Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meditation. Happiness, Sorrow, and you...

And, to reach beyond meditation; you have to meditate. 

Life is beautiful.  The reason of its beauty is its capacity, understanding; to accept everything. 

Do not cling to your life; do not hold your life too tightly...

To become happy; you have to accept sorrow. There is no harm in staying in a sad mood; when sorrow comes. There is no harm in staying in a sad mood; sometimes. Pain has its own pleasure. Do never try get rid of your sorrow state. 

This is natural; nothing to worry about. If you seek only happiness, then you will be bored. Then happiness will not give you pleasure. Sorrow and happiness both come; accept it with a grace. The best time; the best situation to meditate is; when you are sad. Sadness is not negative.

Actually, sadness is a very sound foundation of happiness. If your life is built on a strong foundation of happiness; then, your life will produce cheerful results for you. And this is possible; if you accept your sorrow with a grace. 

Positive and negative, both always stay together. You cannot imagine of one without the support, or existence of another one. Sorrow and happiness stay together. Good and bad; stay together. Wright and wrong stay together. 

The problem starts, when you refuse to accept the negative; and you start trying to get rid of the negative in your life. There are many books written on positive thinking. It is simply thinking; it is you who have been making it either good or bad. And you start trying to get rid of your negative aspect of your life. Accept both.

Result; look at the chaos all over; around you. Now, it is natural to get rid of this kind of unhappiness; which you have created for you. And, to get rid of this kind of happiness; accept both. And, when you are accepting life as it is; this it is a state of bliss.

In the a state of bliss also sorrow; problems come; but here, you are mature, wise enough to understand your life. This understanding; comes through meditation. And, to reach beyond meditation; you have to meditate. 

Life is beautiful. The reason of its beauty is its capacity, understanding; to accept everything. 

Do not cling to your life; do not hold your life too tightly; it will suffocate. Accept the movement of your life; accept whatever your life is bringing to you; stay unaffected

And for that, staying unaffected, meditate. Meditation is the key, in understanding life; understanding you. Meditation is important. And through meditation you reach a state where you realize, for the first time that; meditation is not needed. 

Here, you understand your life; you understand yourself. And, when this understanding comes to you; you are not affected, by the mundane natural happening in your life.

Here, when you reach this state of mind where everything, good and bad, Wright and wrong is same to you; here, you are only happy. Here, only happiness prevails


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meditation, Investment, Money, Success-Failure, and You...

Success, finds its way to prove its strength; the reason behind the success. Failure, loses its face, to prove its innocence; the reason behind the failure. 

Success and failure; both happen; accept both. If you are successful; you are happy. If you are a failure; you are condemned from all angles.

If you’re a failure; certainly you have committed some silly mistakes in life; or you are not educated; or you are not intelligent, you are dumb; and definitely you are a sinner of your previous life, that is why you are a failure in this life; the Lord is punishing you for your past life sin. Accept everything. 

Success and failure, both happen; and happening have no criteria. Watching these happenings; staying a witness, and enjoying your life; indeed, is life. 

Perform your duty and enjoy your life. You can make an effort; the result is not in your hands. There are many books written; about, how to become successful in life. This very ‘how’ is the problem. you can earn money; while putting your finger on the right nerve. 

Finding the reason behind the success and failure in life; is futile. Do not waste your time in discovering the mystery; how the Universe moves? Rather, enjoy the universe; enjoy its mystery. Futile energy and wasted energy will lead you nowhere. 

And, precisely this is what you have been doing all through your life. You are busy in becoming happy. You are busy in finding the method of happiness. You are busy securing your life. 

When death will knock your door, you are not aware. And missing the beauty of the moment, you are staying in your future; finding the way, how to become happy in your life? And then there is a book on that.

Investment is another factor. Indeed, very important factor in one’s life is to learn how to invest. For this you have to start early; though it is never too late. But, at an advanced age, it becomes difficult to utilize the intelligence, what you have learned as an investor. 

This is a very important topic. Here, it is defined, you must learn investment. On this topic, Investment, many have written. All are good. But my personal is Robert Kyosaki; of ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’ fame.

Learning investment, you should start early; it takes time. At an advanced age your strategy, what you have learned as an investor, might change. Remember, it is important, ‘Time, Person, and Place’ matters. And, one has to work accordingly. 

Therefore, at an advanced stage of your life, if you are starting investment, your strategy will, and should change. Keeping in mind ‘Time, Person, and Place, theory, you should invest. Actually, your mind invests. Your mind is powerful. And it is your mind, which solves your problems. 

Money does not solve your problem; it is your mind which solves your Problems. Money is an extremely important aspect of your life. You should earn. To live your life, to meditate; ‘financial freedom’ is a must. 

And to be financially free, you must learn investment. Meditation is a miracle. Meditation is to reach. Richness gives you financial freedom. Meditation tells you, what to do when you are financially free. 

You have to be worry free; if you wish to live a happy life. If you are learning investment with controlling your life; then, nothing like this. 

This mind control method comes through meditation. And when your mind is in control; your investment strategy will creates miracle for you. 

Then, in that state of mind, when your mind comes under your control; and you are financially independent; whatever happens to you; in those moments of ecstasy, stay there, and simply drink the Nectar…


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meditation, Freedom, and You...

Applause never keeps me high; and criticism never pulls me down- I know, where I am. I shall not be defeated”. 

Freedom is important. 

