Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meditation Techniques and You...

And someone asked me; yesterday; What are the best meditation techniques? You are the best meditation technique. You are meditating; you are meditation technique.

There are many meditation techniques; chose one best suited to you. Start doing meditation. start practicing meditation. Though, meditation is not a force; you do not have to do meditation. Meditation happens; let it happen.

In the process of doing something; something happens. Hence, you should start practicing; doing meditation.

Words are the problems; it ends soon. before, you express yourself what exactly you want to say; time sleeps; and mistake is done; contradiction is created. Like Meditation happens; it does not need any outside force to be performed; but then too to start meditation you have to do meditation. here the word 'do, don is a problem.

Stop thinking about the problem. Start solving the problem. Start doing meditation. Meditation opens all doors. Meditation is the best way to self realization. You have to realize you; you have to realize who you are? And your answer is in meditation.

There is a difference between concentration and meditation. Mostly, people take concentration as meditation. 

In concentration, you concentrate on any one object. and while concentrating on any one object you are missing others. In meditation there is no missing point. In meditation all are included. Nothing is left behind; or neglected. In meditation all are included. 

And in understanding life; in understanding you, nothing should be left behind. All are included. Good and bad; plus and minus' all are included. Meditation is you. 

You are a whole. You cannot be divided into parts. Like that meditation cannot be divided into parts. To understand life; to understand you; just meditate.