Saturday, July 18, 2015

Meditation, Freedom, Circumstance, and You...

And, unless you become confused; you will not realize who you are?

Your life starts; after a confusion. 

You have to pin the Volcano of nectar, inside you. You have to refuse the God's dictate; if God denies you freedom. God has set you free. Because, only in freedom; you can talk to The God; you can converse with you 

When acceptance becomes a compulsion; whether you wish or not, you have to accept it; 'Expression', loses its meaning; how to express?  

If, you are not free, you cannot move on. Without freedom you are living a dead life. And this is what has happened to you, since ages; you are living a dead life; The most surprising part of it that; you never realized this; that you are living a dead life; till now. You do not know; how to express? 

This acceptance is not out of your choice; it is an unavoidable compulsion; by circumstance. Circumstance; plays an important role in your life. 

Time, Person and Place; these three factors in life are important; one has to move so, there is no other way. And these three factors are not in your hand; you cannot mold it, per your convenience. 

You have to pin the volcano, of the nectar inside you. You have to make an attempt to pin the volcano. You agreed also; and you were about to pin it; suddenly at the spur of the moment; that very second, something unexpected happened; and you could not pin it; you back. And, now you are waiting for another opportunity to pin it. 

You are aware of this fact; that there, there inside you is sitting a volcano of nectar, and you have to pin it. Sometimes; it happens, things do not move the way you wish it to move. You have to wait for the right time, the right opportunity. 

This is also true, that sometime, you spend your entire life in waiting. And in spite of knowing the fact, that you have to pin the volcano, you could never pin it, because of the unfavorable circumstance. And this way your entire life you have wasted in waiting. 

The universe moves in a mysterious way. It cannot be unfolded; this code cannot be decoded. And, you have to move out from this compulsion grip, of the circumstance. Freedom is your right. This is beyond your power, you cannot get freedom. But, come what may you have to get freedom. This, 'have to' move out from the grip of circumstance, is important.

You have to understand the need of moving out; from the grip of circumstance. You have to become powerful. Become more powerful than your unfavorable circumstance, or from your bad luck. Refuse, to accept the undesired dictates, of the circumstance. 

You are independent. You are happy. Become restless. You have to refuse God's dictate. You have to get what you want from the God. And for that; you have to understand you first; you have to understand, you want. You have to understand; do you really deserve it? Are you really capable of handling it; when The God grants your desired result to you? 

You have to be honest with you. And it is difficult, honest with you. Because you are in control of your mind. Your mind has been ruled you, continuously deceiving you; luring you in a wrong direction.

Your mind is telling you to accept the fact; that you deserve it. When reality is; that you do not deserve it. And this is the place when you come under the grip of Circumstance. 

You are the circumstance; you are the want; you are the giver; you are the taker. You have to realize this. This realization is self-realization, Consciousness, awareness. This awareness comes through meditation. 

Realizing life; realizing you, comes through meditation. And through meditation, a time comes, when you realize this supreme fact; that you do not need meditation.

And realizing the fact, that meditation is not needed; comes through meditation. Meditation might seem confusing to you. And unless you become confused; you will not realize; you; your life starts; after a confusion. 

And to come out of the grip of Circumstance; and to lead a free, independent life; you have to realize you. You are born very powerful. You are the best creation of the almighty. Almighty, has equipped with you all kinds of necessary devices. 

You do not have to go somewhere to learn it, Keep floating with the moment; staying awakened; stay alert; Keep your eyes open; do not sleep; look within, and come out from the grip of Circumstance. You have led a compelled life, all through your life. 

The most shocking part is; you never realized this, that you are living a dead life.

You never felt the touch of a passing wind. You never realized; just now, a fragrance coming out of a beautiful flower has entered you; you never realized this. 

Nature is showering its blessings all over. Not realizing this; you are somewhere, in your future.

To feel free; to live free; you have to come out of this grip of the Circumstance. And that coming out is possible; only through you. No God; no prayer will help you. Only, you have to help you. 

Your mind can create miracles. The only method you have to learn is; how to use your mind. And that is possible. To come out from the grip of the Circumstance; to live a free, independent life; The only way is, you have to use your mind. 

Way of thinking differs from people to people; what works for others might not work for you. Hence, to use your mind; to break the chain; to come out of the grip of Circumstance; to breathe free; cast a deep glance within. 

And when you look within, you will find; the God is smiling there, and you will hear that She / He is saying that; "now on; freedom is yours; take a breath, lead a free life"...


Monday, July 13, 2015

Meditation, Hope, and You...

Catharsis was about to lose its value. happiness was giving a petulant look to the mundane crisis. Evangelism, fading away gradually in eternity; looked at the breath; a faint smile came. Still, hope is there; he was breathing. When everything is lost; hope keeps you awaken.