You have to feel the fragrance of your life. Life is beautiful. You have not seen your life; hence, it might appear absurd to you. You need freedom to see your life. You have to be free. Free from all bondage; performing your mundane duty. Yes, it is possible. 

There are some people who renounce everything for freedom; and freedom never comes to them. In a quest of freedom; they renounce everything; even their own family; with whom he has stayed; years together. 

They renounce everything; even their own family; in the quest for freedom. They did not understand the word ‘freedom’. Result; you have hardly seen any happy monk? The monks might appear happy; but deep down within them are disturbing. Now, there is no way for them; they cannot go back to their family. And that is natural

The word ‘Renounce’ is being greatly misunderstood. Renouncement does not mean abandoning. The real meaning of the word; Renounce’ is; acceptable. Yes, here you are accepting everything, whatever is happening in your life; unconditionally.   

Here, you have to stay, Here; You do not have to go anywhere; here, you do not have to achieve anything. 

Here you are not making any difference between right and wrong; you are simply accepting everything; staying aware, alert. The word acceptance is renouncement. For freedom, You don't abandon anything; and you do not have to go to Himalaya, staying naked, practicing meditation; to become a monk.

Being in life; witnessing everything is meditation. This form of meditation; this stage of meditation takes you to a stage; where everything, good and bad, right and wrong; everything appears same to you. 

Here, applause does not take you to an unreasonable height. Here, criticism does not pull you down; here you are the same. Here you are not affected by the mundane happening in your life. Here, you are simply performing your duty; for your family. And here you are not affected by the mundane disturbance in your life.

Here, you have understood what life is? Applause never keeps me unreasonably high; and criticism never pulls me down- I know, where I am. 

I shall not be defeated”. This should be the mantra. In certain cases, abandoning life, and retiring to an unknown secluded place, in order to get freedom; might be seen as escapism. And an escapist cannot be free; an escapist cannot get freedom. 

You are born as a monk. And to realize this; you have to be aware; you have to be awakened. 

Accept your life; and its mundane happening, as it is; staying aware, alert. Meditate; only meditation can open doors for you; from where you can look within. 

Remember, only meditation can do this. Only through meditation you can reach a stage; from where you can look within

And the moment, you look within; you will find, that deep within you; are silent. And when that silence of yours touches you; in a cosmic trance, that very moment you are liberated. 

And when you are liberated, you will realize that just now, for the first time in your entire life, you met; Freedom. This is freedom from Meditation…


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Meditation, Law of Attraction, Self-belief, and You...

And this is true- “The day, believing in you, you challenge the Universe; the entire universe becomes supportive to you”. 

You do not have to worry; that very moment, when you challenge the history, believing in you; you are the winner; you are liberated. 

Law of attraction attracts. Yes, attraction attracts. The universe attracts. The Nakshtra; the Stars attracts. Each and everything in the universe is deeply related to you. So, when in a deep conversation with you; when you whisper your desire to you, the entire universe listens this; and your desire is fulfilled. 

Law of attraction is true. But to attract; to pull the entire attraction towards you; you have to be powerful. You have to become powerful to attract the universe; you have to become powerful to compel the universe; you have to become powerful to compel the God; to fulfill your desire. 

This is not easy. Your wants has to be pure. You have to be pure. And, you can only be pure; when nothing is left outside; you can only be pure when you have accumulated, when you have absorbed in you everything’ good and bad’ beauty and ugly, negative and positive; everything, nothing is left outside.  

You have absorbed everything in you. It is not possible. It appears insane. Yes, it will appear insane to you; because you are not awakened; you are sleeping. It will appear insane to a larger part of the society; because your society is sleeping. If anything is perfect in this universe; that is this; which appears insane to you. 

To attract the Universe; to attract the law of attraction; you have to wake-up. 

Self-belief is a must; unless you believe in yourself. And to believe in you, you have to become powerful; strong. And to become powerful; strong; just meditate. Meditation opens all doors for you.  

When this realization comes to you that; who you are; that very moment you are awakened. This awakening, is realization of you. This awakening is the realization of your power. This awakening is self-belief. And this awakening comes after meditation. 

Nothing is needed; nobody is needed; no master, no Guru is needed. You are the master. And, you have to realize this that you are the master. 

When you become aware of you; you become the controller of you. And in that commanding situation; when you whisper to you, in a situation, where everything is silent; The Universe responses to you. Because you have disturbed the universe. 

That talking to you; that whispering to you, is the highest form of the meditation. Here you are talking; here you are whispering; but there is no words; there is no sound, only silence is there. And why this silence is needed when, you talk to you; because deep within you are silent. 

Your desire; your success; all your demands all will be fulfilled. Because here, you are in a conversation with the God. Here you are talking to the God. 

Here no words are needed. Because, here you are not talking; here your vibration is talking. And your vibration is pure; sacred. Because, you have become stronger; because now, you have realized the fact; that who you are. 

And, when you are attracting the Universe; when you are attracting The God; this Law of attraction works. Here, law of attraction responses. Your vibration, of your desire, your queries, your wishes, touches the Universe, and law of attraction starts responding to you. 

So, you have to talk to you.  Your answer is within you. You are the question; you are the answer. Your act of talking to you; is self-belief. And to become a winner; you have to believe in you. You are the question; you are the answer. 

After meditation; you realize that God resides in you. Hence, when you believe in you; and when you are talking to you; The God sits inside you; answers you.   

Law of attraction works. Believe in self-belief; have patience; become strong; talk to you; attract the universe; and, go win the race…