Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meditation, Self-Talk, Hope, and You...

Once upon a time; Lord Shri, Krishna said-“Surrender to me; and I shall look after you”. 

And you surrendered yourself to Lord Shri, Krishna. Result, nothing happened; you again, surrendered yourself to Lord Shri, Krishna. And this is continuing in all religion; you keep surrendering; you keep asking for the divine intervention. 

Divine is telling you to “Surrender to me; and I shall look after you”. 

The basic problem with you is, the way you understand your problems; the way you understand your God; because of the conditional mindset of yours. You have been taught all the time, that supreme power is supreme; God will solve your all problems. 

And you go to your God; in your religious places, or you search your God in your religious books, and you start surrendering; praying to the unknown.

It is unknown; because, there is a question mark; who is God? Whether God exists or not? It is a mystery to you. And you, listening God’s dictate, surrender yourself to Him/her, you start praying; and nothing happens; and this continues. 

You are running in a wrong direction. And, without realizing this; you surrender yourself to the Lord. Without understanding; without knowing the Lord; you surrender yourself; with full devotion. 

You start praying; without realizing this fact; that your prayer is reaching nowhere. Obviously, your prayer is not answered. Your blame game starts. First, understand; realize the Truth. The Truth is within you.

Lord Shri, Krishna says; “surrender to me….” God is continuously asking you to “surrender to me". 

To you this “Me” is; “I”. Lord Shri, Krishna is asking you to surrender to "I"; to yourself; and further God is saying “I am there with you; surrender to me.” 

And the day you surrender yourself to you; you will meet God there; and, perhaps for the first time; you will meet you. 

Yes, you are the question; you are the answer; everything is there with you. And for the liberation, for freedom; you have to talk to you. Whether you simply whisper to you; or you talk to you in silence; this is the only way, to know all your answers. 

Talking to you is self-talk. This self-talk is very important. Understand this first; what is a self-talk? Self- talk is a great relief. Self-talk is the key to all your queries. 

Because, when you talk to self; it means, you are talking to the God. And when you are surrendering yourself to you; you are surrendering yourself to the God; who is sitting inside you. 

And when you are surrendering to God; definitely He/She will protect. And, that’s why Lord Shri, Krishna said- “Surrender to me; and I shall protect you”.

Here God is saying; “I”, shall protect you. This “I” is important. This “I” is the answer. This “I” is God. This “I” is you. 

Hence, self-talk is your answer. This self-talk is your first and your last hope. ’Hope’ is important; and unless you hope. 

Hope gives you; creates in you, a new desire; to live with. You go on hoping; and you get no result; because you are running in a wrong direction. 

You are searching your God somewhere else, at an unknown place; with a hope that you will meet God; and then your prayer will be answered. 

Instead of looking within; you keep on searching God at unknown places and you keep on hoping for the best; and you keep on meeting with broken dreams. 

Now the question arises; How to look within? Yes, you must know; How to look within? Here, how to look within, your answer is in meditation

From various, available, techniques of meditation, choose one, and start doing meditation. 

Meditation is a very powerful tool. Meditation helps you in recognizing yourself. And the moment you realize you; you realize who you are; that very moment you get the master key; that very moment you are liberated. 

That very moment onward; you understand the importance of the self-talk. Now you know, how to surrender yourself to you. 

And now you understand, what Lord Shri, Krishna is saying- “Surrender to me; and I shall look after you”…