Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meditation; Buddha; Jesus; and You…

You can converse with Buddha. You can converse with Jesus. You have read their books; and you have gathered knowledge. And after possessing such great knowledge; there is no peace; there is no happiness in your life. 

They are continually talking to you; they are continuously indicating your path; but your attention is somewhere else in their books; in their audio tapes discourses; in Churches. And the day you understand Buddha; nothing more left to you; the moment this awareness of, understanding Buddha; Jesus happens inside you; that very moment you are liberated. Liberation is already there with you; waiting to be exploded. 

What the Buddha is saying; what Jesus is saying is their experiences; which happened inside them; they are sharing that knowledge; rather those moments with you. Mark my words; it can happen to you; it can explode in you; if you are awakened. 

Look at your breath; move with your breath; go in, come out; along with your breath; and while doing so, do not bother for the result; do not wait for the result. Just keep moving with your breath. 

The Buddha renounced everything; his family; his kingdom. The Prince became a beggar; wandered all over; kept meditating; and finally one day under a tree, tree of wisdom at a city named Gaya in India, he met the explosion inside him. Finally, wisdom exploded and this awakening in him. 

Buddha; Jesus, they became a fountain; and the everlasting nectar kept flowing out; unnoticed, it kept flowing. You have to merely collect this nectar; rest work Buddha; Jesus has done for you. You do not have to make any effort. Buddha and Jesus has taken the pain on your behalf; you don't have to do anything; you do not have to make any effort; you do not have to renounce anything. 

Yet, some people; some yogis, some mahatma tell you to renounce; you do not have to renounce. Stay wherever you are; stay with your family; keep doing your mundane work, you do not have to renounce anything; that part of renouncement Buddha and Jesus has done for you; you have to just collect the nectar; and that’s all, your wisdom is waiting to be exploded. 

You go to Church; you follow Buddha; and from this place onwards you misery starts. Going to Church  or reading Buddha is not wrong; your way of collecting it is not right; because whenever you go to Church; or whenever you read Buddha’s books you are not there; bodily you are present in the church; your existence is not there. 

You are listening the sermon; but you are not listening; your mind is listening; let your ears do the listening part; you are thinking that you are listening the sermon; you are not listening. You are reading a Buddha book; but the eyes are not reading your mind is reading; let your eye do the looking; reading job. You have to be completely into this; half heatedly work will not do. 

Buddha and Jesus are merely indicating your path; you have to walk. They are telling their experiencing; what happened to them, ad verbatim; it happened to them. Buddha has continuously indicated  towards you what is happening inside you; it is you who has to feel; others will not feel for you; it is happening inside your way; Jesus is continuously telling what is happening to you; you are supposed to understand it, nobody else will or nobody can understand it for you. It is always your understanding. 

What happened to Buddha; whatever happened to Jesus; this awakening happened to them; and they are sharing their experiences; and when this understanding; this knowledge; this realization comes to you then it will be your awakening; not others. And after that whatever you will be saying you will be saying tour experiences; your way; Yes; it is always your way. 

And this is the missing point; you start following. Nectar is exploding inside you; and you are in search of others story what happened to them; what they are saying. And Buddha; and Jesus is indicating towards inside you; "look there"! And without understanding the direction; you kept on running in a wrong direction; without understanding it.

And this what has been happening since ages to you; how you will get peace, how you will be happy. You have to stop running in the wrong direction. Understand what Buddha is saying; what Jesus is saying; there is nothing wrong in their teaching; wrong is you. And the main problem is with you is; you are never here. 

Do this simple exercise; start staying in a moment; float; do not use any force. After sometime you will find that deep inside you; you are silent. Talk to your silence. And the day you start communicating to your silence; you will find that you are talking to Buddha; you will find that you are talking to Jesus. 

Law of attraction certainly holds water; Attraction attracts. I have come across something interesting;  to make this path more lively and useful...       

Yes; You can converse with Buddha; you can converse with The Jesus. Buddha is continuously talking to you; yes; Jesus is continuously talking to you; you have to listen; just listen...and stay blessed.