Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meditation, Good Days, Bad Days; and You…

Accept both, good days; ’bad days, accept both. The moment you choose, between good and bad; your confusion starts; hence choose both. Because, this confusion what is good, and what is bad is the root cause of your misery. You do not know what is good and what is bad; this division will be false; they both co-exist; you cannot change; you have to accept both. 

Happenings in your life, whether it is good or it is bad is not in your hand. You have no other choice; you have to accept both. Yes, while choosing between good and bad, stay alert; stay awaken. And this awake state comes through meditation; meditate.

You have kept committing this mistake of choosing; whatever is good for you might be bad for others; similarly what is bad for others might be good for you; so do not choose; enjoy both. 

The existence of good is depends on the existence of bad. Existence is far clever than you. It has embraced both with same grace; follow existence and accept both; and while accepting stay alert; stay. 

Then you are not affected. While doing so; you are accepting nature. Good bad; right wrong, heaven hell all are here; in this nature; and they all are inter depending on each other. Remove one and another will fall. Remove bad, and goodness will lose its meaning; goodness will lose its attraction. 

A successful man is happier; seeing others unhappy. Here happiness is not in the success; happiness is laying in others miserable condition. Division of plus and minus is false. You have to perform your duty. Whatever is coming to your mind from within is true; it might be bad in others eyes, but not for you. 

Crime is different; criminals should be punished. Language is problematic; it finishes between A to Z. Sometimes, you are indicating at a different direction; and quite often you are misunderstood. And the result is fatal, if you understand in a different way. 

Contraction is possible; only because of wrong thinking of your mind. Plus and minus Co exists. Whatever is against the law never does that. Here we are simply talking on particular matter, when your mind is unable to take a decision. 

Right decision, wrong decision does not matter, what matters is; you have taken a decision. If the decision is not good; never regret; or lose your heart. The result is merely a happening; it had to happen. 

Success and failure happens; and happen and happening has no criteria. Whatever has to happen will happen; you have to simply accept the happening; and while accepting; stay awake, alert. 

This staying awake, alert is awakening; you are awake, and the decision taken from a awaken mind is ahead from right and wrong syndrome. 

Then there is no right and wrong; here you are simply sailing; simply floating. Without and stress you are floating through your life; this is the state of bliss.

Problems keep coming in a state of bliss too, but here you are awakened. And whatever is happening to you in an awaking state; whether it is good or bad, or it is right or wrong, it never affects you. 

And when you start choosing from right and wrong you are bound to commit mistakes; because you do not know what is right and what is wrong. Staying alert, staying awake; accept both.