Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meditation,Expectations, and You...

Good and bad; Ugly and Beautiful; Dirt and Clean, Sin and Holy; accept both...

Somewhere it is said, ‘do not accept’. This true; it is wisely said; because the result is not in your hand. But the expectation do comes; it is natural. Now what to do? Forget both; let them strike you; do not get affected.Make your own; whatever is coming to your mind;do that.

Staying unaffected and moving in your own direction is not easy; this is extremely difficult to reach here; though it is very simple also. Difficult, because you have been leading a very difficult life since the beginning; your mindset is different; you have been guided to lead your life through your mind; real things never appealed you. 

It is, because here you do not have to do anything; you do not have to follow any rule, you don’t have to follow any dictate; here you don’t have to choose between right and wrong; here everything is same to you; whether you are wining you are losing hardly matters to you. Here you are simply sailing. No effort is used; simply sailing.

Here you are living your life in an innocent way; no education is needed. You are simply accepting everything; whatever is coming your way. You are not bothered about the result; you have no expectations. And if expectations come to you; you take it in the normal way; remember, here you are not doing anything extra to fight, to fight this coming expectation for you; here you are welcoming it; the only changes here with you is; here you are not affected.

If you are meeting your expectation is good; if you are not meeting your acceptation is good; both are same to you. This is the stage of Enlightenment. It is easy to achieve; to achieve you do not have to do anything. It is extremely difficult to achieve it; because it is simple, effortless. And simple and easy things do not appeal to you. For you there is no adventure; simply floating looks absurd to you. And you are right; it is absurd. 

But then abstract attracts. Absurdity is laying on you; not on simplicity. Because your mind is continuously leading you in a false direction; your mind keeps telling you do not believe in simplicity; because it is absurd. Your heart is telling you to accept the simplicity; because here lays the magic. But you have been trained not to listen to your heart; and you always fall in the false trap of your mind.

If it appears confusing to you do not waste your time in understanding; simply move ahead with time dropping all these complications; and move along with the time in a new direction. Each and every moment holds surprises for you; meet these surprises do not try to unfold it before you meet it. 

This way there will be no confusion in understanding the real meaning of your life; this way there will be no complications in choosing between expectations and no expectations. Here you are free; because you are moving ahead with the time welcoming each and every new mystery of life. 

Here you are not bothered about the results; whether you are getting it or not, getting; here you are not bothered whether you are meeting your expectations or you are not meeting your expectations; here you are free from all bondage. This is the state of bliss. 

Remember, in a state of bliss too things keep happening to you same way; there are no changes. Her, in a state of bliss also expectations are coming to you; greed is coming to you; but here you are not affected. Here you are not waiting for the result. In a state of bliss too desire is coming to you to get your result; it is natural, it will come; but here desire; greed; your expectations are under your control. 

Whatever is there inside you; whether it is anger, whether it is greed; whether it is expectations; whether it is anger, these all are natural energies flowing into your veins, they are not good or bad, they are simply energies; it is up to you how you are using these energies; your way of using makes it good or bad. If you are using expectations, greed, anger, lust in a meditated way, then it becomes a positive force to you; and if your mind is controlling you then these energies become fatal; they become negative.

So, it is entirely up to you how you are leading your life; meditate. Meditation brings you closer to your life. Meditation tells you that accept both; negative and positive, good and bad accept both. They both are together; you simply cannot choose only good and leave bad behind.

First, you do not know what is good or what is bad. You cannot make any difference between greed, lust, expectation whether these are good or bad energies. Second, you cannot choose only good and leave bad behind; because they survive together. 

You have to accept both; you have to digest both. And this power of digesting both, good and bad, comes through Meditation. And the day good and bad; sin and holy start appearing same to you, that day onward Greed, lust; expectations, results will not bother you; here you are Enlighten.  


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meditation, Ego, Relationship; how to get your lost love back...

Here, this relationship is eternal. Meditate; enter into a relationship, and enjoy the beauty of eternal togetherness.

If nothing is working; forget. One poet once said; ‘and during the journey of your life; the relationship which cannot be carried along with; leave that giving it a beautiful end’.

Do not hold; set free. Do not brood; do not repent. Do not try desperately to get your love back. Remember, relationship once broken; it leaves its mark. Try your best to maintain; if it is inevitable; give it nice end. Either drop, or hold; this is the mantra; do not stick in-between.

Life keeps moving; you also move with it. Do not stay in one place; you cannot either, you have to move with the life; life is continually moving ahead; you cannot stop at one place; getting stuck in the past, or with your future is another thing; there you are not moving with your life, your thought is there; physically you are always moving with your life; mentally you are always somewhere else. 

