Saturday, October 31, 2015

God, Meditation- That Sacred Light

Unseen is important. To stay young eternally; float inside you and drink the nectar.

Jiffy ago, my heart initiated your love song- it is coming from the wind. The wind is singing a song; wind is always singing some song. The wind itself is music that injects life in you. 

Your surviving depends on the wind. And, such an important factor of your life is unseen. Wind injects life in you. 
  • Stay healthy
  • Take a deep breath 
You believe is unseen. Your faith is unseen. Almighty is unseen. Your dream is unseen. Your soul is unseen. Meditation is unseen. You can feel, you cannot see. 

You can see the Sun. You can see the Moon. This seeing is unseen. Unseen is powerful. You can believe; you can have faith in its authenticity through the touch. What is unseen is not in your hand; you cannot do anything about it. 

You feel the touch. Feeling is everything. The feeling is the source of your believe. You can feel the touch, you cannot see the feeling. This touch is sacred. This touch is God’s touch. God is touching you. 

And, to feel the touch of the God stay awake. Do not sleep. In your sleep also, stay awake. This is possible. After death also staying awake is possible. This awakening is Nirvana. This awakening happens; it cannot be forced. Float with your life and your life will take you to your destined place. 

Understand this first, that happening of Nirvana is effortless. If you do not understand; it might be dangerous. It might lead you to madness. 

After visiting your religious places, after reading few holy books, after hearing sermons of your religious Guru, it starts appearing to you that now you are awakened. 

After doing meditation; sitting and concentrating on any one object for hours together every day; one day this feeling comes to you that you are now awakened.  This is dangerous. This is delusion. This is madness. 

The mind is extremely powerful. Your mind creates an illusion as per your choice, and you think, you believe that you have got your desired results. Now, wearing a rob you start preaching. And a new Guru takes birth. And a new religion takes a birth. 

The Universe is continuing. You are also continuing, to move with The Universe; along with your madness. Result; look at the madness around you. It seems as if entire Universe has turned into a lunatic asylum. 

Stay in tune with the Nature.  Listen to the song of the birds. Listen to the music of the wind. Stay in a moment. Stay awakened. Control your mind. Feel the Cosmic Touch. Float with the wind, dance with the wind. 

And in this intoxication of your dance, and in this frenzy of your ecstatic frenzy, no movements at all, stay frozen, stay awakened. In that glorious moment, whatever is happening to you let it happen, do not interrupt; do not force your choice. 

Stay motionless. Accept the verdict. Become the witness. Become the witness of your life. Look at you, feel the vibration, whatever is happening to you. This feeling is Godly; you may feel the Godliness. 

And the day this feeling of Godliness touches you that very moment you are enlightened. And that moment onward your journey starts. 

And all through your journey stay a witness. You do not have to listen to any sermons; you do not have to read any holy books. God has already written about your life inside you. 

Cast a deep glance within and become a witness in seeing; The sacred Light...