Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Meditation Techniques, Desire, Hope, and You...

And someone, somewhere; talking to the Almighty, murmured; ‘If you cannot fulfill our desire; why do you give this (desire) to us’? 

Another person said; ‘If you are giving us heart, then do not give us a desire; I am fed-up now, with a heart’s desire; it keeps desiring’. 

Some said, ‘When you are fading-up’; God listens’.

Looking at the sky; you are asking for your desire to be fulfilled. Sky; there is no end. You are asking the vacuum. And that is why after not getting any result; you become frustrated. 

But, then again, something is left in you, and that is; you start hoping against the hope. And this goes on. Hoping against the hope; and your end comes nearer; you do not lose hope; still you are hoping. Your end is near; visible; and you do not lose hope. 

This is madness Come out of it. Do not look at the sky and ask someone. Do not achieve either. There is nothing to achieve. Do not achieve anything; achievement is in the future. And, the future never comes. 

You are here. Do not look at the sky and ask. Forget God. Do not ask. Simply get. Whatever you want to get; get it. How? 

Understand first what; what you are asking for. Understand first; who you are. And the day this understanding comes to you; rather, the day you understand you; you will get your answer. You will come to know about God; who he/she is?

Till now you are in darkness. Let the morning happen. Let the Sun come out. Till then wait; have patience. Your end is near and still you are hoping. This darkness has to go; you have to wait for the morning. Meditate. 

Only meditation will open doors for you. Meditation techniques differ; pick one. Here you can chose. All are good. Meditation techniques differ; but all reaches the same destination. 

Meditation techniques differs’ but all takes you the same place; where morning is happening. Till then wait. How to wait? Meditate.

You must desire. Desiring is not a sin. You should desire. Let the desire come. Keep your hope alive. But do never live on your hope. Hope is another factor; which gives you strength to fight. But do not live in hope.

Desire is natural. First desires come, and then hope come. Both are important. You have to come out of it. Whether you are getting your desired result or not; whether your hope is bringing result to you or not; live your life. 

Life is beautiful. Enjoy the beauty of the Life.  Desire; hope these factors keep coming to you. If God is not full filing your desire; forget God. Now the question arises that if God cannot give your desire result; then who will give? You will give. This is the answer. 

If God is not helping you; then, who will help you? Help yourself. And the day you start helping you; you will start getting your desired results. Do not believe in this statement; practice this. If you do; you will get. Then you do not need anybody; to help you in distress. 

You are the help. You are the hope. This understanding is important. This is awakened state. And this awakening comes after meditation. You have to realize your strength. You are tremendously powerful. You can create an atom. You are powerful. 

The day you recognize your power; God will not come in between. If you can desire; if you a hope comes to you; then, you can get your desired results too. Capacity of desiring; capacity of hoping indicates; that you are tremendously powerful.

Human being is the unique and the best creation of the Almighty. You are the best. Your question is in you. Your answer is in you. Stop running. You do not have to go anywhere. Everything is here; within you. 

Only this realization that this is within you has to come. Till it comes to you; till you are awakened; you have to wait for the morning. 

You have to wait for the Sun to come out. Till then wait; Meditate…