Saturday, October 30, 2010


Just now, something unpleasant has happened, someone has provoked you, you are angry, and some situation has injected jealousy in you.

Remain thankful to the person; remain thankful to the situation- these provocations have opened many ways for you.

This is Benefit of Meditation. It is always useful. It keeps you cheerful. Benefit of Meditation, one can experience enlightenment.

Spiritual Meditation is blissful. It is pure.. it is a very high form. It should be practiced with full devotion, total acceptance... one can start with Japa Meditation... it gives you confidence. It keeps you fresh; healthy.

You must know; you must practice; these Meditation Tips. Chant as per your religious belief. Total devotion is needed. Spiritual Meditation opens so many new blissful avenues for you... You are spiritual now; Whatever you do, whatever you look at, becomes spiritual-
  • Just look at the sky
  • Look at flowers
  • Look at your misery
  • Look at your stressed will go.
You are on the path... You have begun your journey. While traveling, remain in the traveling, do not reach the destiny, do not keep thinking about your destiny- just remain in the journey. Do not hurry, you do not have to reach anywhere fast.

Spiritual mediation is a blessing, it purifies. How to remain spiritual...blissful? That is the problem, this is the big question- how to become spiritual? We all are spiritual... you do not have to do anything to acquire it - you are born spiritual... you have never realized. Perhaps never cast a glance. You are not aware of this deep self-realization.

Remain focused, remain alert - do not do anything to get it; do not make any effort - because you do not know what to do? It is here, very much within you.

The miracle can happen anytime. It always happens...Here and Now.

Miracle always happens in the present- it cannot happen in the future. But, if you are not in here, you will never realize it; you will never feel it. If you are not in the traveling, if you have already reached your destiny mentally- you will never get it.

Do not rush - remain in the journey, become the journey- all the time it is happening within, it is ready to explode- you are not aware of it, it is within you but you are not aware of it-- Here and Now... remain here, welcome whatever is happening to you. Remain alert, move cautiously- very soon it will happen to you-

Spirituality is ready to explode; within you any moment- do not reach your destiny, mentally- while traveling, remain focused, remain in the traveling or become the traveling. You will feel the blissful explosion within - any time, perhaps...Here and Now