Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fear, Superstition, Meditation and You

You are scared. 

Just now, you got up after witnessing a horrible dream; you are scared. This is your believe in superstitions, which has made your life difficult to live. Each and every moment you are afraid. Fear is always chasing you; wherever you are going. 

Somebody has threatened you with dire consequences, and you are scared. This is merely your fear, which takes you to a consular, for relief. Then too, after visiting a consular, you are tensed; you are not free. 

Something, within you; is making you scared. Whatever is, within you; it is yours. And you are seeking answer outside. Everything is within you. You do not have to go anywhere for a remedy. The remedy is you. You, yourself, are the best remedy. 

Let us do an experiment…when chased by a fear; or whenever you are scared, whatever is the reason of your fear, let it be there…you simply ask yourself, about the remedy; in other words ask yourself, ‘What is the remedy. How I shall come out of it'? You ask this question to yourself, and forget it.

You will be surprised; after few days…nothing will scare you, your fear is gone. This is not a magic, simply, you have understood you fear. And the day you understand your fear…this fear will not chase you.

The day you understand yourself; the day you understand your duties, how to perform it…that day onward, you will find a miraculous change in yourself. This is all about, understanding you, this is what Alchemy teaches. This is what Meditation teaches. 

The teacher…is within you. You are God’s best creation. You have been constructed in such a way, that each and every question, answer is within you. You are asking question to you, and you are answering, to you. This is unique.

You have been given the Power; but all the time; years after years…you have failed to recognize, yourself. That is why, I always write my title…'and you’. For example this article’s title I have given, ‘Fear, Superstition, Meditation and you’. This ‘and you’ is important; meaningful… It is always you.

And this is the reason, why it is said, “believe in you’. You are the question; you are the answer. It is happening with you; you have to solve it. Never expect other’s, to come and solve your problems. To get victory over Fear…first understand, what is Fear?

To understand this, do Meditation. Whatever, techniques of meditation is coming to your mind, use that. It will help you, in understanding Fear.

While understanding Fear; always remember…this Fear, of yours, has come to you; you did not go to your Fear, hence your Fear is always a guest to you, and the owner is, you. So whenever you are scared, act like a owner; like a king. Ask your guest; the purpose of his coming?

Listen me carefully; read me with care…The day you start talking to your Fear; your Fear will be scared to you. Yet, if you are not getting my point; and if you want to understand it…ask me your questions at

Indeed, it’s a very important subject, because in today’s life; almost everybody is scared. Certainly we will talk little more, in my next article, about...Fear.


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