Saturday, July 18, 2015

Meditation, Freedom, Circumstance, and You...

And, unless you become confused; you will not realize who you are?

Your life starts; after a confusion. 

You have to pin the Volcano of nectar, inside you. You have to refuse the God's dictate; if God denies you freedom. God has set you free. Because, only in freedom; you can talk to The God; you can converse with you 

When acceptance becomes a compulsion; whether you wish or not, you have to accept it; 'Expression', loses its meaning; how to express?  

If, you are not free, you cannot move on. Without freedom you are living a dead life. And this is what has happened to you, since ages; you are living a dead life; The most surprising part of it that; you never realized this; that you are living a dead life; till now. You do not know; how to express? 

This acceptance is not out of your choice; it is an unavoidable compulsion; by circumstance. Circumstance; plays an important role in your life. 

Time, Person and Place; these three factors in life are important; one has to move so, there is no other way. And these three factors are not in your hand; you cannot mold it, per your convenience. 

You have to pin the volcano, of the nectar inside you. You have to make an attempt to pin the volcano. You agreed also; and you were about to pin it; suddenly at the spur of the moment; that very second, something unexpected happened; and you could not pin it; you back. And, now you are waiting for another opportunity to pin it. 

You are aware of this fact; that there, there inside you is sitting a volcano of nectar, and you have to pin it. Sometimes; it happens, things do not move the way you wish it to move. You have to wait for the right time, the right opportunity. 

This is also true, that sometime, you spend your entire life in waiting. And in spite of knowing the fact, that you have to pin the volcano, you could never pin it, because of the unfavorable circumstance. And this way your entire life you have wasted in waiting. 

The universe moves in a mysterious way. It cannot be unfolded; this code cannot be decoded. And, you have to move out from this compulsion grip, of the circumstance. Freedom is your right. This is beyond your power, you cannot get freedom. But, come what may you have to get freedom. This, 'have to' move out from the grip of circumstance, is important.

You have to understand the need of moving out; from the grip of circumstance. You have to become powerful. Become more powerful than your unfavorable circumstance, or from your bad luck. Refuse, to accept the undesired dictates, of the circumstance. 

You are independent. You are happy. Become restless. You have to refuse God's dictate. You have to get what you want from the God. And for that; you have to understand you first; you have to understand, you want. You have to understand; do you really deserve it? Are you really capable of handling it; when The God grants your desired result to you? 

You have to be honest with you. And it is difficult, honest with you. Because you are in control of your mind. Your mind has been ruled you, continuously deceiving you; luring you in a wrong direction.

Your mind is telling you to accept the fact; that you deserve it. When reality is; that you do not deserve it. And this is the place when you come under the grip of Circumstance. 

You are the circumstance; you are the want; you are the giver; you are the taker. You have to realize this. This realization is self-realization, Consciousness, awareness. This awareness comes through meditation. 

Realizing life; realizing you, comes through meditation. And through meditation, a time comes, when you realize this supreme fact; that you do not need meditation.

And realizing the fact, that meditation is not needed; comes through meditation. Meditation might seem confusing to you. And unless you become confused; you will not realize; you; your life starts; after a confusion. 

And to come out of the grip of Circumstance; and to lead a free, independent life; you have to realize you. You are born very powerful. You are the best creation of the almighty. Almighty, has equipped with you all kinds of necessary devices. 

You do not have to go somewhere to learn it, Keep floating with the moment; staying awakened; stay alert; Keep your eyes open; do not sleep; look within, and come out from the grip of Circumstance. You have led a compelled life, all through your life. 

The most shocking part is; you never realized this, that you are living a dead life.

You never felt the touch of a passing wind. You never realized; just now, a fragrance coming out of a beautiful flower has entered you; you never realized this. 

Nature is showering its blessings all over. Not realizing this; you are somewhere, in your future.

To feel free; to live free; you have to come out of this grip of the Circumstance. And that coming out is possible; only through you. No God; no prayer will help you. Only, you have to help you. 

Your mind can create miracles. The only method you have to learn is; how to use your mind. And that is possible. To come out from the grip of the Circumstance; to live a free, independent life; The only way is, you have to use your mind. 

Way of thinking differs from people to people; what works for others might not work for you. Hence, to use your mind; to break the chain; to come out of the grip of Circumstance; to breathe free; cast a deep glance within. 

And when you look within, you will find; the God is smiling there, and you will hear that She / He is saying that; "now on; freedom is yours; take a breath, lead a free life"...