Your life is always taking you along with. Almighty’s amazing creation is life. Life keeps moving and it never detaches you; it keeps taking you along with wherever it goes. It is you who are leading a false life; you are not in life, you are not here, you not in a moment; you are somewhere else either in your past or in your future; either lamenting your relationship or you are glorifying your relationship. 

You are not moving with your life. Life is meeting nature’s surprise at every step taking you along with; physically you are there mentally you are somewhere else thinking about your relationship. If you are in a relationship you become suspicious; if you are not in your relationship, your trying learning method to get her/him back, like at present you are reading this article. You are never in; with your life; which is always healthy, full of life.

You are stuck with dead memories, and you become habitual, living with dead things; real life does not attract you; because here your ego is not satisfied. An ego has to be satisfied; and ego is always dead. Real life has never attracted you; because you have become habitual to live with dead things; your mind; your ego. 

And preciously this is the reason of your break up, or your troubled relationship. The day you start moving with your life; accepting whatever is coming your ways totally; two things will happen; first there won’t be any break up, or by any reason if, the break up happens; certainly there won’t be any tension to bring it back; it will be left behind; giving it a beautiful, end. 

And to live with your life; you have to stay in a moment. And the technique, how stay in a moment; comes through meditation. Meditation brings you closer to life. Learn meditation, use whatever method is coming to your mind, and start doing meditation. 

Always grow in your relationship; this is only possible if you are moving with your life. And the moment you learn how to grow in a relationship; there won’t be any tension.  

Staying in a moment and growing, always growing in a relationship is a beautiful experience. Here, you meet your life for the first time, till now you were either staying in your past or in your future, this meeting; this communication, with both of you, is unique; here there is no need to bring someone back. Here this relationship is eternal. Meditate; enter into a relationship, and enjoy the beauty of eternal togetherness.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meditation, Religion, Color and You...

Meditation has no religion. Religion divides; Meditation unites. Meditation has no color; meditation is colorless. Wind has no religion. Wind has no color; wind is colorless. God has no religion. God has no color; God is colorless. Unseen is beautiful. Whatever you cannot see and it soothes you; is your religion.

If you have to follow a religion; it is mandatory for you, then make meditation your religion. Religion says, follow; Meditation says just float; do not follow, there is nothing to follow. Whatsoever is coming to your mind; allow it to come, do not resist, do not stop.

Meditation says indulge; go deeper, look within, talk to you; and when talking to you, do not use words; let it be a silent communication between you and the Universe. A time will come when this tone, you and you, will go; and what will be left to you is you; only you.

And this communication will make you aware of the fact that the entire universe is within you. And further you will realize that in adversity you go in search of God to ask for a remedy; in that situation you will realize that you do not have to go anywhere in search of God for a prayer, for a remedy; you have to just look within and you have to talk to you. This is communication within with you, is your prayer and your this prayer will be answered; your remedy is inside you. 

You possess a tremendous power; you can create atom; then why can’t you fight with your adversity. Power has no religion. Religion divides; Meditation unites. Unity is oneness; and oneness is powerful, compact. 

Religion tells God is either in the Temple, or in Mosque, or in Church, or in books; Meditation makes you aware that God is always there; within you. Cast a deep glance within and you will find there God smiling; within you. 

God used colors to make Rainbow look beautiful and we have divided ourselves on the basis of color. We did not stop here; we started abusing each other on the basis of color religion. Remove one color from Rainbow and it will lose its beauty; though you cannot remove any color from Rainbow. 

God has filled your life with different colors to look beautiful; God created color beautiful; and we made it ugly. Because we are ruled by our religion; Religion is ruling you; Religion is guiding your life. Try this for once; let Meditation rule your life; you will become colorful; beautiful. Remove one color and existence will lose its beauty; your existence will lose its authenticity. 

Exactly this is what has happened to you; your Religion asked you divide humanity on the basis of color, and you did that, and you lost the authenticity of your existence; and look at the result, there is so much hatred unrest all over. People are killing each other on the basis of religion; on the basis of color. 

When God accumulated different colors and created you; created this universe; these accumulations of different colors became one and this Universe became one. You cannot say there are different universes; you cannot divide the Universe on the basis of Colo, religion. 

You divided humanity on the basis of Religion; on the basis of color, religion. Yes, you divided humanity; the most beautiful and powerful gift of the Almighty; result entire humanity started looking ugly, dangerous. And you added a little more; you started the nuclear race; you made atom. 

