Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meditatin, Happiness, Techniques, and You...

Meditation is not doing, happiness is not doing...

Idiosyncrasy differs, hence whatever is coming to you in a natural way…accept that; do not try to modify. What is natural; that is your technique, nature is natural.

You have been searching techniques, for everything, since beginning.  What comes to you in a natural way do not appeal you; because it is simple. It is so simple, so natural, that you refuse to accept its authenticity. 

Your mind is complicated; it confuses everything. And you have been leading confused life all the time. That is the reason why you hardly see a natural, simple person around you. It is difficult to find a Buddha, Jesus, a Krishna any more. 

Yes they are few enlighten souls around you; but you have refused to recognize their existence, whatever they are saying, is of no use to you. You are wearing glasses of ignorance. And this is the reason, why you are in search of techniques all the time. 

You need something to modify your life; you need some techniques, so that you can become happy in your life. You are busy finding some method; some techniques. Life is smiling, you are not bothered, you do not know. You have no time to stare at your life, which is very much with you…you are busy searching techniques, some reason, some method; for your satisfaction. 

And satisfaction keeps eluding you all the time. Whether you are rich, or you are poor; it is difficult to find a satisfied; happy man. Rich is always scared of losing his richness; poor is simply living on hope that, one fine morning his/her efforts will yield results, and he/she will be happy.

This is madness. Techniques are important to you; not Meditation. Meditation has no techniques; meditation simply means…stay here; stay alert, awaken. Accept everything; whatever is coming to you, accept unconditional. Life is an effortless journey.

And you are busy making effort; you are busy molding your life, as per your convenience…and at this point your misery begins. 

There are many Meditation Techniques; here you can choose as per your convenience the most suitable technique for you. Now contradiction starts, I have written above that there are no techniques for meditation, and now I am writing…choose your techniques as per your convenience. 

The day meditation happens to you, you will realize there is no technique for meditation; and then Meditation is not needed to you. 

Though, it is not a rocket science, but it is not easy also to reach the state, where you become meditation; where you realize that meditation is always been existing in-side you…only because of your ignorance, you could not realize this. 

Meditation is not doing, happiness is not doing, doing is a force...and meditation, happiness...simply happens, without using any technique; without using any force.  

Meditation happens; happiness happens, happening is happening to you, and happening simply happens here and now; without any criterion, without any force…only awareness is needed, to realize this. 

And to realize this; you have to wake up…do not sleep.  The day you wake up; you will realize that for meditation, or for happiness…there are no techniques. Stay here, alert, awaken...and enjoy this mysterious beautiful life; in bliss.


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