Monday, April 14, 2014

Meditation, Stress, Panic Attack, Anxiety, Alchemy and You

When in pain…become the pain. 

Regular exercises give amazing results. Mostly, when you are under heavy stress; you try to avoid it. You start concentrating on other things; to divert your mind. You go to a counselor…to get rid of your stress. Continuously you try to find out ways to get rid of your panic attacks, or your anxiety. The more you try to get rid of it the more it will stick to you. 

Sometimes it might appear to you that finally it has gone. But no, it has not gone, it is there somewhere inside you, waiting for the opportunity to hit you back again. It has to be transformed…like alchemy. Alchemy is a wonderful process…it is reality. It is like…whatever is, is. 

This is the process. This is the way The Universe moves. Go with the universe. Go with the nature. If you have taken birth; stress, anxiety, panic attacks etc. are sure to come. So, move with the nature. 

And before you start your process of moving with the nature…Meditate. Meditation is the only way which shows you the right way to move with the nature. Alchemy shows you the way, how transformation helps in moving ahead…without stress. A healthy body is important. So…become the pain, when in pain. Accept your problems; just accept, do not try to solve. 

  • Take a deep breath within; exhale, through your mouth. 
  • Stay calm; it is a part of life; anxiety do comes…accept, do not run away.
It is a very simple process…just accept wholeheartedly. You do not have to do anything extra. The simplest process, is the answer of your worries.  You do not pay attention…because, it is so simple, what it can do; how it is going to help me? You start thinking. Simplicity is the only answer

Live your life as it is. Whatever is coming to you, let it come, do not stand in the way…let it come, accept. The more alert; awaken you are, the more benefit you will start feeling. 

Doing nothing is the most difficult task to perform, perform. 

  • Do not run away.
  • Do not ignore; your ignorance won’t be a bliss here. 
  • Just float…and feel the miracle happening to you...effortless. 
Your entire being is blissful; you have to be aware of it. And this awareness is possible, only through Meditation, Meditate

Remember, in a state of bliss…stress, panic attacks; worries…do come. But in a blissful state you are aware of the method, how to take it; how to cure yourself. Whatever situation you are in…stay there, do not move; do not run away, do not think…simply stay there. All the best. 


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