; did you ever talk to the wind; did you ever converse with the nature; and finally; you could really make others satisfied, happy, settling into their life? 

When you could not live a single moment of your life; when you could not settle your own life; how do you claim that you have made others life happy? Duty; scarifies these are ugly words. You cannot live for others; how you can live for others? You can only live for yourself. 

Everybody come with their own destiny; future; you cannot alter it. And you have spent your entire life in altering others life; and your own life kept passing by; unnoticed? You could never understand; you never felt your own life; how will you celebrate life; how will you celebrate death?"

Yes, life is a celebration; Death is a celebration. You have to accept both as it is; the way they are coming to you. And the day this understanding comes to you; then, whatever way your life and death is coming to you; it will not affect you. You will be far ahead; untouched.

And that particular untouched moment of your life, where you are untouched from mundane happening, is your real life; full of health; full of life; do not miss it; live it fully. 

That is the moment of nirvana; this is possible through Meditation. Meditation disrobes you completely; and it is necessary. Unless your entire structure, which is false; full of duty, sacrifices, etc. unless this is taken away from you; unless your knowledge which you have gathered till now is taken from you, nothing will happen. You have to be disrobed completely first; and meditation does this job with perfection. 

Your entire structure has to be shaken; and when this shake happens then only you can feel the shake inside you; which is a great shake. Go with that shake, which is happening, inside you; and you will find yourself; celebrating your life; you will find yourself celebrating your death. 

Here is continuous celebration is your life; inbuilt. This celebration of your life consist of everything; good and bad, sin and holiness, beautiful and ugly, plus and minus everything is consisted in proportion; correctly measured; you do not have to do anything. You do not have to do anything; you do not have to add anything; without your permission correct measurement of yours is being taken. 

And on my journey ahead; I came across something very interesting; which will help you when you are practicing Meditation...  

Almighty is a unique scientist; without your knowledge, without your permission He / She has taken the correct measurements of yours; you do not have to add anything extra; you have to simply float in it; with total acceptance. Be there in your life’s celebration; and when death knocks at your door; it will be another beautiful celebration for you; all the best...