Your religion divided you, and religion made the life ugly, dangerous. You kept following your religion; your God; And God created one Universe; you created many Gods suiting your religion. And then started the most idiotic race; whose God is better? 

There are many Gods; and you are trying your ugliest best to prove that God of your religion is supreme; cross your heart and ask yourself, it’s not stupidity; it’s not ugly? 

And again the answer is within you. You have to talk to you; if you seek the answer which you should. You have to look within, if you seek the answer which you should. 

And to look within; to learn this art how to look within you have to meditate; you have to learn meditation. There are many techniques of meditation; chose one suiting your idiosyncrasy; suiting your way of thinking; and start meditating. 

But before you start learning or practicing meditation remember one thing; Meditation has no religion; Meditation has no color. Meditation will merely indicate you how to look within; and the moment you look within you will Find God smiling at you. God is full of different colors; these accumulations of different colors have become one; and in that cosmic divine oneness; there is no religion; there is no color.

Yes, Meditation has no religion; Meditation has no color, Mediation is one; this one is zero like a circle; and this circle is equally from all angles; there is no beginning there is no end; this is eternal, and eternity has no color, eternity has no religion. And in this deep communication with you; an awareness will come to you, that; you have become one. 


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Monday, August 25, 2014

Meditation, Desire, Success and You…

And the moment Almighty created Heart; desire started taking birth. If there is no heart; there is no desire and if there is no desire,there is no motivation; and if there is no motivation, there is no life. So you must desire; go on desiring there is no harm.

Desire creates interest; desire motivates you to achieve your desired results. And when you meet your success; you are fulfilled. There is no success; there is no life. Then your life is dead. Success has to be there. 

Fulfillment of desire makes life worth living; makes life more beautiful. You must desire. Let us play a game; a small game. Whenever you desire anything; whenever desire takes birth inside you; stay there; stay there means do not start thinking of meeting this desire, though this is your habit to reach the destination when yet you are traveling. In between tour travel you start thinking about reaching your destination and finally, when actually you reach your destination pleaser of reaching there is gone; because you had already reached there during your journey in your thoughts.

Now your pleasure of reaching your destiny was fake; because you did not allow it to happen; you killed the mystery before. And this is a fact of your life; you have been living a fake life; fake happiness; you are always thinking. You are never here; either you are in your past, or you are in your future; never here. Past is gone, future is unknown; what is very much alive; full of life your present; you are not here; you are either thinking or planning. 

Whenever desire is taking birth, inside you, allow it to happen; and stay there, wherever you are at that time, stay there; do not move. Desiring is a beautiful process; enjoy it. Whether your desire is going to be fulfilled or not is an entirely different thing; you are not involved there; so do not think of that; simply enjoy your desiring. 

Dreaming, and desiring is similar; dreamers are romantic. You should be in love with your life; you should always romance with your life; then only you will get a real meaning of your life. Let your desire take birth inside you when you are in a romantic mood; stay with your desire, now, whatever thought is coming to you to see your desire happening in reality, do that; just remember; while doing so simply stay there; do not start thinking about your destination, and reach there in your thought. Whatsoever is happening to you; when you desire, welcome it and use it; do it.

Now the game is over. Now this is the way to plan your future; your success; your desired goal. This will be called; planning in meditation. This is it; this very process of your desiring, and planning is meditation. 

Your life is meditation; where all process, the very functioning of your life is in your control. And when you are living a meditated life; then your desire, your success is not an ordinary success; then it becomes divine. So there is no problem in desiring, desiring is innocent, only your mind is full of these things that desire is bad; greed is bad; both are good if taken in a right perspective. Become a dreamer; desire, plan to achieve in a meditated way; and achieve your desired success.


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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meditation, Lonliness, and You…

You are at your best when you are alone. Loneliness can become fatal; the loneliness can become bliss, it depends how you are taking it. It is entirely you; you have to decide your future. 

God has equipped you with everything.  You are frustrated, you are alone and you are lonely. Here loneliness either can become fatal for you; or it can turn into bliss for you; it all depends how you are taking it. Yes, this power of understanding you and to decide how you are going to take this it depends upon you; how powerful you are. 

If you are powerful then only you can decide how to tackle your unwanted misery. And this power comes through Meditation. It is not easy either to possess such powers; rarely it happens when a person becomes so powerful that his/her wishes are under his/her control.  

It is not a rocket science either; it can be achieved. Determination to fight your battle alone brings this power. Again, this determination comes when you are alone; lonely. The power to control you comes; take birth when you are lonely. Loneliness can become powerful, a bliss; if you simply wish it to happen this way.

