Saturday, October 30, 2010


Meditation Stress Relief-

Nobody in the cosmos is free from anxiety, stress, difficulties etc. Everybody has problems.

Emotional Freedom or Freedom From Emotion- It is an ocean, Take a dip, go deep deep deep, remain there...merge into your emotion. You will feel the bliss.

It is not a one day process. It is not an exercise- This is have to live it...fully- you have to come full circle. Face these problems in life, remain with the stress, catch hold of it... It will disappear.

A disturbed mind will create problems for others too. You will be considered a nuisance in family. Look at your misery, feel the pain. The more you try to get rid of it, it will refuse to buzz. So, do not allow it to go- talk to the misery say, you are so dear to me, how can you go, please live with me, do no live me, just remain there. Try this. You will be surprised- It will go, it will despair.

You will feel the difference. You will feel stronger. You are no more a nuisance. Now, you are a helper.

Meditation Stress Relief is unique. Whatever stress you are under, it injects life into you- Enter the lake, wade through the not get wet.

Natural Stress Relief- You have to be alert to receive it. You have to live, Here- Remain awake. Remain alert. It is always moving around you. Remain with the nature, feel the nature- And feel the difference.

An alert mind will find, Stress Management in your Work Place. Observe minutely, many ways will come to you. You can practice it, without disturbing others and, without being disturbed. Once you've experienced, Stress Relief, you will feel the value even of you work place.

Once you are aware with Meditation Stress Relief, your work place rather every place will become meditative for you- you do not have to go anywhere.

Meditation Stress Relief is simply wonderful. It is easy to follow. Relaxation Technique for Anxiety, removes hurdles from your ways.

Again, just relax, Just float... do not swim. Unless you are relaxed, you cannot face stress. Remain there, wherever you are. Accept whatever is coming to you. Remain untouched- Walk through the stress, but remain untouched.

Ashok Sinha
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