Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love and You

No, do not do anything…and this ‘and’, in-between you and Love will go. 

And the day this happens, the day you become Love, you will realize that…only Love exists.

How it will happen? When this will happen? When I shall become Love? 

And at this point, when such questions started coming to you…The Universe was created
… Apple was kept. 

Temptation was breaded; inside you. Snake was brought. Indication was made…towards The Apple. You were forbidden…not to eat The Fruit.

Punishment was made…and The Universe was created.

And The Game Began.

To save The Universe…Love was brought knowledge was given…and Apple was eaten. Punishment started…you were punished. Fearing the reaction from you, fearing the question from you…the reason of your punishment? Answer was given…Apple was eaten.

And The Life started…The Universe started moving. The game Began. You are the pawn. Love is given to you…with an ‘and’ in-between. Distance was made…Freedom was denied. 

And to know this Universe; to feel The God, the word 'and', in-between you and God... this ‘and’ has to go. Because, to all your questions, - Love is the only answer. Love is God.
  • Do not move. 
  • Stay here.
Your very existence; your being; your entire body is blissful, important. Start living from your entire body…not only through our mind. Which you have been doing since the beginning…you are living through your mind. For example, if you are looking at the Sea, you are not looking through your eyes…you are looking at the Sea through our mind...you are thinking, that you are looking at the Sea.

If you are travelling…you reach the destination in your thoughts, much before you reach there, finally. All through your journey, you are thinking about your destiny.

Imagined, anticipated happiness... has become real to you. This is absurd. And precisely this is the reason…Why there is ‘and’ in between you and Love. This ‘and’ has to go…How? While drinking a glass of water…become the taste. Whatever you are doing…total involvement has to be there. 

If you are looking at the nature…become the look. Let there be no division between you and The Universe.

This division is the problem. It cannot be expressed; it cannot be read in books…because words finish in-between A to Z. Words has its limitations. And to understand; to realize; to know the answer…you have to understand yourself first. 

Too much noise is there inside you. To know yourself; to know the universe; to know the way, how this ‘and’ will go…you have to understand; you have to listen to The Silence. 

The Universe was created in Silence. Silence is The Power. Deep down in-side you...you are Silent. 

But because of the noise, you never noticed it. Inside you…there is too much disturbance. And that is been preventing you, since beginning, to realize that...deep down you are silent. You are always running. You have no time.

Mind is important. Your mind is taking, your decisions. Your mind is controlling you. You are living through your mind. Stop this...start living through your entire body; your entire being is blissful.  

The day you start living through you entire body, when each and every part of yours will start performing its duty...you will realize that deep down, you are Silent. 

And mark my words…the day you understand The Silence, the day you start listening to The Silence, and the day you become, ABSOLUTELY, Silent…You will see The Apple in-side you; You will see The Snake in-side you.

And you will get the answer…Who kept the Apple? Who brought The Snake? Who injected the temptation in you? Why the Universe was created? What is Sin, and what is Virtue?  You will get the answer... in-side you.

You will realize that…Love is eternal. Love is God. 

And in your Silence you will realize that, in-between Love and You…this ‘and’ has gone
You will feel; you will realize…you are Love.

And on this subject… rest is in my next article….


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