Let the misery hit you the way it is coming; does not matter if you are lonely. Make this loneliness your strength; stay lonely not aloof. There is a serious problem with you and that problem is all through your life you have been leading your life through your mind; in other words, your mind has been controlling you since the beginning. And the mind is very strong; very cunning; it keeps creating hallucinations for you as per your whims; and you very easily led into the trap. 

Precisely this is the reason of your misery.Precisely this is the reason why there are so many unrest. Why nobody is happy; why there is so much chaos inside you. You can control it.You can become one among those rare person who controls their destiny; they get desired destiny; they get desired death. And it is very simple to achieve it; meditate, meditation gives many things. 

Through meditation you can reach a state where you can realize for the first time in your life that who you are. For the first time your inner strength; remember your all answers of your all questions are lying inside you.there is no other God who will come and help you; has it ever happened that your God has come on the earth and saved you from your misery? 

If you keep thinking that one day your God will come and save; you are simply fooling yourself; there is no God. God is simple; God resides inside you. But you have refused to recognize you. That is why there are so many miseries and this is the reason your loneliness is full of noise; chaos. 

You have to clean this. And to clean this simply meditate.Meditation is the best techniques to control you; to understand you. Only through meditation you can reach a state where you meet, for the first time,with you. And the day you meet, you; you will realize that your loneliness is your biggest asset. For the first time you will realize that this awakening has happened when you are alone; lonely, no chaos. And for the first time you will realize that loneliness is God; All the best


Friday, August 22, 2014

Meditation, Stress Release, Imagination and You...

Amid adversity when nothing works imagine that nothing happened and you are happy. 

It can boost your confidence in a remarkable way. Though it might not be true, your imagined situation is merely a hallucination, but this hallucination can become your prayer. Prayer is unique; sometimes false notion turned into a prayer and it might work like a miracle. 

For the first time; your prayer taken shape of a myth, is answered. God moves in a mysterious way; with a mysterious smile on his lips; this smile is meaningful; it knows everything. 

Imagine; your prayer is answered through a fake imagination; nothing happened, that too when you are amid deep adversity. A fake situation, created by your mind, has given you the miraculous result; and it saved your life. This fake imagination, as if nothing happened to you amid deep adversity, becomes your real prayer; indeed surprising. 

This incident tells many things about your life. Your life, too, is full of mystery; instead of unfolding this mystery accept life as it is. Your acceptance is powerful. You have to become very strong; you have to be strong enough to accept life as it is. And this strength; this toughness comes through meditation; meditate. 

There are many techniques for meditation; pick up any techniques suiting your personality. One by one all mysteries will be opened before you. This is the best way to release your stress. Stress in life can become fatal. There are many stress release techniques. 

Accepting your adversity as it is without making any choice is, meditation, bravery. It shows your guts. And it shows the real path. This is the way to lead your life without any stress forever.  Imagining something, which in reality you are not; that false notion of yours brings a momentary confidence in you; remember this confidence is momentary, in flicker it comes, stay alert, your happiness lies in that flicker; that very moment can bring a miraculous change in your life. 

Things, situations, feel, which is not true, can change your life; through a simple imagination. There are many things in life which appears false; but a great life, a great strength lies behind it. To recognize this, stay alert; do not sleep.  Live in moment, embrace the universe; a tight embrace; and feel the Divine inside you; all the best. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meditation, Age, Frustration and You...

To become an ageless wonder; meditate. Age is beautiful. Do not worry about your age. Everybody has to grow old one day.       

Either you have everything or you do not have anything; frustration does come. Frustration is common; whether you are rich or poor; whether you are successful or you are a failure; the frustration comes. Irrespective of your personal status; frustration does come. And when frustration comes; it disturbs you; sometimes it is fatal; it might take your life; you might make some fatal move and jeopardize your life. 

Accept frustration; it is part of the game. Indeed, it is ugly. But to enjoy your life fully; you have to accept frustration. There is nothing to worry about; it is natural. In fact if you worry; it will trouble you more. And to face frustration; Meditate. Meditation gives many things. Frustration becomes fatal, and same frustration can become friendly to you; if you meditate.

Frustration is very natural; in adversity it takes birth. 

God has been testing you continuously; sometimes it does become bitter; frustrating. You have to accept it; do not bear simply accept it. The moment you start bearing your frustration, your pain increases; do not bear, accept it. You are making an effort to suppress your frustration, and more you try to suppress it, more it increases. The more method, techniques you apply to suppress it, or get rid of it; you frustration increases, and here it might become dangerous. 

