Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life, Time, Money, Success, Failure and You

Life begins here; life ends here. Next moment is unknown to you…and you are busy... planning for the next moment.   

And after a hectic research; after endless-discussion  now you are prepared for your next move. Now you are prepared, for the right approach; right Time. Timing is a must.

And when you were preparing yourself; collecting data; doing research, to hit the target at The Right Time; because you want to be happy and fulfilled in Life…’Time’ was passing by, unnoticed; are missing The Life. 

You are busy preparing yourself, for the right Time. Your Time is in future. Time is neither Past; nor Future… Time is very much Here; Now. 

Time is eternal…you are busy preparing yourself; collecting data, endless discussion…waiting for the right Time.

I am not against planning, I am not against collecting data…it is a must, but by the time you approach…your ideas becomes Stale. Time runs too fast.

You must use your all Management Techniques, prepare yourself. Education is a must, you must be educated. Now how, and what is Education… certainly not, collecting data. You have to take a leap.

What is Life...first understand this. Right Time, right approach... you have to understand. Money is important. Investment is a must. Where and how to invest is a trick, you must understand. 

You have no time to understand. What is Life? You have no time to understand, because…you are busy in preparing yourself for the right time, you are busy in collecting data; you are busy in endless discussion...reading books, consulting Gurus…to understand Life; to understand Time. And your Life is passing by, touching you, your Time is passing by touching you...unnoticed; bewildered. 

You are busy in collecting Money, to be happy and secured in life. And after collecting; earning your desired money...still you are not happy, you are not satisfied. You must understand...what is Money? 

Your right Time is somewhere in your future…You are busy chasing the unknown. Nest moment what is going to happen, you do not know. And to unfold the mystery of this unknown...again you will start planning; collecting data; endless discussion etc. 

Throughout your life you are busy…chasing the unknown. First understand your needs…what do you want from life. 

Life is here. Life is not past, Life is not in future. Life is always here; Here and Now. Time is full of Life. You are busy searching it in future. Nature is Life. You are surrounded with Life. You are full of life. You are Life. This realization has to come to you.

This realization is there inside you. And you are busy searching it somewhere in your future. 

You are prepared, you have taken degree, you are educated, and now, you are waiting… for the Right Time? Time is passing; touching you; playing with you… you do not have Time to feel it…you are somewhere else.

Only Mind is important to you. Mind has to be satisfied; ego has to be fulfilled…you are waiting for the Right Time?  And when your well planned program failed…either you are on bed, or following the famous saying that ‘Never say die’…collecting you confidence; using you management techniques; to start life in a new way, you start your journey again.  You are planning; you are waiting for the right time. And this continues.

I am not saying management techniques; data collection, research work is wrong…I am merely saying, use your gut feeling. 
  • Always move along with the time.
  • Stay in moments…fully Awake; alert.
  • The more you are staying in the moments, the more sure you will become of yourself. 

And this awareness is a must. This awareness will improve your intelligence. This awareness will bring confidence into you. And you will be able to recognize the opportunity, and you will be able to take the correct decision. 

Risk factor is always there. And you have to take the risk. But if you are aware; if you are always sailing with the Time…this risk factor becomes your meditation. Because… now you are Aware.

This Awareness is a must.  Times moves too fast, by the time you take your decision; by the time you yell action…your ideas becomes stale. 
  • Move with the Time. 
  • Stay alert.  
  • Right Time is the key
Meditation teaches you, how to control your mind. If you are staying in moments; Aware; Alert, then hitting at the target will be easy for you. You will take the right decision, because…you Time is right.

Because…Now you are full, of Life….

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