Friday, June 26, 2015

Meditation, Desire, Dream, and You...

And desire won't end; till your last breath. Some claims that they have become desire-less; there is no desire left for them. They claim further that they have related themselves to God. And they do not desire anything. Do never lead a tasteless life. 

You are human; not a Robert. You must desire; you must dream. Dreamers are romantic. Fill your life with romance. Fill your life with the thrill. Meet everything; which life brings to you. Success, failure, sorrow, happiness, ups and downs; meet everything. 

Remember, your this meeting with life is not an ordinary meeting. Here you are meeting with life; here you are meeting with you.

Now it sounds dubious. It means life and you; you and you are two different entities. It is. Because in you; oneness is missing. You have developed many parts of you; inside you. You are scattered. That's why some say; they do not desire; they have become desire less.

This becoming desire less is very high point of meditation. If it is coming through meditation; this is very high. And it can certainly be misleading too. Meditation is risky also. This risk factor in meditation comes through your mind. 

Your mind is cunning; it brings confusion. For example; suppose you are sitting hours together, doing meditation, concentrating on one object. And this practice you have been doing since ages. Now you start thinking that something is happening; you are no more the same. 

Now you have achieved something; this starts appearing to you. And you start behaving like a saint. You start giving sermons; you start quoting from religious books. Now you are developing followers. And you are a religious guru. This is dangerous.

When you have practiced meditation for hours together, concentrating on one object; naturally you will feel tired, lazy, relaxed, dull. And during those hours of dullness; your mind creates delusion inside you, that you are gaining something divine. It is nothing but dull; tuneless.

Your mind is sick. You in a state of hallucination. And, during those hours of hallucination this thought comes to you that you are awakened. Actually, you're not, you have become bad to worse.

Another example; you sprinkle holy water to purify you, or the particular place. It purifies; till the water, moisture is there. After some times the water evaporates, you or the place become dry. Again, the situation, after reaching 99 points, like a game in snake and ladder, you come back to zero. And you sprinkle holy water again; and this continues.

Do not practice meditation in sleeping state of mind. You have to wake up. Understand you first. Control your mind. Do not get controlled by your mind.

Meditation is awakening; where you understand things. Where you take life in an easy way. Where you accept mundane crisis in the right way. Yes, sometimes adversity do creates serious problems in life. But then you are the one who has to handle it.

God never comes to the earth; to remove hurdles from your life. God can create hurdles; but, it is you who have to remove these hurdles. Desire is beautiful. Dream is beautiful. 

Desiring for desired life, or dreaming for a certain kind of life, along with a a proper effort; is a blessing itself. Whether getting the desired results or not is another thing. Your sincere efforts, even after receiving several failures in life, make it important.

Living life with head high, even after losing everything in life; is success; that is prayer. Not bowing down against the pressure, against the mundane stress; is certainly not an easy job to perform. 

Maintain your health. Become strong. Do not succumb to injury, under any circumstance, and keep on fighting for the justice. If you have to fight to the God; for the justice, then fight with the God. 

Fighting with the God for your desired result; fighting with the God for your dream, is Prayer. 

You must desire. You must dream. That is life. That is a fragrance. Desire is natural. The dream is natural. Remember, what is natural; is God. God is natural. Nature is natural. You are natural. So, how can you avoid; or how can you try to curb what is coming naturally to you.

 And if you do not desire; if you do not dream; how you will live a colorful life? This life is colorful. Desire; Dream, makes life beautiful; it makes life worth living for.

Meditation does not mean living a dead life. Meditation is beautiful. Meditation is full of life. Meditation is like a circle; where all angles are same. Where desire; dream, fulfillment; stops bothering you. 

And, this is the stage of Nirvana, Celibacy. But to reach this stage, to move ahead desire, to move ahead, dream; you must desire; you must dream...