Saturday, October 30, 2010


Stress Meditation--

You are driving, you are stressed. You are going some where, you are tensed. You are busy with your daily routine work, you are disturbed.

You are continuously followed by stress, what to do? No hopes, work load is unbearable-- something has happened. Situation is hopeless.

If you are not stressed in such situations, you need to worry. It's natural-- in happiness you are happy, in sadness you are sad. You are under an extremely difficult situation, it is difficult to come out... you are stressed.

Remain stressed-- do not try to do anything, to get rid of... you cannot. The more you try... more deeper you are going into.
  • Stress meditation allows you to accept; absorb the stress completely... never brood.
  • Relax, look at your problems-- look at the root...the cause-- do not avoid-- Face it.
Stress Management comes to your rescue. You have to find the solution. You have to remove the root of your problems, without stress

To add little more peace more amid stress; I have come across a very interesting method; you yourself can try and find out what it is...

Stress Meditation says- do not run... Do not escape... Confrontation is the best defense/ offense. 
  • Confront, Face but... calm down first.
Stress Relaxation Technique removes tension, creates a clean atmosphere inside you.
With an alert mind, many ways will come before you. 
  • Be an observant, look at the problems closely, You will find the way.
  • Sit down, close your eyes
  • Look at your entire body, with closed eyes... breath deeply
  • Whatever is coming to your mind accept it... let it come,
  • Do not hold... do not resist, do not fight
  • Welcome it... do not allow it to go
Your stress will vanish.

You will feel the miracle in happening... you will feel the bliss of Meditation Technique. 
Accept this Stress Relief Technique- And feel the result yourself.