Monday, July 21, 2014

Meditation, Encouragement, Happiness, and You…

You are encouraged, for your nice performance ...and happiness rolled in; you are happy.

Indeed, encouragement is important; unless you are encouraged? This question mark is natural. If you are giving a speech; audience is needed…and what speech you are delivering; needs response. And if the response is negative, you are depressed. Sometimes, when you crack a good joke and other person doesn’t understand it; you are at a loss. 

Your happiness is always depended on behalf of something. This ‘on behalf’ is important. If there is no listener, if there are no disciple; then what is the use of God? I do not know who created The Universe; if God Created the Universe, he created humans too; otherwise what was the use of creating this universe. 

God’s existence depends, on behalf of this universe; hence this word… ‘On behalf’, is important.

You cannot get away; you cannot do anything without this. You keep getting satisfaction, thinking…even God needed the magic word; ‘on behalf’.  Now happy, you move forward, without wasting time in staying at the same place, considering it a meditative wise move, with a pride on your face…you move forward, to conquer the universe. 

Now you need more applause; more performance; more success.  And this goes on. And when the end knocks at your door; you are empty.   

All through your life you were busy planning your happiness; real happiness you never met. To stay, full of life; to depart, full of life; to leave behind a memory full of life…drop this word ‘On behalf’. Only through Meditation you can reach this state where you can get rid of this so called magic word, ‘on behalf’. Only through meditation you can reach a place; where after reaching…your entire structure will fall

Your structure has to fall; your very existence has to come to pieces…and in that state of nothingness; something will emerge.

And what emerges, out of that nothingness; zero state of your existence… is your real self, real you; real I. 

And the day realization of the word ‘I’ happens to you; the meaning of the word ‘I’ is unfolded before you…you are awakened; and from this state of awakening…your life starts. 

Now the real life is before you; now you do not need ‘on behalf’. Now you do not need anything. Everything is happening in the same way; the way it used to happen before;  same way your happiness in depended  on behalf of your success; applause…but here something is changed. 

Here, now, after are wading through the lake; without getting wet. Now you know the secret, and the reason, why the sixth day was created. 

And when this knowing comes to you…you will realize that; you are in a bliss state…


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