Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Investment, Finance and Meditation

Investment and Finance makes the journey comfortable ..start little early. 

Take the risk. Accept the challenge. Do not run away in panic...Education is important. Financial literacy is a must.

Now the question arises- If you are literate, if you are financial literate...why to take risk?

Results are unknown. You wait for the result...keeping your fingers crossed.

A financial literate mind, a well planned strategy, a careful assurance to your desired result, and mostly you get it. If you are not financial literate... result is always a gamble for you. You might win, or you might lose. Though whether you are financial literate or not...situation is same everywhere.

If you are literate, your waiting for the result in a healthy atmosphere...mostly you will not lose.

Mind, always play an important role. Mind can become fatal too, if it indicates towards a wrong destination.

Any investment, whether it is Bank Investment, or it is Africa is risky. You might lose, you might not lose.

Mind is extremely powerful. You can use it in a smart way...if your mind is in your control. And if you are in control of your mind...your so-called well wisher, will tell you- 'I was telling you Investment is risky, but you did not listen, now see you have lost everything'.

Ignorance, not knowing, an uneducated Mind is risky...not Investment. 

Your Mind teaches you financial literacy, your Mind solves your problems. Now the question is- how to develop a healthy mid, and make use of it in a productive way?

Here, the answer lies in the question- to use your mind in a productive have to keep your mind in your control. Now, how to control. ones mind? The answer is ...Meditation. Now... Meditation how?
Again the answer is lying in your mind...whatever ways are coming to your mind, use it. Use it carefully...stay awake- apply it honestly.

Meditation is a state of...Total Surrender. 

Finance lobs, Financial Institutions, how and where to invest...these all things are interrelated. Ultimately everything... Bank Investment; Africa investment; where to and how to investment, what to do, to get a finance job, how to find a finance institution, what is alternative investment etc., almost every question; everything you can solve, or you can turn it in your favor...if you have a healthy mind.

Meditation is a state of total surrender... against whom? Where to surrender, and how to surrender? And what is this surrender?

  • Talk to yourself 
  • Do not think
  • Do not apply any tricks
  • Lie or Sit motionless 
  • Whatever is coming to your mid, allow it to come
  • Do not fight with yourself
  • Stay Awake
  • Do not sleep
  • Breath deeply         

Try this. After some time, you will feel a new light...emerging in-side you. And this is the moment...hold it.
You will feel a new power...your mind is in your control.

Now concentrate on your financial education, concentrate on your investment. Whether you are investing in stocks, or you are investing in mutual funds, or you are going for African investment, or you are going for a bank investment, or you are a real estate lover, anything, any kind of investment, you are not afraid  Because you know now. You are financial literate.

Meditation has taught you, how to focus on your goal.

A Meditated Financial Literacy makes you rich from are not afraid to fall


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