Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Meditation, Life and You

It is a feather touch…have you ever felt; experienced, that your Life is touching you?

When you reach the state; where you can feel, where you can hear the sound of silence, hidden within you, you will feel that, Life is touching you.

It is an unique experience; and when you experience this…nothing is left to desire for. Your life is an unique gift to you; which Almighty has given you. You have to drop everything; your ego, your desire, your anger, your greed everything you have to drop…stay necked; sacred. And in that condition where you have dropped everything; your life starts touching all over.

This state comes when you are free; free from everything; desire, ambition lust everything. When absolutely nothing is left…Life starts; enter the touching, and stay there. That is the beginning…to experience the most beautiful gift which you have received from the Almighty.

Till now, you are you have been sleeping. Till now you have been living through your mind. You have to start living through your entire body; let each and every part of your body perform its task. Your entire being is divine. 

Your entire creation has embraced everything; good and bad, right and wrong, holy and sin everything; your entire being has accumulated everything. Good and bad, right and wrong, holy and sin everything is inside. What is right and what is wrong; what is holy and what is sin that answer is within you. That’s why I say we all are unique creation of Almighty. 

Whether humanity was created on sixth day, or on the very first day; before all creation…that answer is within you, that answer is also hidden within you. 

You have to look within, to find out, and it is not easy. It is not very difficult. It is very simple; just look within. Yes, cast a very deep penetrating glance, and you will find your answer is lying there. You are always searching you future; you keep roaming in your future, you are always in your future. And future is false; nothing is there…it is always here and now. 

It is always moment; life is here; your entire search is here…and you are in your future. You are always thinking; planning something. Next moment what is going to happen you are not aware of; and you are searching your happiness in your future. This is absurd. 

And to feel; to experience the touch of life this absurdity has to go. This touch of life is beyond your morality; beyond good and bad; right and wrong. 

This touch of life is beyond sin and holy. This touch of life itself is God; hence stop searching God in temples; churches; mosques. Cast a deep glance within; and you will find that deep within you are silent…that silence is spiritual. 

And when you are in that silence; you will feel that your life; your entire existence is touching you, and that very feel of that touch is God.

You are an unique creation of God; and to feel, to experience this…just look within; cast a deep penetrating glace within…and you will find your answer; Touch of life is God. 


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