Friday, March 13, 2015

God, Meditation; and Fear in You...

"Yes, Fear is the key. Welcome fear; if it is coming to you out of any reason inside you; and stay thankful to the cause which has generated fear in you. When in fear stay scared. Look at your scared situation; If fear is an obstacle on the way of your success; then take the fear along with you; talk to your fear; hey fear, why are you always so scary; silly". 

And the God came. Nothing is working in your life; you are helpless; lost all hopes. Did everything; you repeated doing everything; now no way is left; nothing has left, which you will do to settle yourself in your life, and to be happy. But none of your effort; prayer yielded any results; so far in your life. God comes; you have lost faith. 

God keeps coming. God keeps smiling. Your result, the situation is the same; total disaster. God keeps smiling. What to do? First forget God; then accept God. Do nothing; keep sailing; keep floating. No effort; no risk; just keep floating; staying alert; awakened. 

Fear has to come; it is natural, nothing to worry about. If fear does not come; then something to worry about; some serious problem is there within. Fear comes. It is natural. Welcome you fear. It is simply an energy; which is scary.

Sometimes fear takes you close to the God. You meet God for the first time. Yes; this way; fear is the key. Through fear you could understand; who you are? This realization, who you are, came to you through fear. Fear can bring many positive results to you. You have to be awakened. And for that; start practicing meditation. Among many techniques of meditation; chose one for you; and, simply meditate. 

Techniques of meditation might differ; but the result is same; all roads end at the same place. If you are not awakened; if you are not alert; then your fear might destroy you. If your fear starts ruling you then you are destroyed. But if you are alert; if you are awakened; then you can use your fear for your benefit.

You have to rule you. You have to become your own master. Your mind has to be in your control. You have to become powerful.  You can control the universe. An awakening is needed. And it is simple; how to be awakened. Just Meditate. 

Meditation is looking within. And the day you look within; your all answer is there. Life is beautiful. Life is a mystery. 

How to become successful and happy; this answer is within you. Why it is within you? And if it is within you; then why there is so much unrest; worries; miseries around? Then why, panic attacks are there? This is because you are sailing in a wrong direction. 

This is because; you do not look within. You never look within; because it never strike you. And for the few people who came to know that the answer is within, for them, they do not believe in it. Because; the answer that everything is within, this answer is so simple. And for them, people who have come to know that the answer is within, simplicity they do not believe in. 

Things which are more complicated; difficult, unanswerable; those situations they enjoy. And, almost every person has become like this. And, precisely this is the reason of so much misery; unrest in your life. 

Life is beautiful; simple. And to get something different from it; you have made your life complicated. Literary; you have destroyed the beauty; of your life. Thus the reason, why fear is dangerous. This is the reason, why out of fear you hesitate, or you do not take any important decision of your life; at the right time. And that is why it is said; decisions taken at the right time, right decision makes your life. 

You have failed to recognize this. Because you are not awakened; you are sleeping. You think that you are awakening. You think you are walking; you are eating; you are maintaining your family. You think that you are doing all mundane things successfully; and it proves that you are awakened; it proves; that you are not sleeping.

Remember here; you think that you are awakened; this thinking is the problem. You think; that you are eating your food; and this thinking is the problem. Do not think; just eat. It is simple; just eat, do not think that you are eating. 

Stay there; wherever you are. Do not start roaming in your future. The future never comes. There is no future. Can you eat; can you perform your mundane duty in your future? And the answer is simple; you cannot. This thinking is the problem. This thinking takes you to some unknown place.

Your mind keeps reminding you that you are on the right track. Result every false, dead things starts appearing real to you. Your mind is dangerous. The mind is very powerful. Your mind becomes dangerous; because you are making your mind dangerous. You are being ruled by your mind. Your mind starts ruling your mind.

You start ruling your mind' and see the difference. This ruling your mind is not easy. And this is the reason why you are scared amid fear. Fear is just energy; it is up to you how you are taking it.

And to use the power of your fear in a positive way, right direction; start controlling your mind. And to become the ruler; and to control your mind you have to realize your power; which is flowing within you. 

For that you have to look within. You have to accept simplicity. Because, like life; the art of looking within is very simple. To look within; just meditate. 

And when you look within; you will find God there; smiling. And, even if you are amid fear; you will get the answer; why God is always smiling…

Ashoka         .