Monday, September 22, 2014

Meditation; Eldorado; and You…

Somewhere in your imagination; somewhere in your dream; there exists your Eldorado, you are there; you do not wish to come out; but the dream was broken; and you found yourself lying on your bed; sweating. 

Somewhere in your dream you saw an amalgam of your desire; the real you found in your dream. You were there; till you were dreaming; and that is important. Whether it was a false notion; or it was a dream; or it was a hallucination; whatever it was, important part of it is that; you were there. 

At least in your dream you were there. In real life you are never here; you are continuously thinking. Your mind is alive, taking you somewhere; you are dead. You are never here; that dream of yours was better; at least you were there.

When you awake; when the moment you met reality; the moment you met real you, you started missing the real you, you started missing the point; you were somewhere else thinking about your dream. And perhaps that was the moment...The Universe was created. 

And that’s why there are so much unrest around you; because you are continuously missing you. Unless you realize you; how you will come to know the real meaning of your life? How you will come to know; whether, really there exists any Eldorado? 

Yes, Eldorado exists. And there are endless Eldorado is living alive inside you in reality. But for that you have to look within. And that is the problem; how you will look within, there is no time; you are busy setting your goal; you are busy achieving your target; you are busy planning your future. 

What is going inside you you are not aware of it; what is going to happen next moment, you are not aware of; and you are busy planning your future unknown to you; you do not know whether there exists any future or not, you do not know; because you are busy planning for the unknown. 

This is tragic; and this is the reason; why there are so many tragedies around. You have made your life a tragedy. For peace; for happiness; you have to come out of it; you are dreaming when you are awake; and you are meeting reality when you are sleeping; this is strange. 

Meditate; start doing meditation. Meditation will help. You have to be awakened; and for that meditate. Eldorado exists; you can live there; you can feel Eldorado; that too when you are awakened; not in your sleep; not in your dream; in reality you can live in Eldorado. But for that you have to be awakened. 

Now the question arises; who will awake you? And the answer is you; you will awake you. And this unique realization comes through meditation. Eldorado in not imagination; Eldorado is not a myth; Eldorado is a reality; and that reality is inside you. Just cast a deep glance within; and find Eldorado in happening; alive there.