And, when you are awakened; any moment the lightning can happen. Hope is strong; it gives you a reason to live. Under any circumstance; hope survives. Whether you are hoping against hope; or your hope is false; you are finished completely, your this hope is shallow; it does not matter. What matters is; Hope is alive.

And the rejuvenated system of yours; bounced back to life. And, out of no where music started playing; once again. This is the most beautiful challenge to your adversity. Yes, this is true 'never say die'. You are surviving; you are breathing; and, so is your hope.

Hope is meditation; it gives you a meaning to live with. your shadow might leave you; just to prove that slogan right, that 'sometimes, even your shadow deserts you', but, you have to move with your breath. Do not ask for forgiveness; don't be silly, you have not done anything wrong. It's merely your much deserving right, which you are opting for; you should have got it long back.

If happiness is not coming to you; stay happy. Stay happy under any circumstance. Certainly, this state of of being happy under any circumstance; is not the acceptance of your miserable life; you are merely laughing amidst adversity.

You have to be little careful here; it is tricky. The God is tricky; she/he keeps playing merciless tricks with you, just to judge you; whether you are true to your demands or not, whether you really deserve your asked demand, or you do not deserve it.

It is She/He who keeps you happy even in your adversity; just to test you; that, if you are happy, if you are satisfied, even this mediocre way of your life, then you deserve this kind of life; you are made for this kind of life; you do not deserve a luxurious, successful life.  

What you deserve; you get. If you are laughing amid you adversity; without surrendering to misery's dictate; and if you are continuously challenging God; saying, that though you are laughing, it is certainly not acceptance of this mediocre life.

If you are continuously challenging God; proving your worth, yelling at Her/Him, that, "though, you are in misery, amid adversity, still you are fighting to come out of it. You are restless here. Continuous tortures  of yours (almighty) could not deter me, could shake my faith in me. Though, you (God) have compelled me to live in this kind of miserable life; yet, I have not become habituated, to these kind of miserable, poor; amid poverty, defeated, mediocre life".

"I am a King, I am a winner; and I have proved it a million times to you. Yet, though deprived of all kinds of happiness; I am deserving this kingly life; full of luxury; successful life. O God; O creator of all; you have made me a King. You have made me rich in nature. You have given me a royal nature; how can you ask me to live in misery; amid poverty; a mediocre life"?

"And in the process, on the path of my journey towards you; you (God) have snatched all happiness from me; yet I am not used to live this kind mediocre life, which I have been compelled to lead since ages; till now".

"Without being malicious towards any body; O God; I would like to draw your kind attention that; there are people who are satisfied with their life, whatever you have given them; they are happy with their mediocre life. They say that you have given them bread and butter and they are happy with that; they are thankful to You. I am not".

"I am not happy; merely with bread and butter. I need chicken; and this thought; you have given me. You have made me in this way. Now, after this prolonged failure, you (God) kept putting obstacles in my ways. You (God), kept destroying all my efforts. And without any complains to you; I am still fighting for my rights; for happiness".

"Now, the very life is going to an end; any moment. O God; O creator of this Universe; wake-up and bestow your kind smile upon me too".

And, after your this conversation with your God; keep fighting; keep asking for the chicken; keep fighting for your right. When you die; either people will say 'a winner has gone', or they will say 'a hero; a fighter is gone'. Never give-up. Hope keeps you alive; and you keep your hope alive.

Hope is powerful; it injects life into you. Get what you want from your life; but first judge yourself. Judging yourself; is not an easy job. The power, of judging yourself; comes through meditation. Keep making an effort, to get what you want from life.

Meditation opens all doors. Whatever techniques of meditation come your way, use it, and meditate.

Compulsions apart; whether it is coming to you  by little unfavorable wind, or these compulsions are coming to you by your bad luck, or God is testing you; have faith in you; keep faith alive in you And, if you really deserve it; nothing can distract you. Allow you hope to keep you alive...


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meditation, Money, Frustration, and You...

Jiffy ago; Life emerged, unscathed, smiling, once again; after being drowned in the vortex of harsh irregularities of life; perhaps, I do not know, caused by few unfavorable, unknown negative power.

And it seems;  I am loosing the grip once again; and everything is coming to a standstill, once again, and life is moving too fast once again, and the end is near, once again, and one poet is crooning somewhere, once again, that "Almighty has granted only four days; out of those, two days have spent in desiring, and the rest two days is spent in waiting"!

And finally a compelled God is asking a question; once again-, "What do you want"? 

And, gathering my shattered wits, I am answering the God, once again. Without wasting the time in lamenting, and searching the reason of my disastrous failure, either in me, or in the stars, or in fate, or luck; without blaming anyone; I am busy detecting new opportunities; from where I can breath fresh; and I should come into the life victorious; once again.

