Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meditation, Stress, Inspiration, and You...

And to rekindle the lost faith; and to regain the power of youth, and to smile again, and to look at the life again; you do need inspiration. You need to be inspired. You need to be encouraged.

Just look within; and get inspired. Get inspired from you. Get inspiration from nature. Nature is within you. You have limitless potentiality. Inspiration comes through you. 

STRESS is inevitable; it has to come. Everybody is stressed; sometimes it is serious; fatal.  Either broken relationship, or failure in exams, life; sometimes breaks you completely.

Sometimes, stress becomes the reason for someone’s suicide. The famous line, ‘sometimes, a time comes when your own shadow desert you'.

What to do? How to get rid of your stress? How to stay young; forever? What are techniques of meditation?

Surviving adversity, maintain the youth, stamina, the smile, is not easy; not a rocket science either.

These are the topics I share my experiences. I sincerely wish to bring smile on your face. My sincere wish is, to give you a reason to live your life in a healthy way; under any circumstance; without losing the grace.

If, my experiences inspire you; I shall think that I have lived my life. 

For youngsters; today’s youth, I wish to indicate; how to enter eternal youth through Meditation; without getting bored.

Quote from one of my articles in techniques of meditation, ‘Adversity, Destiny, Fate, and you’-

“and when adversity beckons, answer the call, gracefully; look into the eyes of the adversity, a very deep penetrating look and the day this happens to you, mark my words; you will start writing your own destiny…”.

And someone asked me yesterday, ‘What is your age?’ “I am as old as mountains; and as fresh as morning breeze”; I answered.

Yes, This is possible- Let us explore together; little more…