So, accept it; accept life as it is. Life brings many things; you need awareness to see it. And awareness comes through meditation. There is a saying that says, ‘seeing is believing’; unless you see, you cannot believe. 

The Lord has equipped you with tremendous power; yes, some people have to go through hell sometimes; but God has given you the power to tackle such unfortunate happenings; and this comes through awareness. And yes awareness comes through meditation; meditate. Whatever techniques are coming to you for meditation, use it and meditate.

Unless you are healthy, unless you are strong; how you will face your life which is full of surprises. You are the master; win your race. You can win the race and for that; simply do not choose, except totally; whatever is coming to you, whatever situation life brings to you accept it totally, and face.

It is not easy to do this; it needs tremendous courage; it needs awareness; it needs power to recognize the self. You have to become aware to recognize you. Let frustration come; welcome your frustration. 

Do not worry about your age. Everybody has to grow old one day. Age is beautiful. On the contrary growing age gives maturity; more power. Age is in your control. The Power of youth has got nothing to do with growing age. You can stay powerful; awakened at any age. 

Elixir of life lies in accepting the life as it is; accept your life as it is; it is beautiful. To become an ageless wonder; Meditate. 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meditation, Good Days, Bad Days; and You…

Accept both, good days; ’bad days, accept both. The moment you choose, between good and bad; your confusion starts; hence choose both. Because, this confusion what is good, and what is bad is the root cause of your misery. You do not know what is good and what is bad; this division will be false; they both co-exist; you cannot change; you have to accept both. 

Happenings in your life, whether it is good or it is bad is not in your hand. You have no other choice; you have to accept both. Yes, while choosing between good and bad, stay alert; stay awaken. And this awake state comes through meditation; meditate.

You have kept committing this mistake of choosing; whatever is good for you might be bad for others; similarly what is bad for others might be good for you; so do not choose; enjoy both. 

The existence of good is depends on the existence of bad. Existence is far clever than you. It has embraced both with same grace; follow existence and accept both; and while accepting stay alert; stay. 

Then you are not affected. While doing so; you are accepting nature. Good bad; right wrong, heaven hell all are here; in this nature; and they all are inter depending on each other. Remove one and another will fall. Remove bad, and goodness will lose its meaning; goodness will lose its attraction. 

A successful man is happier; seeing others unhappy. Here happiness is not in the success; happiness is laying in others miserable condition. Division of plus and minus is false. You have to perform your duty. Whatever is coming to your mind from within is true; it might be bad in others eyes, but not for you. 

Crime is different; criminals should be punished. Language is problematic; it finishes between A to Z. Sometimes, you are indicating at a different direction; and quite often you are misunderstood. And the result is fatal, if you understand in a different way. 

Contraction is possible; only because of wrong thinking of your mind. Plus and minus Co exists. Whatever is against the law never does that. Here we are simply talking on particular matter, when your mind is unable to take a decision. 

Right decision, wrong decision does not matter, what matters is; you have taken a decision. If the decision is not good; never regret; or lose your heart. The result is merely a happening; it had to happen. 

Success and failure happens; and happen and happening has no criteria. Whatever has to happen will happen; you have to simply accept the happening; and while accepting; stay awake, alert. 

This staying awake, alert is awakening; you are awake, and the decision taken from a awaken mind is ahead from right and wrong syndrome. 

Then there is no right and wrong; here you are simply sailing; simply floating. Without and stress you are floating through your life; this is the state of bliss.

Problems keep coming in a state of bliss too, but here you are awakened. And whatever is happening to you in an awaking state; whether it is good or bad, or it is right or wrong, it never affects you. 

And when you start choosing from right and wrong you are bound to commit mistakes; because you do not know what is right and what is wrong. Staying alert, staying awake; accept both. 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meditation, Power of Silence, and You…

Deep within you are silent. Existence was created in absolute silence. Nothing is more power than silence. Meditation is silent. The very process of meditation is silent. 

And you are living among chaos; you have filled your life with the chaos. Now you are used to live in chaos; and you think this is reality. 

Your entire system; your entire structure has to fall. Unless your system is broken; nothing will happen. And this is possible only through meditation. 

You have been living in a chaotic world. Your mind has led your life the since beginning. Real life; has never attracted you. Because you have filled your life with false notes; reality has never attracted you you. 

If you are simply drinking a glass of water; you are drinking through your mind, you are thinking something, you are not there.  You are always somewhere else either regretting; or thinking; or planning something. 