And I got it. And I am answering God's query, once again- 'Dear God, out of those four days, which you had granted, two is wasted in desiring; but dear God, rest two days are still left untouched; you have not finished my breath, yet!

Dear God, with all my wit, wisdom, knowledge, education, efforts, my prayer to you, I wish to make those untouched two days; as a jumping board, towards eternal glory. 

Dear God, Sir, my only problem is, time is running too fast, and those untouched two days are about to be finished any moment; in waiting to receive your glorious smile bestowed upon me.

Hence, Dear God; whatever breath I have left in this life; let me live; as per my nature; which is given by you'.

The only serious problem is; the end is hurrying near, and your well defined efforts are crashing, one after another. Yet, you have the vigor; you have the stamina, you have the capacity; but this finishing of ages is coming near too fast; what to do? Simply, do never give-up; hit hard.

The God is not listening. The God is busy creating blocks, on your ways. If I were the creator; I would have picked up the happiness. If the results were in my hands; I would have started meditation, long back. Meditation is rich; for the rich. 

Money is important. Money, certainly plays an important role in our life. If you are hungry; you cannot meditate. Basic needs of your life have to be secured; under any circumstance; effortlessly. If you are using too much effort in acquiring your basic needs; then how you will enjoy life? And the result is not in your hand.

Actually, nothing is in your hand. It can be contradictory also; life is full of contradiction. To get the solution; you have to be confused first. The more you try to accumulate money, wealth; happiness will keep avoiding you. And precisely, this is the reason that there are many rich people, they are not happy in their life.

The basic problem is money. Again, here I am contradicting myself-'Money is important; Money is the problem'. That is why I said; 'The life is full of contradiction'. Money is the problem; because you have devoted all your life in accumulating money. And you kept avoiding life. 

Life is walking along with you; side-by side-by side. You are not aware of it. Life is inside you; and you are not aware of it. You breathe all the time; and you are not aware of it. You are busy; you are focused; in accumulating money.

When you will accumulate sufficient money; then one day you will become happy in your future. You are going to be happy in your future, after accumulating money. This greed for money will destroy you; has destroyed you. I have seen very less satisfied people around me.

Meditation is here. You are here. Life is here. Past is there; which is gone. The future is imaginary; you can imagine your future. By the time you enter your future; it becomes Now. Here and Now; the rest is dead.

Life is here. Health is here. Happiness is here. Sorrow is here. Success is here, Failure is here. Stay with moments; move along with the time. Stay awakened; do not sleep on laurels. Accept life. Accept failure; keep moving with life.

Do not carry harsh feelings. Because, if you are carrying the harsh feelings, you are carrying a dead feeling. because, this harsh, sad feelings of yours were in life in your past; those moments you have crossed. Do not stand there in your past nursing vengeance; that moment is gone long back; you are here.

Life is here. Happiness is here. You are here. Stay with life; stay alive, with you; Here...


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meditation- everything is here, inside you; where are you going...

Just now, right here; your self is creating a history inside you; where are you?

You are busy; searching your security, in your future. 

If you are coming to me; I too will say- 'First of all; forget your knowledge, whatever knowledge you have acquired so-far, forget that; forget your books; out of which you have derived your knowledge. Forget your religion.  

Whatever you have learned, whatever you have known till now; you have to forget that. 

You have to forget your religion, you have to forget your church, you have to forget your temple, you have to forget your mosque; you have to forget your religious places, you have to forget your holy books, you have to forget your religion.

You have to be shattered; you have to be broken into pieces

And then, when absolutely nothing is left; except naked you. Then, in that situation of nothingness; in that situation of zero;  I shall, with a feather touch, slightly push you; so that you can dive; you can take a deep plunge inside you.

And when, you will come out, after taking a deep, very deep plunge inside you; in those moments of ecstasy, total silence, whatever happens to you; that is your knowledge; that shall be your religion, that sacred silence is your God; that will be You. 

The light of that knowledge; which will appear inside you amid that celestial silence, drink that elixir; remember drink, do not keep in your mind.    .  

You have to drink that that sacred light; which appeared inside you during that absolute silence. Let that light still inside you in every pore of you; let it spread all over you.  

If you will keep it in your mind; then again any mad man will publish it; he will make it another religious book; and then, again a new religion will take birth. And again, the same world, full of chaos; will continue. 

If you let that sacred light spread all over inside you, then from each and every pore of your body; from you, a fragrance will come out. 

And passing wind; carrying that fragrance into its embrace will be scattered all over around you; and will touch all people; standing around you, within range. 

I am asking you to drink that sacred light (knowledge); and if you do so; then, in that ecstatic moment of nothingness; there will be an explosion of silence inside you.

And when this sacred ecstasy of silence explodes inside you; become that explosion.   

And out of that explosion only one sound will be emerging out; from you; whispering into your ears continuously- "AHAM BRAHMA ASTU; I AM THE CREATOR".