Friday, July 25, 2014

Meditation, Death, Fear, and You...

'Fear is the key'... 

Unless you are scared; you will not come to know about life. Scary feelings carry many things. Fear creates a desire in you, to believe in you, to know the unknown. Fear provokes you for many things. 

Your dead system, inside your body, starts functioning; out of fear. You are scared to death; and this fear will bring you closer to death. And the day you come closer to death; the reality of death will be unfolded before; for the first time. 

For the first time you will encounter your own death. And when you are standing before own death; face to face; you will realize that; death is nothing to be scared about; it is all about celebration; it is just the beginning of another life. 

You will learn the reason, and the art of celebrating your own death; out of fear. That is why it is said; ‘Fear is the key’. 

Fear is the key for the unknown; which is very much within you but you never realized it; because of your ignorance. 

What is that which you’re not aware of; and what is that which is hidden inside you? That is a reality about you; who you are? That is the secret of awakening. That is the secret of happiness. That is the secret of Life; what life is. That is the state of Nirvana’ Liberation, which is hidden inside you.

And your fear brings you closer to that. But instead of getting scared, an running away; you have to welcome your fear. Talk to your fear. One anecdote- ‘one day midnight, or early morning, I do not remember, I felt someone, or something very heavy is sitting on my chest. It was too strong. I felt extremely uneasy. I do not remember exactly; but it seems it was trying to strangle me. It was too strong; I tried to move, but I could not move. I asked; who are You? If I can help you in any way tell me; I shall do that so that you can get liberation; or looking at my condition if you can help me in moving out from bad days; then you help’. After this brief asking, there was quietness; nothing happened anymore.

If you welcome your fear and try to explore it, when you are amid fear, that what it is, many answers will be unfolded before you. So, never run away from your fear; always welcome it. Accepting, whatever is coming your way is the best way to lead your life. 

The moment you start choosing the way suiting you; the moment you try to mold your life way; trouble starts. 

To reach this state where you are not scared of your fear rather you are ready to welcome it is not easy. It needs awareness. If you are not aware; you cannot reach this state. And to become aware, there is a very simple method. And that method, which leads you the ultimate place of awareness, and that live your life in a  moment; stay with moments

Meditate. Meditation is the way. Do; whatever techniques are coming to you for meditation. Whatever is coming to you is real for you. So, accept whatever is coming to you; and meditate. Meditation teaches about the techniques; how to drop the ego; how to become ego less; how to control over your existence. 

And the day you become aware of you; instead of getting scared, you will start talking to your fear. And the day you start talking to your fear; the reality of your life will be unfolded before you; and instead of fearing your death; you will welcome your Death.


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