The mind is always busy; always working. Sometimes, even people who follow meditation after some time starts behaving in a strange way; they come back to their old routine life of living in chaos, thinking something. 

The mind is very clever; he will keep keeping you in control; the moment you try to control it through meditation; it distracts your attention somewhere else; showing you some false things; which appears true to you.

For example, after practice meditation you start thinking that you have awakened now, in reality it is only a false notion, created by your mind. And that is why sometimes you must have observed that even after practicing meditation you come back to your old ways of living your life in a destructive way. 

The mind creates the situation as per your choice making it appearing real to you, actually that is false. And because your mind is full of noise; it fills your life with noise. And you are so used to live with this noise that silence will start appearing boring and lazy to you after sometimes; and you are back to your old routine life. 

And precisely this is one of the reasons why there is so much misery in your life. You could never understand Silence. 

Meditate, meditation teaches you; meditation shows you the way how to keep your mind your control. Meditation teaches you to use your mind in the right way; only, when it is needed.

When your mind comes under your control; you start understanding silence. And when you start understanding silence; you start listening what your silence is telling. Start talking to your silence; start asking questions to your silence; and mark my words, you will get amazing results. For the first time you will meet your own life in a real way.

All noises inside and outside you will become silent; and in a moment of that silence you will hear somewhere within; a silent explosion of the nectar inside you; and after this explosion, stay there, and listen to your silence. Your silence will be introducing you to your life; to you.

And that very moment; you will understand; the power of Silence. 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meditation, Betrayal, Revenge and You...

And once you reach within that point of silence; everything stops for a second, less than a second, merely a flicker; and in that moment of flicker; you revenge is taken; you do not need to take revenge again... 

Never react; always Act. 

You are betrayed.  You want to take revenge.  This pain is unbearable. Before planning to take revenge; of the betrayal, make yourself strong; your defense has to be strong. You cannot move forward without a strong defense. Unless your defenses strong; you won’t be able to do anything. 

And to make your defense strong; you have to make your bearing capacity strong. Whatever attacks you are getting from your destiny, you should be able to bear it. Unless your defense is strong, unless you are able to bear the pain; how you will make a strong offensive move. 

Never forget injustice; never forget betrayal; but at the same time do not allow it to eat you. You keep the injustice, you hold the betrayal; it will always motivate you; to take the revenge. 

Either you forget it completely; or if you wish to take the revenge, take for once; and yours, this one time taken revenge should be extremely powerful; you should be able to finish your opponent completely. 

And for that, to become strong; meditate. Meditation gives a lot. Meditation makes you strong. Through meditation you learn; how to bear. And once your sustaining power is strong; once you are strong from inside; you do not need to become offensive. Your silence is more powerful than atomic; and deep within you are silent. 

And once you reach within that point of silence; everything stops for a second, less than a second, merely a flicker; and in that moment of flicker; you revenge is taken; you do not need to take revenge again. 

Ignorance is another most powerful tool. If you go on ignoring every move; every strike of your opponent; your opponent losing all strength, will fall; might die out of shock.

Let us understand it with an example- Imagine two boxers are fighting for each other’s life in a ring. One boxer is a heavyweight champion and the opposite is a simpleton unknown fellow. Now further imagine; collecting all his strength that heavy weight champion throws the most disastrous death blow punch to that simpleton, and that simpleton do not move, simply smiles back unharmed; that champion with a shock, thinking that it was his deadliest blow ever he had given to anybody and this simple looking did not blink even, will fall down. 

This is the charisma of sustaining; bearing; making your defense strong; you will become so strong that your only one blow will shake the entire universe. That kind of toughness, strength meditation brings to you. 

Here at this point you are so strong that you do not have to do anything to take revenge. Your opponent; your betrayer, who taking advantage of your little unfavorable time, tried to destroy you; will fall down receiving the shock.

Here two things are working in your favor; first, your meditation has made you too strong, you can sustain bear any kind of shock; setback, nothing can destroy you, nothing can move you; secondly, your ignoring capacity has made your opponent weak; you kept ignoring as if nothing happened to you even after receiving that severe  blow . 

This is the story of life; troubles do come; some time life tastes you too bitterly, too severely; you should accept the blow; accept the test. Never react; always act. Your defense has become so strong that you do not have to make any offensive move. Keep sailing; keep floating; and the Victory is yours.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Meditation, Racial Abuse, and You…

You have to drop all your knowledge; you have to drop your religion; you have to drop the knowledge which you have gathered from your religious book. When absolute nothing is there; when you reach the stage of point Zero in that situation; in that state; in that condition whatever appears inside you that is God; that is knowledge; that is sacred; pure virgin.

