Friday, February 11, 2011

God- - Prayer of The Day

Verisimilitude can be deceptive; if mind is suspicious.

Sometimes blasphemy is the biggest prayer.

A nomad was wandering. Where he was going; what was his desire... he was not aware of it. Perhaps, no desire; no wish... senses were engulfed by oblivion, long ago.

After being forbade by a Maulana (priest); not to drink liquor in a Mosque (holy palace), because it is God's abode... a Shair (poet) once said-" Pine De Maula Shrab (liquor) Masjid (holy palace) Me Baith ker; Ya Phir Aise Jagha Bata Jahan Khuda ( God) Na Ho"

"O priest, let me drink liquor sitting here in this holy place, which is according to you is God's place, or suggest me a place where there is no God."

Universe is God... Believe is God...You are God...

God resides in you. God has no shape. And so is the method; the technique... to know about him-- has no shape. Prayer to God is divine; without any shape. Feeling has no shape. Believe has no shape. You can call it-- an accumulation of... Fragrance.

God of love can be felt; not seen. No one has seen wind... it is blowing continuously. Come what may, it is blowing. If it stops... existence; survival, these words, will disappear. If it stops... everything will stop; nothing will move; can anybody live without wind? No one has seen wind-it has no shape.

We are always being blessed. Have you ever worshiped; have you ever paid your obeisance or have you ever done thanks giving prayer to the wind... come what may; wind is blowing-Wind is God.

It has plus and minus both... nothing is left; it has absorbed everything. Sometimes it turns violent too. Indeed, that is disastrous. We go on finding reason... sometimes finding mistake in our self; sometimes accusing God, how ruthless he/she is... an answer is still being searched; researched.

Nature is God always protecting... oh my God; so many Gods.

God has given you limitless options to choose; daily devotional services are good; as per you belief. During, bad phase of your life; during hopeless situation of your life... Sun keeps shining... Moon keeps rising... wind keeps blowing. Even, mundane requirement of your own body; does not stop... it keeps demanding.

Whatever situation you are in... regardless of ruined state of your mind- mundane requirement of your own body keeps demanding... you are hungry you eat; you are thirsty you drink a glass of water etc.

You are always living through your mind, always thinking; always ahead-- never here. Mind should be satisfied; ego should be satisfied. Mind is very powerful.

Start living through you whole body... each and every part of you body is important. Look at the sea through your eyes... do not start thinking that you are looking at the sea.

God resides in you. Multiple situations; emotions are woven inside you. You are not aware of... ego should be satisfied-- you are never here; you are always ahead.

It is natural... during disaster; when injustice is forced; sometimes tortured death of esp. children occurs; when life is doomed permanently; and it starts appearing convincingly-- we accuse God... even sometimes we give him bad words.

It is natural... Blasphemy is the biggest prayer; sometimes.

Causes of injustice; causes of misery apart-Sun rays; Moonlight or Wind... reaches every where; without discrimination.

Verisimilitude can be deceptive... if mind is suspicious. One has to posses a strong mind. Come what may my belief in God will not shake. Come what may I cannot be defeated. Because you believe in yourself and... you are God.

Reasoning apart; seriousness of situation apart-- mundane requirement of your body, keeps demanding... during pain; you keep feeling hungry; you keep feeling thirsty.

The God who has created misery for you; same God has given you power to bear it.

You go on finding reason-'why me'?

Nature's mystery; controls life's movement. This mystery cannot be unfolded. This mystery is eternal... can you measure sky?

If you are not there, who will look after God? If God is not there...what will be the value of you yell, when hurt... oh God help me?

Deep feelings cannot be expressed through words... words are less when feeling is deep. A silent prayer is needed.

Jesus is silent. Buddha is silent. Mahavira is silent. Silence is power... God is silent; sometimes violent too-that is rare.

Silence is more powerful then atom. Have you ever seen a deity? A deity is silent.

God... The Creator has absorbed everything... nothing is left. And He is silent. And silence is within you.

Live through you entire body-feel the wind; look at the sea; look at the flower talk to a tree.

When in pain; do not move ahead; do not try to bear and pretend that nothing is happening to you. During pain... Become the pain; live with the pain, remain tortured; move into it-absorb the pain; absorb the torture. When tortured; remain there... do not avoid and start looking at the sea. You cannot do that- when tortured; remain toured... become the pain.

Good or bad apart, you must get affected first... unless you feel the pain-- how you will come to know about life... about God?

Become like a circle... this is our beginning; no end.

And when you have become like a circle, and when good and bad is same for you; and when it starts appearing to you that, it is a part of life... and when finally you realize... you are merely a tool; a witness... and when you feel a deep; very deep prayer is happening inside you, and when you feel... a great celibacy is happening to you, and when you feel a very great a very big; a cosmic shake is happening... become the shake; for God's shake do no move... become the shake, and you will realize...You are God...

God resides in you. God has no shape... Feeling is God... Believe is God.

PS: Prayer is within you...prayer is silent. Whatever method is coming to your mind, use it. And to know about one of the very imported way, how to remain in prayer here