Friday, September 26, 2014

Meditation; Shiva-ling; and You…

Have you ever seen Shiva-ling; Hindus God deity? This is not religion; this is ahead religion. This is a fact. Without any cloths, of knowledge, simply a necked fact. Shiva-ling is based on Parvati's (Devi) Vagina; here male organ is based on a female organ. It starts with The Sex... 

In Hindu religion; it is said: “Satyam; Shivam; Sundram”, it is in Sanskrit. This means: what is factual; is beauty; and what is beautiful; is a truth; and What is a truth; is Shiv. 

Creation starts from here. Hindus of those eras; were enlightened. Whatever they depicted through symbols; were not religion; they were not religious; rather these were ahead the bondage of any religion. Truth is not religion; truth is ahead religion. Depicting fact; without any fear is indeed courageous. It needs awakening. And Hindus of those were courageous; they were ahead religion. You have to address with them with a name, you need words; and they were called Hindus; they were ahead religion. 

Depicting The Beginning; The Creation through symbol; making it obvious; through a simple language, where no words are needed; because words have their limitations; and they were depicting something fact; which is eternal; hence they have to use the symbol; to depict; to say; to tell the fact of Creation. 

Look at Shiv-ling; these are human organs; male sexual organ-female sexual organ. They are together; and they cannot be separated. There cannot be any other symbol of togetherness; there cannot any other symbol of oneness; depicted in such a beautiful way. This is the great ant extremely unique symbol of Oneness. 

Shiv- Parvati (Devi); they are not two; here male-female are not two; here they have become one. This is the most extreme form of Tantra; Meditation; where a moment comes when you become one. Everything is lost; everything is dropped; only Oneness is there. The word Creation started from here. And this is how the universe begun. 

This was; rather this is The Beginning. So simply and aptly this is depicted in the form of Shiv-ling. Shiv-ling is an extreme form of meditation; everything is accepted here. There is no division of good and bad; there no division between holiness and sin; entire universe; entire nature is accepted here. 

Shiv-ling; The Silence is depicted; this silence is easy; this silence is extremely meaningful. This silence has drunk entire noises; absolutely nothing is left out-side. There is a story that once, “during a divine churning session, Nectar and Poison both came out. Now all religious, devoted people wanted Nectar only, nobody wanted to accept Poison. Now there was a competition; what has to be done with The Poison? It was a big question mark; what is to be done with The Poison? Then Lord Shiv came to the rescue; and Shiv drank entire poison; and got it settled in his neck". And that is why other names, Shiv has many names, of Shiv Is ‘Neelkanth’, it means; person who has absorbed Poison; too.

Shiv-ling is silent; Shiv-ling is based on Parvati’s Vaginia. This is the unique amalgam of togetherness; this is the unique amalgam of oneness; this is the unique amalgam of silence. This silence; this togetherness is the starting point of humanity. Meditate; Concentrate on Shiv-ling; and entire mystery of the universe will be unfolded before you. 

There cannot be any more beautiful; an apt example of Oneness. This Oneness is unique; this oneness is truth; this oneness is eternity. This one is beautiful. This oneness is whole. This oneness is a circle. Where all are equal; where there is no end; where is no beginning. 

Hindus of those were enlightened; there was no religion; only truth prevailed. And that is why; thought of depicting a truth in such a beautiful and complete way; occurred. Entire universe; along with it all mystery is being said to the universe in such a simple; compact form; complete form; it was possible only when the entire creation, along with its people, human being; they all were enlightened; awakened. 

Those were the era; where only truth prevailed. And Truth is powerful. Because truth is complete. Shiv is complete; he is always with Parvati (Devi). You cannot imagine Shiv without Parvati (Devi); and you cannot imagine Goddess Parvati (Devi) without Shiv. This union is unique. This union is sacred. This union is truth. This union is beautiful. This union is complete. This union is eternal. 

Understanding of Shiv-ling is not possible in one birth. It needs many births to know the meaning. Here knowing the meaning will be a wrong word; this meaning of Shiv-ling cannot be known; this meaning of Shiv-ling cannot be understood. This meaning of Shiv-ling can only be felt; and that needs just a jiffy. Look at a Shiv-ling; and do not do anything. This simple looking at Shiv-ling is not easy. This is not easy to simply look at Shiv-ling; it needs vision; it needs silence, complete silence. Here everything has become one; here there is no dualism; everything is one. Here everything is here; now; here there is no past; here there is no future; here everything is here; now. 

Look at Shiv-ling and you do not need anything more; only Shiv. Look at Shiv-ling; and that very moment you are complete. 

But you have to look; just a simple look; and that simple look is your entire existence. That simple look of yours is You; that simple look of yours is Shiv. And the day you become Shiv-ling; nothing is needed anymore. It is quite possible to become Shiv-ling. It is quite possible where there is no division; only you. You have to be aware; you have to be awakened; only then it is possible. Do not sleep; stay alert; meditate staying awake  

Shiv-ling tells depicts the truth; the fact; Shiv-ling depicts beauty. And the day, looking at Shiv-ling you become Shiv-ling; and the day you are finally accepted; that is the moment of no return; you have become Silent. And in those moments of Silence; you are no more there. You are accommodated; you have been Accepted. And finally, when this Sacred acceptance happens to you; there is no rebirth for you; best wishes… 


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