Nothing is derived from anywhere; it has come to you from within. It has no religion; it has no cost, it has no race; it is colorless. It has no color; water has no color; and it quench thirst; ant it saves lives; imagine life without water. 

Similar your life has no color; it is simply life; full of life. Whatever is full; has no color. Color is the only Rainbow; it has seven colors. If you look within you will find that human life has one color; and that oneness has no separation. 

God has created beautiful flowers; of different colors; each and every color has its importance. And that importance makes them one; and that oneness is beauty; they all are beautiful. The Universe is full of colors; Universe has many things within, of different colors; but the universe is one. There is no white universe; there is no black universe; there is no brown universe; the universe is one; made of different colors. 

God created you as human beings; and you differentiated it with colors; with race. Look at the colorful birds; they stay together in harmony. Your life will be shattered, the moment you try to bring these differences; then you will be living in your own world; limited area. You will be living in a boundary; you will be living a dead life. 

Look at the sky it has no boundary; it has accumulated all colors; and that accumulation of different race made it colorless; when all colors become one; then there is no color; that is why Life has no color. There is only one race; and that is human; you are not different.

If you observe; you will find that human sentiment is same everywhere.  The human body functions in the same way. A white man/Women body functions in the same way; a Black Man/Women body functions in the same way; A brown Man/Women body functions in the same way; all breathe in the same way; all take birth in the same way; all will die in the same way; there is no difference; only the color; race differs, but the function is the same.

So, somewhere you are the same; you are sane. This division of race is false. Liking; disliking liking is in your mind; can you say ‘you do not like the way they breath’, no, you cannot say; you also breath in the same way. When this realization of oneness comes to you; you will realize that your disliking was false. 

Racial abuse is a sin; you are abusing God; you are abusing The Universe; you are abusing existence; you are abusing yourself. We all are same; taken birth at different places. Our way of living life; our language differs; but our entire construction is same; nose in same place, eyes are at the same place, lips at the same place; our sentiment is same; everything is same. 

We have created differences; our mind has created differences. Air is same; Sun is same; Moon is same; the rising and setting time is different, different places; but they are same everywhere. You have to accept the fact that we all are same; else you will be divided within. Your own personality will be in two parts; how will you live unless you become one. 

And two become one. You do not have to do anything; we are already one; God has created one; you simply have to realize this. And this realization comes through Meditation. Oneness is like a circle, there is no beginning, there is no end; it is eternal. 

Remember racial abuse is a sin; when you are making a racial abuse; you are abusing existence; you are abusing God; God used different colors; different races to make this Universe beautiful; full  of life. The more you try to divide it, the more lonely you will become; do not stay aloof, you will be left behind, accept this wholeness. 

And the day this realization comes to you that you are one; that day, that very minute you will become absolute.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meditation, Nature, Education and You…

Right in the lap of Mother Nature; stay there, and you do not need meditation. 

That is the highest form of meditation. It’s very simple to reach there. You simply do not have to do anything; and out of this nothingness; takes birth Meditation.

You are a wonderful creation of The Almighty. Everything, He/She   has given you everything. You have the capacity of creating wonders; you can create miracles. 

You are dangerous too; you have the capacity of creating Atom; hence, the result of your efforts; He/She kept to himself/herself. This was the master stroke of The Almighty. 

You cannot create results; you about meditation waiting for the final result; with all your might and intelligence, you spend heavily in shares; and you wait for the result, after studying hard; you wait for the result; and after leading a glorious life; you wait for the final result.

Effortless effort is the key for Awakening; and it is easy to perform, simply do not do anything; and see the miraculous results of nothingness. Nothingness is zero; and from zero onward your journey has been set.  

Whatever comes out from zero; is your real you, then you plane your life; then you plan your future; then you plan your success, and see the result. Methods; efforts made in a meditative mood bring unique results. 

Then your entire self is in your control; even you can foresee your future; you can predict your future; you can get desired results, yes, even desired result is in your hand. You have to awake; do not sleep; right now you are sleeping. 

You think; it appears to you that you are awakened; actually you are not. And this false notion of yours brings misery, misfortune to you.  And you start blaming God, Stars, Luck. And you start searching your luck in astrology; this is ridiculous.

Instead of looking within; you are looking astrology; somewhere else; a place which is entirely unknown to you. How you will become happy, or satisfied? In search of right direction; you have been committing blunders; many wrong things you have been taught by society, by educational institutions. 

First learn to recognize you; your capacity of learning; where your interest lies; what kind of society you are going to live in; Time keeps changing; norms keeps changing. As per the requirement of the time; and your interest; your capacity; you should be educated.

And if you are learning these things in a meditative mood; if you are alert; if you are merely a witness; then that will be your real education. Meditation unfolds many wrong notions before you; meditation gives you an insight through which you can make the difference between rights and wrong; between sin and what is Holy. 

Entire universe is within you and to know this, to feel this; cast a penetrating glance within; you will see all answers lying before you.


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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meditation Techniques, Mind Control and You...

The Mind is unique. It keeps on creating a suitable situation for you. It keeps controlling you all the time. 

Suppose you are into meditation; after some time or after a few years you start feeling that you have renounced everything, and now you are enlightened; nothing affects you. Happiness and sorrow; bad days and good days are same to you. You are aware now; even you think that you have witnessed God and you have spoken to him; this is ridiculous; stay alert, your mind is playing games.

The Mind is conning; mind is an expert in camouflaging. Mind is an expert in deceiving. You have learnt meditation; now you can sit at one place, concentrating at one object hours together. Naturally if you sit at one place hours together concentrating at one single object; you feel relaxed. 

After some time, or after a few days your situation is the same. You are disturbed; and you need meditation; and this goes on till your last breathe. 

The Mind has been playing with you all through life; all through your life you have been living your life through your mind; you are totally in control of your mind; mind keeps creating allusion; and believing and taking it as natural happening you g on living your life on a false note. 

Reality never touched you, the real beauty of life, real pleasures of life, you never enjoyed; because you have lived through your mind. Other cells of your body are dead; because you never cared to look through that. So, you keep on leading a false life. 

If you wish to enjoy; if you wish to live real life; you have to live your life through your entire body; each and every cell of your body has to respond. And for that; you have to control your mind. Your mind should be in your control; no more false notes; allusion. 

Concentrate on your breath; each and every breath of your life is giving life to you; concentrate on your breath. Take life easy; do not become too serious, the day you become serious; you are dead. 

Play with your life; play is a beautiful word; just play. The most beautiful part, of living life this way, is; you never grow old; all the time you are energetic. You live your life in reality; no more false notion; allusion. Now whatever is there with you is real.

Now for meditation you do no need to sit in one place for hours together; you do not need to concentrate on a single object; you do not need concentration at all. Actually when real Meditation happens to you; when awareness comes to you; when you become aware, you will realize; that you do no need Meditation.

And the day you reach this state when you become aware, you will come to know that this is Techniques of Meditation. 


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Monday, August 4, 2014

God, Life, Meditation and You...

The Universe was created in a jiffy, with a question mark” Who created the Universe? And the game began. Your life started; you came out in search of the answer. And you are running all over in search of the answer.  And in this quest of your question that who created the universe, you started missing Life; you started missing the beauty of the most precious gift of The Almighty; given to you.

The question that who created The Universe became important to you. Remember, the creation of the universe started with a question mark? And the answer differs; some believe that God created the universe; Science differs; some say it was due to evolution; exact fact is unknown. The answer lies in you; in Meditation. 

Instead of looking within you are running all over the world in search of your answer. This Universe is mysterious; it’s futile, to unfold it. Instead of searching your answer; enjoying the real beauty; stay here; stay in the moment. 

We praise Moon, we consider it a sign of Romance; its coo light soothes us; especially in autumn. And we human being landed on it; just to discover; what is there inside The Moon. You should praise The Moon, you should never land on it; else you will miss the beauty of the word praising. There is no harm it it stays as Mystery; who created The Universe; let it remain as a question mark. 

The word Mystery is beautiful; something hidden is attractive. The moment you remove the curtain; the beauty will go. Always remember, that you should live in a moment; and when you are staying in a moment, hold that moment, do not try to unfold the moment; just stay in a moment; just float in a moment.

But you will not agree, you have to find the reason, and there is a mad rush to know the mystery. To unfold the mystery, if you really wish to do so, just accept the mystery. The more you try to unfold it; the more mysterious it will become; instead of knowing who created the Universe; just enjoy its beauty; its mystery. 

To enjoy its beauty, do not make any effort to challenge its authority; just float, move with it. Through Meditation you will reach a state where you will realize that; the mystery is being unfolded before you. 

And when this unique experience happens inside you; you will feel an ecstasy; and in that moment of ecstasy you will feel an explosion of the nectar inside you; and in that moment when this fountain is exploding inside you, for God’s sake do not go anywhere in search of the answer that who created The Universe, just stay there; do not make any effort to enjoy it; just float in that sea of Ecstasy.


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